Date of publication:2001-06   Press: Hainan Publishing House   Author:Fang Zhouzi   Pages:330   Words:220000  

Fang Zhouzi, whose real name is Fang, Yunxiao County in 1967 was born in Fujian in September. In 1990, the Biology Department of University of Science and Technology of China undergraduate cell biology graduate, with years of studying in the United states. In 1995 won the America Michigan State University doctorate in biochemistry, successively postdoctoral research fellow at University of Rochester Department of biology, Salk Institute for biological studies, research of molecular genetics. At present American settled California,
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Jiang Xiaoyuan ordered preface first "nucleic acid nutrition" the truth revealed second "gene" Queen of the mysterious veil of third contemporary "Carleton" fourth Yang Jingan of plagiarism fifth prick "gene" of the sixth myth of pseudo science criticism @##@ paradox Classic like martial arts in the scene: the distance a little-known "driver", art into the mountain suddenly rise, game, be careless with, master challenge continuous fame to each group, several wherever he goes, he kicked; a few good bureau, was he upset. And internal force Shenzhen special district, knife clearly, several wars, they do not fall ahull, one or two years, a dynamic arena. Set master, everyone, all the "Fang also".
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