The wisdom of the sky

Date of publication:2005-1   Press: KunLun press   Author:Xu Huaiqian   Pages:246   Words:165000  

Xu Huaiqian, born in 1968 in Shandong Gaomi an ordinary farmer, graduated from Peking University in 1989 Chinese department, assigned to the work of the people's daily art department. After the Chinese social sciences postgraduate master's degree of literature. Has been in the "Southern Weekend", "Wen Wei Po", "Guangming Daily", "Dahe Daily", "Qilu Evening News", "essay monthly", "essays" and other newspapers and periodicals published essays dozens of papers, his works have won"
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Listen to the master Zhong Jingwen Wang Zhaowen: source of aesthetic charms and defects in the old code, Zhang Dainian open air Ji Xianlin as we should to character Zhang Kaiji's people-oriented building battle Hua Junwu St., diverse grade Luo Gongliu learn to change the life of Ren Jiyu life and growth in nature reformation Wu Guanzhong burning sensitive literature Ze sensation and silent Deng Youmei literature to be interesting, useful and Ye Xiushan Wang Chunyu, poetic Histories make men wise Ye Lang on spiritual garden Qian Liqun contemporary intellectuals role conversion Jiang Zilong Writers: Zhang Yangfeng and Nutrition Society in the way Feng Ji culture and cultural resources of menu Han Jingting spirit blood Chen Pingyuan tolerance is Zhang Wei literature is fatherly feelings edge on I know about Zhang Dainian Zang Kejia's home Luo Gongliu's lightning appendix psychic life star -- Hao Ran @##@ five days in Yanan This is the author of "Wenxin visit Earth supplement" column write the cultural celebrity interview collection, interview Zhong Jingwen, Zhang Dainian, Ji Xianlin, Zhang Kaiji, Hua Junwu, Wu Guanzhong, Deng Youmei, Feng Jicai and other famous scholars, artists, writers, architects, designed to showcase its thought essence, let the reader feel the power of wisdom from.
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  •   I know the Internet is the author for depression and leave this world know him, she bought all of his works, that he may go, family condolences, Ankang! The author questions the very place, have their own ideas; cultural clever answer very incisive, is worth savoring and thinking.
  •   There were good, it also has the philosophy, but from the imagination of a certain gap.

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