The name of Yang Xing

Date of publication:2000-12   Press: Oriental Press   Author:Yang Busheng Peng Dingguo   Pages:337   Words:266000  

In the big family of the Chinese nation, Yang is more a family name, she has always been a family is known, in the "family names", ranked 12, total population of nearly one hundred million, Sui Dynasty although short, but leave the imperial examination, a canal, be in fashion in one's time, Shu Yang Xiong mediated Confucianism confluence, full of the world, the Yang Jisheng iron the burden of moral, leaving the age-old story of Chinese civilization.
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The first chapter second chapter was Kimoto Mizurahiro Chuzu Yang began in Zhou Dai chapter fifth chapter third xungui Yang Jian unified the Qin and Han Dynasties Yang Junwang Hongnong fourth chapter of Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties Sui Dynasty Chinese established sixth chapter to assist Tang Yang eleven phase seventh chapter his valiant Yang home will be eighth chapter Yang Du prosperous Jiangnan ninth chapter bes Qichang all over the world the tenth chapter the eleventh chapter positive culture of Pedigree Documents in the twelfth chapter @##@ character spectrum editor's note This book aims to organize Chinese surname culture, clear the sequence of events of the surname, provides a rich set of abundant and accurate historical materials, literature history for the study of the readers and the marriage's culture. Surname culture is one of the important contents of Chinese traditional culture, strengthening and consolidation of research in this area, complete for national unity, national spirit and national reunification. This book is an illustration of the general history works, included a lot of beautiful illustrations, relates to the characters, Yang Xingzuxian, look, cultural relics, documents, sites, relics and other related content.
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