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Check the screen shots, was born in 1960 December, Anhui Tongling person, doctor of literature, is now a teacher Chinese Department of Fudan University. Mainly engaged in China ancient literary history research and teaching work, and cure "Humanistic network resource utilization". At present the academic interest is concentrated in the aspects of text vector and literature, literary criticism and literary heritage, Tang poetry language art, has published "Tang and Tang poetry", published "the original reading.
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Introduction: a sequence of literary history research on the modernization of the first chapter of their loss and the division of the literature spirit of scholar of Han era Sima Qian contradiction in the structure and function of the Han Confucian classics learning and literary criticism by the unearthed literature in Qin and Han Dynasty folk literature "chucizhangju" and literary interpretation model for paper Jane substitution and Han the second chapter the literary style of the early romantic and cultural consciousness of Liu Xie style on the transformation of Confucianism and classics Wencai worship consciousness integration of Qi and Liang scholars mentality and life pursuit of Liu Xie south toward thinking and "poetry" poetry anthology "" criticism mode of entry and the Palace poetry aesthetic mechanism the third chapter of this statue the times and the confident style, wind and Chen Ziang character spirit Xuanzong era through the study of the dilemma of Tianbao Heluo Confucian groups and the classic style of Li Bai Yu Tang literati culture test North sank and the tragedy of Li Bai Li Bai old age style changes fourth chapter rebellion in style and style from epitaph, see the an Shi rebellion the mentality of hardship poetry and Confucian political ethics of the Confucian consciousness rise and tracking Li poetry rebellion in ancient Confucian complex wind new change and new Confucianism's initiation fifth chapter poet of humanization and the trait of yuan, Wang Group and Dali Beijing style poets in Jiangnan and the poetic style of the Tang Tai Zhenyuan variable solution don't send and Confucianism to change "the Analects of Confucius" the authenticity of Han Yu pen solution test the encyclopedia and Li Shangyin "key" in the report on new supplement "full tang" one hundred first -- Korea "Ten Poems" copy stored in the Tang Poems "twenty-four poems" the other one "Li Panlong" the anthology of the Tang Dynasty "" comment on the research @##@. This book focuses on the relationship between scholars from the Han to the Tang Dynasty and style of writing, reveals the reasons of each stage and changes of literary fashion literary ideas from the historical background of the evolution of style. The five part, through the analysis of the debate in the modern academic history, reflecting the ancient and modern fusion research problems and ancient literature to modern literature history research; the first chapter of the Han Dynasty style change impact on the literati mentality, and focused on the characteristics of text description of the relationship between silk was the style of study and writing. The second chapter is based on the background of the South; the ethos, analysis with metaphysics as the core of the famous cultural scholars culture relations with emphasis on Confucian ideology, and at the time the performance. The third chapter in the Wei and Jin culture in the early Tang Dynasty the continuation and change as the background, the characteristics of Tang literature, cultural factors analysis of Tang's sound; the fourth chapter to Confucian culture group in the "before and after the an Shi rebellion" activities as the center, the role of Confucian spirit on the development of literature. In the fifth chapter, the revival of Confucianism in the Tang Dynasty to the late Tang Dynasty style background analysis, which focuses on the historical inevitability on poems from the style change to the poetry of song dynasty. The final report of the textual research of the literature of the Tang Dynasty vicarious in several literature problems.
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