The disaster

Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Shanghai dictionary press   Author:Yu Shunzhang   Pages:249   Words:201000  

This book is generally popular science books, mainly introduced the influence over the years at home and abroad, the more serious the main public health emergencies. Specifically, has the following characteristics: wide coverage, rich in content: related to infectious diseases, non communicable diseases, chemical spill, occupation poisoning, environmental pollution, food safety, drug adverse effects and other aspects of the event. There is not only the course of events, and people have learned, as well as disease exploration and discovery and other related content. Readability: the article with a description of the entire sequence of events, so that readers like to see a wonderful story. A concise review, and to inspire people. Knowledge, interest is obvious: from this book, people can not only realize many infectious diseases, chronic diseases, occupation poisoning, environmental pollution is harmful to human health, it is more important to know how to prevent the occurrence of such events. Social significance: after SARS, people begin to realize that the prevention of public health emergencies is how important. These health emergencies and the book is by what happened in history, summing up the experience and lessons, give the people to learn, inspire, enable people to attach importance to the prevention of public health emergencies, to nip in the bud role, to avoid recommit the same error.
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Introduction infectious disease review the prevalence of SARS There was no parallel in history. antecedents and consequences of the "Spanish flu" human potential danger -- bird flu monkeypox in the American pop America anthrax bioterrorism event Moscow input smallpox outbreak through the Faroe Islands measles rubella and congenital defects of the Legionnaires' disease epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis Scapharca subcrenata and hepatitis A hepatitis E virus spread by Escherichia coli O157:H7 Central America shigellosis epidemic of bacillary dysentery and typhoid fever in Qapqal disease cholera Bud William riddle of infant botulism aids of leptospirosis and cerebral arteritis know Q thermal mulberry caterpillar dermatitis mystery the mystery of yellow fever transmission parasitic disease schistosomiasis -- -- on the West Nile virus pinkeye plague experience education in local typhus found kuru discovery and destroy tampon and toxic shock syndrome laboratory infection of non infectious disease review smoking and lung cancer etiology mystery American Japanese immigrants in nasopharyngeal carcinoma of gastric cancer Africa changes of malignant lymphoma in children's disease because of vaginal adenocarcinoma Cable the etiology of hypertensive Kaschin Beck disease eating sugar, smoking and coronary heart disease USA Framingham area for Huntington's disease, Down's syndrome and occupation article eating medicine and other articles
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