The pursuit of Modernity

Date of publication:2000-12   Press: Sanlian Bookstore   Author:Li Oufan   Pages:342  

Mr Li Oufan's most important works, published in English, have the chance to see the reader is too small. "The pursuit of Modernity: An Anthology of the Li Oufan culture collection" featured him over the years the re translation, editing, to cause more attention and discussion. The paper was written at different times, the earliest in about 70 years.
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Li Oufan, born in 1939 in Henan. After the family moved to Taiwan. In 1961 graduated from the Department of foreign languages of National Taiwan University, University of Chicago, and went to read and international relations, Harvard University China complex to specialize in the modern history of thought. In 1964, received a master's, and doctorate in 1970. Taught at Dartmouth College, Chinese University Hong Kong, Princeton University, Indiana University, University of Chicago, Harvard University. Chinese works include: "the west side", "romantic", "more than Chinese and Western literature came to", "Fox hole discourse", "van Leeuwen 忏情 recorded", "shouting in the iron house" etc.. Book for the first English the target set.
Catalogue of books

The preface part one.
really evil voice
"criticism space" to create the
-- from the "Declaration" of "free"
from the iron house sound
two series, romantic and decadent
modern Chinese literature of romantic personal comments
-- > lonely travelers Chinese self image in modern literature.
emotional process of
China pioneers of the modern novel
-- Shi Zhecun, Mu Shiying, Liu Naou.
Taiwan literature in the "modern" and "romantic"
on Chinese modern literature "decadent"
three series, China literary modernization
the pursuit of Modernity (1895-1927)
go on the road of revolution (1927-1949)
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