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Date of publication:2007.7   Press: Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:[America] Lewis A. Coser   Pages:546   Words:595000  

Lewis A. Coser (Lewis A.Coser), the famous sociologist, was born in 1913 in Berlin in a German Jewish family, who lives in exile in Paris in 1933, began sociology academic career there. Since then taught at the University of Chicago, and Columbia University to study, under the tutelage of Merton. His "the functions of social conflict" and "social conflict research sequel" to his rise to fame. His major works include "physical
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Book in the America as a long-term use of textbooks and widely spread model. The book introduces 15 early social theorists: Kong De, Marx, Spencer, Durkheim, Simmel, Webb, Veblen, Meade Cooley, the theory of life, ideology, and social background. Author Lewis · he is America famous contemporary sociologist. He used to explain profound theories in simple language techniques and vivid language, fluent writing to you the famous theory with experience, the social context, expand and deepen our understanding of their minds, not subject to the hypothesis and the evaluation.
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Chinese edition order preface acknowledgements introduction chapter 1 August Conde 1798-1857 Karl Max Herbert Spencer 1818-1883 second chapter third chapter fourth chapter fifth chapter 1820-1903 Emil Turgan 1858-1917 Georg Simmel 1858-1918 Max Webb Thorsten Veblen 1864-1920 sixth chapter seventh chapter eighth chapter ninth chapter 1857-1929 Charles Horton Cooley 1864-1929 George Herbert Meade 1863-1931 Robert Ezra Parker Vilfredo Pareto 1864-1944 tenth chapter eleventh chapter twelfth chapter Karl Mannheim 1848-1923 1893-1947 thirteenth chapter fourteenth chapter William Isaac Thomas 1863-1947 Florian Znaniecki Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin 1889-1968 1882-1958 fifteenth chapter new trends America sociology theory references and recent new reference index translation postscript @##@ nouns This book is a widely used textbook example in USA, book introduces 15 early social theorists: Comte, Marx, Durkheim, Spencer, Simmel, Webb, Veblen, Meade Cooley, the theory of life, ideology, and social background. Detailed, evaluations, the scholar be concise and to the point, since the 80's in China launched versions since, has been the University Department of sociology and social science departments specified reference books. The re layout, with the latest version of the revised based on target, with 15 sociologists introduction, insert the picture, is a rare good university.
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  •   Understanding the social background of the famous academic background can have a better understanding of Social Science
  •   The book on the life and works of Western classical sociologists detailed combing and summarized, easy to grasp the main idea of social and academic thought since the discipline of. This is a can not read good books!
  •   Versions of the book, very classic, a lot of sociology textbooks refer to it, the study section of the review is also very useful reference
  •   Works of classical sociology, read the great harvest.
  •   The book I read a graduate student read, is a good textbook, suggested that Shanghai Translation Publishing House of income on the University, the use is not convenient.
  •   Our textbook, very good
  •   No money to buy, but look forward to
  •   Timely, high efficiency, good quality
  •   Finally have a decent Chinese book, long time no see academic language fluency! A little regret, for the little fellow sociologists writing words.
  •   Always wanted to buy this book, this time really bought, very happy. The content is good, the text level, translation is also good. Is the social foundation for professional.
  •   Foreign sociological theory teaching, writing ideas and some books are not the same as domestic, but really it is a good book.
  •   The book will sociology masters classic works out very detailed, is a rare book!
  •   The book is very new, the content is very rich, is a book worth reading good books. I strongly recommend to students of social work
  •   This is a sociological theory learning books, worth reading
  •   Finally arrived, a very good book
  •   In addition to a little fold, good
  •   The contents of the book is not the words! But, the next on the cover, in the ship, goods receipt can not pay attention to it, get the two covers are broken, because they help others belt, a bit difficult to explain! Well, anyway, does not affect the use! ^_^!
  •   The original thinker but also a lot of defects! The common horse hole, light and abstinence,... The author think the vivid description of them, gave me left regret. Can a look.
  •   The book has some damage, for after it changed the more broken, also does not affect the look, because too much trouble, so I didn't continue to change, but it affects your mood.

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