The fundamental characteristics of the times

Date of publication:1998-3   Press: Liaoning Education Publishing House   Author:Fichte (Germany)   Pages:246   Words:199000  

Author: Fichte (German) translator: Shen Zhen Liang Zhixue
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"The fundamental characteristics of the times": "new century library" is the Liaoning Education Publishing House to the focus of the book launch, popularize and spread the book focuses on culture, according to standing, utility, readable, easy principle, under the guidance of the experts at home and abroad, the famous Chinese and foreign. Good version, select income library, from 1996 to 2005 ten years, each year hundreds of thousands of books, accumulation to books, the library can basically reflect the intention of the general picture of the development of human culture, the modern people in twenty-first Century selected a family collection base "fundamental" contemporary characteristics. Traditional culture series: a collection of China traditional culture classics, by experts after version collation, arranged horizontally the simplified Chinese characters. Modern culture series: Modern Humanistic focus on results collected during the period of the Republic of all academic work, the precious known but there are difficult or long lost works, collection, arrangement, into simplified Chinese characters. Foreign culture series: a collection of Chinese outside world cultural treasure house boutique, to study the culture as the theme, with easy and meaningful style, fresh and lively, readable, and belongs to the "great writer stubs". Throughout the book is always the purpose is: to provide long-term readable available books for readers to thirst for knowledge, need to prove existence of reading activities in the modern society, and advocate for social reading atmosphere formation, creating rich in the collection of books for our readers realm.
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Carrying forward the rational promote civilization -- Fichte's philosophy of history on the abstract 1 second 3 fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth speaking translator note name index items index @##@ translator. Fichte's "modern times" is a fundamental feature in his analysis of the characteristics of the times as the main content of the history of philosophy, it marks a stage of development of German classical philosophy of history. This book content is Fichte seventeen times in the evolution of Berlin in 1804 November to 1805 March had done, he went to press before adding a short introduction. In his audience philosopher and Professor truly is not much, and most of those government officials, foreign diplomats and other industries, or as "Wen Wei Po" on the German report said, "some of the most decent man and woman", Fichte's speech to stick to their principles, and not overly stimulating his the audience, he hugged his develop rationalism, promote the cause of human civilization, the belief to overflowing enthusiasm and touching words, elaborated his own views, in the hope that he educated audience can eliminate the situation full of iniquities, be petrified, free, and into the realm of pure spirit.
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  •   I haven't read it, but the books of foreign culture is really good
  •   Like this series of books, this is one of the two books of University Library gave me the deepest impression, there is a set of Liang Shiqiu's translation of "the complete works of Shakespeare"
  •   This series of books to read a lot, so the feeling is also good, especially foreign books, very good. Like, recommend.
    of course in order to reduce costs, print a little. But this is to read people.
  •   Fichte is a very personality and bloody philosopher.

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