The pleasure of reading

Date of publication:2004-11-1   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:Jin Yuanpu   Pages:438   Words:319000  

To live the life, face the life with the text; in the ordinary mortal, perception of immortal mind and soul of great men of genius. We have own grace be read speech and deportment; us by writing your soul is reading, in turn, we also read other people's demeanor and soul. This book is dedicated to you, is the ancient Chinese literati scholars, about reading and learning experiences and feelings. Through these exquisite prose, we can touch a live person soul; they on the books of sincere, on reading sigh, fascination with learning, and to read and learn together with human life.
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Jin Yuanpu, Zhejiang Pujiang people. China literary academy of Social Sciences, dr.. He is currently a professor, College of Humanities of Renmin University of China doctoral tutor, national key disciplines and academic leaders. Executive vice president and Secretary General of Institute of Chinese and foreign China literary theory. The executive director of the Olympic Research Center of Renmin University of China. Books and information center of Renmin University of China, "literary theory" volume editor. Publication of "hermeneutics"
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A layer well de? Reading? Into learning solutions on learning with friends on academic theory knowledge of reading and books about books on reading that important reading reading is the pursuit of learning is the awakening of my bones two sea boat to ask?? I and literary people appreciate art and literature reading books about magic diffuse knowledge and false knowledge -- Confessions of a social scientific workers study on book three scholarship has? Reading? Not, not making Mochi to remember three realm research study on reading teaching experience from the library I curiosity about serious reading knowledge the dust in den: shelter evil people and countenance evil practices place four iceberg drunk introduction to Mr.?? five willow book reading is fun, fun to read casually looking through the study hard? Joy of reading? I was reading a book and boring boring chat are reading five realm? Reading? Learning fun reading art my life in the study about reading on reading scholar He Weihe as a scholar on the vocation of scholars a real book my book collection the significance of the six friends good reward? Reading? Friends bridge second types of ambiguity writers, works and readers in the process of psychological image Mixiang pangtong reading sample through the eye peep Shenfu words salon seven winding? Reading? How to read a book about reading experience I self nine Gao Fang studying cows and whales eat reading method: round illumination Bo concept and base on the back, you read about Ebbinghaus, stop, avoid learning Cornell University note taking eight learning revolution? Reading? Lifelong learning: Education Renaissance Learning aesthetic network era of information explosion learning declaration and media literacy in the information society -- life should have the basic ability of learning fun question is the first step of success how to be a wizard
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The way of the University, the illustrious virtue, in people, in aim at absolute perfection. “ college students' cultural reader ” inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese educational philosophy, adhere to the orientation of advanced culture, closely the pulse of the times, people-oriented, for the promotion of cultural quality education in Colleges and universities in our country, to guide the students how to study, how to behave and so on, has made the beneficial attempt. — — China academician, Academy of Huazhong University of Science and Technology professor Yang Shuzi “ college students' cultural reader ” to improve the cultural quality of university students, and promote the healthy growth of college students, help students establish the scientific world outlook, value outlook, outlook on life and other aspects, provides a rich, useful content. The article mostly adopted at all times and in all countries in the famous thinker, educator, writer and artist famous, combined with specific topics, expressing the development of different stages and different situation of the understanding and experience in the life, has a strong appeal, has influence character by environment, rain moistening function. — — Chinese Ethics Institute Professor Luo Guojie, honorary president of Renmin University of China
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