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This book is "Chinese surname history books" in zheng. About the origin, development, distribution area, Zheng clan culture, famous, family etc.. The book, get to the root of things that progenitor cases, elaborate the Zheng general sequence of events. The book to explain in detail, rich in historical materials, illustrated, easy to understand. This book to understand the important value of history and cultural change and development of the history, Chinese Chinese. Readers will benefit from.
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The first chapter in the search for the source of the second chapter third chapter of the Qin and Han Dynasties rise and fall of Zheng Guo Zheng Xing's multiple development the fourth chapter the fifth chapter Zheng Xing Xingyang Xingyang Zheng all over the world the sixth chapter and seventh chapter of contemporary Zheng Xing distribution Zheng Xing clan culture in Chapter eighth, chapter ninth characters of Pedigree Documents Zheng Xing editor's note
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Digest Zheng Wu Gong in succession after tenth years (761 BC), to marry the woman as Mrs. Shen Hou, known as Wu jiang. Wu Jiang birth a son, because dystocia, named Wu Sheng, and gave birth to a son, named for the Tertiary period, Wu Jiang Wu Sheng and tertiary period like hate, but Zheng Wu Gong for them and no prejudice. Wu Jiangchang praised the Tertiary period in Zheng Wu before the public, and to make him stand tertiary section as heir. In this regard, Zheng Wu Gong is strictly abide by the entropy primogeniture Zuxun, did not promise too Wu Jiang requirements, so still awake as heir. However, probably because of his son's sake, or serious consequences for Wu Jiang favor Tertiary period may cause was not taken into consideration, therefore, no matter how much hate Wu Jiang Wu Sheng and laissez faire Tertiary period, he seemed not to interfere O. this negligence, eventually resulting in serious consequences. BC 745 years, Wu Gong was seriously ill, Wu Jiang again the successor problem put forward, want to let Wu Gong to make tertiary section as heir, but once again by Wu Gong refusal. Soon, Zheng Wu Gong died, Wu Sheng succession, known as Zheng Zhuang Gong, then, Wu Jiang saw Li Yong TERT section has no hope, then changed his mind, ask Zhuang cm seal Tertiary period of large tracts of land, and then make a plan again. At that time, the territory of Zheng Guo, in addition to the outside, and the system (now Henan Xingyang Shangjie) and Peking (now Xingyang Xiangcheng Beijing) two town, Wu Jiang to let the Tertiary period to overthrow the Zhuang Gong, then first to Zhuang Gong request packet to the system of tertiary period. Zhuang Gong although not against her mother's wishes, but the thought is a town of military importance, its gain and loss is almost related to Zheng Guo's survival, so there is no promise of Wu Jiang's request, but he also vowed to Wu Jiang "He Yi only life", so, Wu Jiang to Zhuang Gong request to Beijing Branch letter to the Tertiary period, Zhuang Gong feel helpless, have to promise. Then, the tertiary section is packed in Beijing, known as the uncle. The Duke Zhuang the Tertiary period of packet in the capital of the practice, many unsuspecting ministers feel do not understand, they have to Zheng Zhuang Gong said: "the capital scale if more than 300 feet, it will be bad for the country. According to the regulations of the old system, princes of the city area but also the largest is the country's 1/3, second is 1/5, the smallest of the 1/9. Now the capital of the area far exceed this provision, is bound to the Zheng Guo adversely." When they learned that affair, advised Zhuang Gong had to take measures to Wu jiang. Just Zhuang 公念 to muzizhiqing, refused to touch the Wu Jiang 和叔 segment, but said it was a period of say. Except in name "surname and compiling" and "new book of Tang, Prime Minister Zheng Tian of the genealogical table", "Wei Shu" and "history of the north" are not mentioned. But the "Wei Shu Zheng Xi" in addition to mention Zheng Xi uncle Zheng Jian a, said "Xi from fathers de Xuan" and so on, in spite of the father's name not specified, but from the context, apparently belonging to the Xingyang Zheng in the "Bei Zu", "Nan Zu" in addition to a Zhengxing people. As we known Xingyang Zheng "," West progenitor Tao a belongs to Longxi, children later without smell, so "Wei Shu" in the Zheng Xi "from the father" is unlikely to be him, and the most likely only "progenitor" Zheng Tian. Zheng Tian as the progenitor Zheng's first generation, in the Northern Wei Dynasty did not seem to have what office. His son, Zheng Dexuan, was originally known in the "song book" for the "Xingyang people", he is only the most visible some forces in the local gentry despotic. Only to the Taiping Zhenjun eleven years (AD 454 years), Liu Ning Southern Dynasties have Northern Expedition, to the Xingyang area, Zheng 德玄 uprising soldiers to the response, since then, Ren Yu Zhou Cishi Lu Shuang department, stationed in Shouyang (Anhui, Shouxian County). Xingan three years (AD 450 years), Lu Shuang and anti song, failure is killed, he will leave the Northern Wei Dynasty, was appointed prefect of Xingyang. From the Zheng Dexuan Li Zheng Ying test, and Zheng Zhongming, three generations of hereditary prefect of Xingyang, the family also in Xingyang county (now Henan Zhengzhou Hao Xingyang county northwest Gu Ying) area development. After the death of Zheng Yingkao, the champion of a general officer, Zhou Cishi Yu, Kaifeng Hou, said Shi hui. His son Zheng Zhongming in one, and the eldest son of Zheng Hongjian, Zheng Zuyu, Zheng Jiliang, Shao Zi, Zheng Jiming et al. Fourth. Zheng Hongjian's early years was elected Prime Minister Li Chong son-in-law, and brother Zheng Zuyu Ren Qiu, Xianyang Wang Yuanxi Jijiu, and Yuan Xi rebellion, two people are affected and killed. Until the emperor Xiaozhuang, two people from the younger brother of Zheng Yan power, and with the two person's brother Zheng Zhongming close, only were their vindication, bestowal official position 平东 general, Yuzhou, Qi Zhou Cishi etc.. Zheng Jiming Stuart officer to join the army, calendar City Board members often Shi, after the death of Guan San Qi Chang Shi, a general Fu Jun, Qingzhou provincial governor. Zheng Jiming Li Guan Taixue, Dr. Qiao County Taishou, Ping Dong generals, Guanglu Shaoqing, died after being given official Biaoji Dajiangjun, Shangshu pushe, male, master left Dingzhou governor, Prince Nan Ying Chuan County Public founding, is obtained give a high official in five brothers. In general, this generation was the most prosperous period in the development of progenitor Zheng, who are the prime minister Li Chong and Minister Zheng Yan care and support, if not encountered such as Zheng Hongjian, Zheng Zuyu two people affected by the Yuan Xi implicated was killed, Zheng Zhongming was governor of Xingyang, Zheng Jiming was killed when the men in the "river Ming change" is kill a series of family disaster, the clan will be limitless. Especially the Zheng people hereditary prefect of Xingyang post, in the home area is also very powerful. When Zheng Dexuan first rate righteousness soldier response the northern expedition, and Zheng Zhongming of Xingyang Prefecture was Zheng Yan as a future when relying on great disorder under heaven, can be used as the footnote. Unfortunately in theThe Northern Wei Dynasty unrest, they were involved in the most workers, the home is the most serious disaster, even in the five brothers have four people were killed, Zheng Jiliang was the only one who is dead, it is a very sad thing. Progenitor Zheng to the fifth generation, fourth generation family disaster period due to repeated hair, serious decline phenomenon has appeared. Four people can test this generation, Zheng 士机 is the son of Zheng Hongjian, and know not weeks ", because many short loss, although" get people up, also can only be the official calendar of Sanqi Lang, Lang Lang, Sagong in Book low idle position. Another member of the fifth generation Zheng Daomen, was not what job, just because of chaos after the murder had been the court give legislative Festival, Guazhou governor general. Zheng Tao brother Zheng Xiaoyong, father Zheng Zhongming, brother of Zheng door have been killed to be court as Zheng Zhongming's heir. Anping founding Marquis, but soon, his rank is also reduced, the original position is not maintained. The fifth generation of another man Zheng Chang, the son of Zheng Jiming, the father was once attacked South Ying County Public founding, then as the Northern Wei perished and position have decreased, the Northern Qi Dynasty before the founding of the PRC, only to join the army post as stuart. The sixth generation ancestor Cheng, Zheng Daoyin is the only one who can do. He is the son of 士机 Zheng, Wei Dynasty as the government for the army. The Zheng people except him, from no longer recorded history, become fading not. Henan as the birthplace of Zheng and Song Dynasty before Zheng main living area, since ancient times is one of the most close relationship between Zheng's provinces. As mentioned in previous chapters that human ancestors, Zheng Zheng Wu Gong Qian Zheng Guo was living in today's Xinzheng as the center of the central region of Henan, in the Zheng Guo after death in Huaiyang between Henan East and Southeast Shangqiu, (i.e., surnamed Chen Zhijian song), making it a Zhengxing people the earliest living area. In the Qin and Han Dynasties, Zheng has in Chen Jun Chen county (now Huaiyang) become prominent and the development of Henan County Kaifeng County Xingyang County, and the formation of Kaifeng Zheng Zheng, become the core family early. Jin Sui and Tang Dynasty to the northern and Southern Dynasties, with Xingyang as the center of the Zheng Zheng of human activities in Kaifeng, Xingyang area, and some to move out from here, and become parts of the Zheng family, Xingyang Zheng has therefore been throughout the world. But some in the Henan Zheng, but still in the original residence continue to write the history of Zheng, also has some people to move to the province of Songcheng (now Shangqiu), Xu Zhou (now Xuchang), Nanyang, Ru'nan, the state (Gong Anyang) and other places, have become the country's. Now Henan Zhengxing not only still in Henan surname have an important position, but also in the area of Xinxiang, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Dengfeng, Huangchuan, Xixian County, Zhecheng, Xinyang, Yucheng City, China, as a big development, which together constitute the Henan Zheng Xing distribution center. As for the famous song dynasty before Zheng, Henan Zheng occupying most of the country, many had great influence on the national and Zheng Zheng people out of here. After the Song Dynasty, because of the country's political center began to shift, especially Zheng population moved south, will make Henan Zhengxing began to decline in the national status. Even so, Henan Zhengxing still have some outstanding figures well-known in the world. As in the Song Dynasty, Zheng Juzhong of Kaifeng is the famous prime minister, the Zheng Touyi family is family home; the Ming Dynasty, Zheng Gang of Nanyang was the Gongbu Shangshu, Xiang Fu Zheng Zibi is a famous upright ministers, Zheng Pei of Neixiang is the famous Ming forces; the Qing Dynasty, Shangqiu Zheng Lian is a famous litterateur; contemporary, head of Luoshan people Zheng Yuanlai former Red Army independent regiment in Zhecheng, Zheng Tingzhen was the star, Zheng Haixia is a sports star. The theory of population, in the middle of Henan city of Xingyang, has Zheng population of 3552 people at the 1986 census, more than 880 households, accounting for the city's total population of 0.65%, ranking the top twenty-second. Other parts of the population, although has not made the exact statistics, but mostly with the city of Xingyang. In addition, it should be particularly noted that, in recent years with the rise of the "root searching", many living in other parts of the country and even overseas over the Zheng people have to Henan for their ancestral roots. Only one in Xingyang City, it has received the number of such groups. Guangdong Province is a province of central China more Zhengxing people. In the 1982 census, have done the investigation of the 25646 surnames, found that there are 466 surname Zheng, accounted for 1.817% of the total survey. Historically, Guangdong Zhengxing probably moved in the Song Dynasty from the south of Fujian, belong to "Lake" Mr. three Zheng Lu or clip Ji Mr. Zheng Qiaozhi brother Qi, another song was a descendant of Zheng Qingzhi moved from Shanghang. His living area as early as the northeast and eastern Guangdong, after constantly westward migration, formation of Chaozhou, Huizhou, Guangzhou, Meizhou, Haiyang, beautiful city, Dongguan, Foshan, Gui Shan, Panyu, Sanshui, Yingde, Yangshan, Xinhui, Zhongshan, Shunde and other places Zheng, some of them also further migration to Hongkong or Southeast Asia, the Guangdong become big Zheng relocated province next to Fujian. To the modern times later, Zheng except the development in these areas, also in Wuhua, Chaoyang, Chenghai, Haifeng, Lufeng, Suixi, Yangjiang, sea, En Feng, Wuchuan, Baoan, Shantou, to open up the living space, and each has the outstanding figures known. As in ancient times, Guangdong Zhengxing celebrity Tang Jiedushi Zheng Yu (Guangzhou), Song Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Zheng Nansheng (Chaoyang) provincial judge Zheng An (Haiyang), the Qing Dynasty Zhili governor Zheng Dajin (Jieyang), industrialist Zheng Guanying (Zhongshan), is a contemporary film artist Zheng Zhengqiu (Chaoyang) etc.. Hubei Zhengxing are mostly from the history of the Central Plains of the South Zhengxing future generations of people, the history of Song Dynasty scholar Zheng Jianzhong, weeks after Zheng Yifu, academician Bachelor Zheng Hu, the Ming Dynasty libushangshu Zheng Jizhi, the Dali assessment of Zheng Jie (Huang Piren), Liang Li Zheng Da (Guangji person) and other well-known in the world, especially in the Anlu Zheng in the Song Dynasty for a two champion (Zheng Yifu, Zheng Xie), the most famous. To the contemporary, Zheng except continue to develop in the region, and distribution in Huang An, Dangyang, Wuhan, Xiaogan, Dawu, order, as the city, and each has a celebrity known to the world....... Illustrations
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Editor's note this book aims to organize theName the name of civilization, clear the sequence of events, provides a rich set of abundant and accurate historical materials, literature history of readers and surname culture. Surname culture is one of the important contents of Chinese traditional culture, strengthening and consolidation of research in this area, complete for national unity, national spirit and national reunification. This book is a part of the general history works, included a lot of beautiful illustrations, relates to the surname ancestor, character, location, cultural relics, documents, sites, relics and other related content. In particular, individual illustrations and text words is not corresponding to the one one, named for the "the", not "said". The reader is observed. The main part of the book written by Xu Yuqing, illustrations and maps note, literature, characters of three parts by the Hua Yan addition. Author and China says it will bear the relevant parts of the text. Literature part mainly based on the "Zhonghua Book Chinese genealogy catalogue" and "Shanghai ancient books publishing house of Shanghai library genealogy summary", characters mainly originated from Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House of the "China dictionaries", the book of maps were derived from the China Map Publishing House "concise historical atlas of China" and other works, thanks. The compilation of the book are difficult, wrong and inappropriate will certainly exist, the material aspects of the incomplete is more can hardly be avoided. Hope that interested readers can provide relevant information for the next step, revised edition. Books published the first series 13, the enthusiastic response, sea and readers, produced good social effects, so that we finally accomplish the plan of the "100 volumes", the more confident. Welcome interested in surname culture study author your masterpiece, gongxiangshengju. Address: No. 2 surname culture research center of East Beijing Xicheng District, five Street No. 19 hospital. Phone: 010-82033007 Fax: 82033008 zip code: 100011 2002 February
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The week announce King twenty-two years, Zheng from the peripheral compartment separated, independent development of Sui and Tang Dynasties become family, known as "one of the world top five," Zheng children play an important role in the political, military stage, in the field of culture also more productive, Han by anthropologist Zheng Xuan, history of the Song Dynasty scholar Zheng Qiao, Qing Dynasty painter Zheng Banqiao and so on, are for a moment the influential man, Zheng sons also known to forge ahead, since the Ming and Qing dynasties have moved overseas, overseas celebrities come forth in large numbers.
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