The only road to tomorrow

Date of publication:2004-05   Press: Guangxi Normal University press   Author:Ann, Rand   Pages:200   Words:116000  

The works of Ann Rand series. Ann Rand to superior to established her as a writer and philosopher's historical position. She thought of the world it becomes more and more obvious. Her works around the world each year sales of three hundred thousand copies. After her death, her letters, diaries and recording speech have been open, make some works and thought of the past not reported to be published. In the fifteen years after her death, Ann Rand (and her philosophy of objectivism) more and more appear in the film, paper and philosophical discussion. The book is a collection of her week in 1962 a "Losangeles times" wrote the article, in the article, she made a penetrating analysis of the news and cultural events, fully display her ability.
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Ann Landers (1905-1982) Russian American writer, philosopher. Youth exile American, write the script in the Hollywood, and the story is well known in the world. First novel "roots" won the fame and money for her, then the "destiny" earth became the second best-selling books after "Bible", known as the twentieth Century's most influential novels.
Ann Rand enthronement of reason, that the human
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1 what is the objective of 2 war and peace 3 is progress or the expense of new enemy 4 "be just and stern" knowledge of the 5 coup 6 domestic cold 7 intimidate government 8 leave us alone! 9 just assume that 10 is the victim of an open letter to readers who killed Marilyn Monro 11 12 Berlin 13 Mickey Spillane dying 14 "nine three years" 15 blind chaos...... The index
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In a free and democratic society, the use of force is illegal, because it is a human rights can not be deprived of the consensus. Restricted by law to the power of the government, to act as the role of the police to protect the interests of the people, and the use of force against those who first. This is the basic political principles of free capitalism, which is only to force out of human relations in the social system. The article read "life" on, see this hatred is how expression comes out, and how to devour her: she is an enthusiastic child, but because she was often scolded enthusiasm -- "sometimes my parents will be very worried, because I often laugh, I think they thought it was hysterical." She is a successful star, but her boss is constantly reminded her: "remember that you are not stars." They spare no effort, apparently didn't want her to find their own importance. She is an extremely talented actor, but the so-called authority, Hollywood and the media have told her, can't you act. She is an actress, a passion to art actor -- "when I was five years old, that should be I began to wish to be an actor, I have fallen in love with. I don't like the world around me, because it is too cold. I like to play the game, because it is my own world." She tried hard to create a world of her own, the sunshine in their minds to the world show people. "It is as if you have some secret, when you play, you let them all over the world to share in a moment." But because you want to play a serious role, she was malicious sarcasm. Such a woman, a woman only, she shows a bright, full of gender charm image on the screen, she is so pure, from a never evil star like. However, she found the symbol, being treated as obscene and vulgar even so, she still stand up bravely: "thank God, we are born to be sexual, unfortunately, a lot of people would look down and destroy the gift of god." She is a happy and carefree child, to dedicate my success to the world, her heart because of the sense of achievement and sincerely proud, like a to prey on the master's feet like a cat. But she has found that people of her rise together and expel sb., negation, slander, insult or destroy her achievements. More let her surprise, she is punished, for she is the best thing, and not the contrary. In the helpless fear, she can only feel the faint, her face is a kind of unspeakable evil. In front of this evil, how long do you think humans can support? The value of hatred has existed in some people, no matter at what age what culture. But one hundred years ago, people also intends to hide this hatred, and now, it is everywhere: This is the era of style and fashion. Painful soul how to get free from? The cultural phenomenon of evil is that in these cultures, common brewing.......
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User reviews
  •   Rand's article not introduced, nature is easy to understand the profound and practical philosophy. The focus is the quality of translation is very good. Recommend.
  •   Rand's books make men wise, sensible, to think properly.
  •   "The only way" to tomorrow's a bit conservative
  •   Chinese should read. Know what oneself is living in a kind of what kind of society.
  •   Bought in the past, to the rural library, kids love.
  •   Don't read!
  •   This is the very book thinking, inspired me a lot, I basically do not remember her point of view, but the general feeling is that and describes a expression is sprint power.
  •   Read part of it, to accept a new point of view, but if you read the book a bit boring, the content is very similar.
  •   Translation of a little bad, perhaps column text's sake, the feeling was hard, in some places there is inarticulate feeling
  •   A little light feeling, constantly with various "doctrine" it, but some unintelligible, be, just say, but people feel very empty
  •   This is a collection of the author in a newspaper column set, we do not know every article is aimed at what events, do not understand the specific environment of that time, so it is difficult to understand what the author wants to express, comment on what, I just saw a few, just give up.
  •   Good title, but the book is not good, he spoke against the dictatorship, but it is not thought, life is not what the gift, but the problem is even academic background is not firm, the era of curry favour by claptrap OK, now don't work. On antitrust issues and it is just a mistake. In a word, the garbage.
  •   Very nice title, is really attractive. But the author is out and out individualists, speech is too extreme. Not without reason, but such style, really disgusting, or regret buying this book, I want it.

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