The itch hundred stars

Date of publication:1998-4   Press: Peking University press   Author:Xiao Chaoran   Pages:776   Words:645000  

A broad, hundred years -- celebrity stars with North "tells the story of 68 once worked at Beijing University or with North had a special relationship between the famous figures such as Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, politicians and many scientific, celebrity culture academic and North Xiangying Shenghui, jointly promote the China political, scientific, and cultural progress history, revealed many little-known North legend, celebrity anecdotes, rich cultural, academic, ideological, readability.
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In order 家鼐 sun Zhang Baixi and Beijing University Founder first president -- Yan Xia no arrival president -- Zhang Shizhao -- Cai Yuanpei and North broad faithful 化腐为奇 Council presided over the longest time -- President Jiang Menglin a new generation of wind cultural precursor -- Hu Shi the only one of the honorary president -- Ma Yinchu Jiang Longji and Peking University is not stimulated with to Bo to high -- soup 用丹 and Peking University Science Shuren master -- Zhou Peiyuan and North go through thick and thin together live vicissitudes -- Fu Ying in Yanyuan me in the north to Mr Wang Zhuxi, do students North Marx philosophy subject of the pioneer -- Feng Ding "I always go your own way" -- Jian Bozan and North Kang Youwei Liang Qichao and Beijing University Construction Party, "five four" "Shi Zhi -- Chen Duxiu steal Skyfire for China -- Li Dazhao and North from the library assistants to the founder of the Republic -- Mao Zedong and North Zhou Enlai of care" Hello Xiaoping "North adult heart University Communist Youth representatives Excellence -- Deng Zhongxia democracy fighter progress flag -- Professor Xu Deheng at the university a steadfast love Footprint nationalists -- Shao Piaoping and North sincere patriotism with the reported conditions -- Qian Duansheng in the north from the classroom to the struggle and line -- Jiang Changjiang in the "national soul" spiritual glory will shine -- Professor Lu Xun and north academy Supreme Commander office first -- Ma Syren North "Five" -- Ma Yuzao Mao Dun in Beijing University "trendy" owners "five four" command -- Fu Sinian initiated research on ancient history new precursor -- Gu old Ancient Chinese Literature Search descendant of new historiography master -- Fan Wenlan poets, scholars, professors -- Yu Pingbo......
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