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Date of publication:2004-12   Press: Chinese Federation of press   Author:Liu Yurong   Pages:184   Words:155000  

Author of this book to a position of the migrants, America mainstream society in depth, with nearly a few years of 30 years of valuable time to really understand American society, customs, optimistic, humorous, compassionate nature and be neither humble nor pushy attitude wrote lots of grief at separation and joy in Union, the true story of his funeral music, very human. Although the story happened in the pub, but the restaurant is like a concentrated society, a warm family. Here, people help each other, care for each other, people habitually often came to the restaurant is not only to eat, but hope and refuge in order to seek for a spiritual home, and the author is popular, smooth, humor, is short works, reading is relaxed and humorous, touching and simmer with laughter. The feature is observed to the spectator, also admire Americans universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, although life is like a play, but the book every story is true, so read especially "flavor".
Author brief introduction

Liu Yurong, native of Northeast China, belongs to the Manchu bannermen. He graduated from the Department of English literature of national Taiwan Normal University, in Taipei Zhongshan girls high school English Professor, students throughout the home and abroad. Outside of work, it also hosted ", Taiwan television company scenery", "beautiful island", "the world warm", special programs, the highly acclaimed. And friends founded the "Sports" magazine to be all the rage the go.
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Preface preface we need which "inn"? 1 foreign guests preferred 2 soul is the chef 3 colorful ocean waitress 4 two favours weighty as a mountain friend 5 Thanksgiving turkey served 6 Miss White Peach Blossom 7 crazy birthday party 8 two to 9 elderly couple outside the law. Such as life turn calamities into blessings 10 my gay friends 11 recycled margin 12 love cats 13 American wine, Gengnong situation 14 Dallas 15 mysterious funeral parlor boss 16 pub America lady 17 gone with the wind 18 small business people's national consciousness 19 timid to loose wild 20 desolate solitary night 21 bullet shattered dreams
Chapter excerpt

We spread from mouth to mouth to rush about telling the news around spreading, the restaurant suddenly blazed up, almost every day full, lunch time and people may not get the door, waiting at the door long queues patiently. I heard that many new customers to "see" the mysterious oriental woman from Taiwan, because some people weave a story as if it were raining flowers, said I was a willing to do good, big spender, let me smile keep not waist. We are a family of small, every day to drive all the way to hard work, only to earn some petty profits, even the children read the time being exploited, I like a big spender? Americans really innocent and lovely, but, in order to guests safety, I added a hired security guards to protect them, although we are not rich, but we are kind, is really be above! Finally arrived at Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November, the day the company even the post office, bank holiday, so the day to lunch regulars are missing, but is the dinner guests to some, like Kathy, Mary, single John, Paul, Leroy, Burgie, and we want to go connected Mirth. Work in the gun's Kathy family lived next to our restaurant, since after the passing of Mr. Fuji marry oath. She has a rich, will also dress, but her speed and machine guns as fast and more, there are beautiful Mary, with their footsteps and laughter, we will not be lonely. These single men and women, have their own style, although the food is free, but not hesitate to spend money to drink, holiday without work, as long as no harm, drink one or two cup harmless. In fact, my heart also has several, they are kind-hearted old customer, want to help us, let us have some money. Time in my old friends and have a pleasant talk together in ticking away, toward twelve thirty seat only two tables of four guests, the chef continuously from the kitchen probe see, then, how I wish guests like a tide in for our Food yo! Suddenly found that "human" is the most beautiful in the world embellishment, we have cudgeled one's brains to prepare so much food, if this little restaurant was full of people, streams of people busily coming and going, bustling, people eat sweet and warm, the screen is beautiful, although not money, I will be very happy, very happy! Nearly a point, Bill with her daughter, son-in-law, Maury and his wife Margie and their neighbors for a family of three also all smiles in, accounted for a large table, there are five or six had never seen the old man, the old lady by the children and grandchildren to accompany...... Some want to drink, some want to Coffee, young people to drink soda, cola, my two children busy like two little sparrow, but guests don't give the menu, reduce a lot of pressure. At this time, some old customers in the bar is also ready to eat, suddenly, the kitchen rattling hurry up, two small maid quickly took their slender legs from the kitchen, will be a plate of steaming food out on the table before, I also followed by the table to use the soup, salad bowl up by the way to the kitchen, and guests wish them a happy holiday greetings, in addition, also ask whether the food delicious. Almost every guest asked me, why do we so fresh roasted turkey, a point also not stem. I told them my secret, because traditional roast is back swimming in gravy, and chest up, so the chicken dry and difficult to swallow, but we are against the traditional, chicken breasts down, several hours have been swimming in gravy baked in, so the back skin crisp, and in front of the chest of thick meat is tender plump. They praised the chef's craft, hand rolled egg noodle soup almost everywhere not to eat the cookies, fresh peaches, sweet but not greasy entrance that is, the cheek teeth, please Tom often roast. In short, lively atmosphere restaurant some very festive flavor, I feel I am not a Baimang, heart yong people a sense of achievement.......
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  •   University in the library saw this "USA pub" the life of every hue, remember that attracted the America characters in the book. Now read, although not read this book when the passion, but in his spare time to reading a few pages of very happy.
  •   It is no exaggeration
  •   The American tavern to spend 5 yuan to understand the story
  •   Is about the foreign books always give people don't feel real
  •   The book is better than the more attractive.

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