The devil will come again?

Date of publication:2004-1   Press: China translation and publishing company   Author:Liu Yanhong   Pages:262  

The author does not focus on the description of the thought process of salt Valley 保芳 confession of sin, but the results of confession did very vivid description. From the beginning of 1985, the master is on the road to apology. So far, he has been with the feelings of remorse, the 18 came to Chinese, when he came to the last one China, is a 82 year old man. In his influence, Tokyo's Shibuya district and Tai'an junction Shandong friendly, an experimental school middle school in Tokyo and Tai'an became sister. He also repeatedly to the Shandong Department of education donations, donations for the Chinese flood. A 82 year old man, what is the spirit impelled him to do so? He explained the reason. He said: "I had to Chinese commits crime at a young age, I am a harm to the China society, now everything is in sin. I do not have what ambition, every time is own, from small start, education of the people around me to keep away from the war...... If the world's people are like me, to do so, future generations will have good health education, the world will be peace." People's concerns, and ease because of these "old devil" as. However, the authors did not get expected answers, "the devil will come again?" There is no end, is still a topic. The book also has a lot of space, introduced by the authors in another scene Tokyo see. That is, "no apology devils" still exists. The author interviewed this devil, talk to results it is self-evident. The authors compared the devil and the valley of salt, she said: "these are not his war experience, rather than salt Valley old devils, it didn't have the guts to, at the very least, they can't look straight into the eyes of children, say his crime. They are a group of people is the most convincing, but because they treat the history of cover, carefully conceal mentioning, let the post-war generations of Japanese have a understanding of the fault on the history of aggression." Thus, have been played down concerns, again shrouded in the author's mind.
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Introduction the devil came Fang Jun got a devil soldier soldier and the devil I killed people! The devil second home encounter laobalu Sichuan in a personal war by the ghost become people self harm finger by day long confession punishing Road real ghost devil world towards Japan, march on! And the old devil zero distance to the Yasukuni Shrine grim necromancy -- to see the former Prime Minister Murayama Fuchi confess forever Japanese War not apologize devil devil will come again? The old devil think Taishan is a symbol of the Chinese back history: by Chiang Kai Shek to benefit the party abandoned the national interests China resistance is still not the end of the last farewell sequence
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