To read a man

Date of publication:2003-3-1   Press: China business press   Author:The white horse   Pages:343   Words:180000  

The first step is the purpose of this book is to help all the people take "understanding of man". The book detailed analysis of the men's physical characteristics and psychological subtle feelings, ideas and true man in modern society, communication of marriage, career etc.. When a real man stand in front of you, I believe that anyone would feel warm and happy. The book is divided into six chapters, including the first chapter, the second chapter break man mystery man hidden psychological, chapter third, chapter fourth man men and marriage, the fifth chapter of communication world man cause confusion, the sixth chapter man, force and grace.
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The first chapter
crack the mystery of man.
chapter second men hide their mental
third chapter man and marriage
fourth chapter man communicative world
fifth chapter man cause confusion.
sixth chapter man, power and grace
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