To the city

Date of publication:2001-10   Press: Shanghai science and Technology Press   Author:Zhong Aimin   Pages:122   Words:69000  

The book of people-oriented, origin of problem of modern urban diseases and sustainable development. All parts with new and interesting materials and story as an example, carries on the strict narrative. The book lively and interesting, humorous and contains a serious look, is your understanding of city problems and sustainable development of a rare book. The book is divided into three parts, the first part is the "social dilemmas", involves many social problems in the process of city population crisis, psychological problems, interpersonal relationship, school education, employment crisis, disease, computer network crime. The second part is "the polluted city", mainly discusses all kinds of pollution caused by the development of modern cities (such as electromagnetic radiation, noise, indoor air pollution, water pollution, air pollution, chemical pollution, harm to human physiology) and the survival, many pollution on your side, perhaps you have not attached great importance to. The third part is the "home of mankind", to explore the development of human nature can bear unlimited, which leads to the concept of sustainable development, and points out that the process of city sustainable development is the only choice for human development.
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Hope it become readers focus introduction urban diseases the first part social dilemma first chapter population crisis tens of millions of Andhra Guangsha two Shudao difficult, almost inaccessible three employment crisis four unable to stop the war second chapter under the weight of the human spirit disease two psychological loss and superstition in three under the shadow of the children third chapter computer and network era a computer disease two computer stress syndrome and related mental illness three high technology crime 1 "hackers" attack 2 Online Economic Crime 3 Internet pornography services 4 invasion of privacy chapter fourth civilization betrayal technology era two cultural globalization second polluted city air pollution of harmful gas first chapter second chapter two of atmospheric particles in water pollution and water shortage water pollution two water third chapter tomorrow can eat what -- chemical pollution of organic pollution of two organic pollution fourth chapter radiation pollution and light pollution radioactive pollution of electromagnetic pollution and light pollution two three fifth chapter sixth chapter room within the city noise Pollution of indoor air pollution of two other pollution in the third part the human home the first chapter limits to growth in chapter second, chapter third ecological city road to the future
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