The rumor.

Date of publication:2004-3   Press: CITIC Publishing House   Author:Noy Bauer   Pages:231   Words:145000  

Hans Joachim: Bauer, born in 1960, living in Berlin. His first book, "the Jewish role -- early nineteenth Century drama and Theatre" won the 1994 Joachim prize - Tabor.
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Introduction the first chapter "thief", trace signal myth rumors martyrs "itself is sacred" sounds more than water wet the second chapter rumors goddess, a pattern finally a noble eyes, ears, mouth, red cardboard feather warrant. Rumors goddess of data in the third chapter of people words and listen to pass in the blank six boots nail, the classical period of two copper, activity in rumors home building in the country in the double Lu Mo rumors coat fourth chapter 1917: mark the spy war not to accept modern and fictional space invaders news review the myth of the formation of the fifth chapter mark or place poetics Orlean girl Terry Ant, Dole Ma root and other roots of J Lo Finn Stern's Russian macassans Weser River Tero Brie benefactor game and the Poetics of culture sixth chapter "rumors" and clinics and other supervisory measures rumors clinic rhetoric Supervision Center supervision limit seventh chapter the virus for rumors formula by heart? Spiral @##@ formula with the function of slogans rumors This book is a pioneering work, the author follows "heard from the kingdom" strange and mysterious imprinting, completed an exploration to the rumours tour, on the rumor of added a precious a. He through the analysis and research of the representative historical events, myths and legends, the famous works such as abundant historical materials and cultural phenomenon, described the rumor "image" for the US, its emergence and development mechanism is revealed, "behavior", and the life of the people, to society as a whole, imposed on the historical progress of human civilization, the powerful impact can not be ignored.
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