The deep river

Date of publication:2006-9-7   Press: Shanghai Sanlian   Author:Ni Zhange   Pages:225   Words:223000  

The book consists of three parts, the first part is the movie reviews, including: shurayuki hime, Solari thought, Luo Sheng, winter's heart. The second part is poetry, including: art, the loss is a kind of suffering, the sinking of the hand, the second coming. The third part is the novel and fiction criticism, including: Philip Roth's color and empty, no face mirror, Naipaul -- read "a bend in the river water hyacinths" etc.. This book is a collection of. Includes the movie and novel comment, Ni Zhange's poems and novels. Picky, delicate, capricious, cynicism and naughty or her style, desolation and pain are still proud and arrogant, more rational. In the comments section to enhance the depth and extension, greater freedom and ease. As a poet, her beauty, the text. This kind of beauty, is the premise of the poetic images. At the same time, is also a kind of unwilling to nothingness pain struggle.
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The first part of the film: the phantom punch tears shurayuki hime absentee negative theology the poet he as Ivan the terrible winter heart 25th Hour Rashomon Solari thought two film printing spot of LAN add strength to what is already strong, flowering fine demon nightmare second poems: beautiful suffering lonely fire, she sat concealed loss of artistic beauty is a kind of suffering debris, sit up, write! The sinking of the hand 刀头舔蜜 "Dover Beach" ice cream "emperor" second coming "kestrel" "they went to the light of the world" and "miss Yeats" the third part story: her face dilemma is difficult, it would waive confession -- read "shame" no face mirror Naipaul's son -- water. Read the "bend" digression impossible -- Reading Endo Shusaku "sad song" a first world deep river of sorrow, which I am also in -- read "Silence" -- Reading "double like deep *: * * * * at the river", "ghosts" cosset "deception -- Reading Tony Morrison repay maternal love with one's gratitude -- read" two blurred small things God "," Darling "," the woman warrior "pan, Mose, the memory of the salvation Philip Roth color and empty appendix: original (My Grand Drag Ball) banana" banana "accessories: life decreased road" road "accessories: misreading Suzhou Murong go round and begin again thanks
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In this story, Simon was distressed, Rock let people to pity, even the Xifen less Qi Luo has distinct personality. At the end of the film, Qi Luo to the youngest brother picked up two brother, said: "Rock for rural hometown, we cannot go back any more, he like a saint to Simon, only to destroy him." Qi Luo is one of these children the most clever. Simon and Rock although the destiny is different, but all live in chaos, unlike Qi Luo, with brother look coldly from the sidelines at behind, look, what are seen through the. While I was watching the movie, see, feel a bit like Qi luo. However, CEE Lo or clever too sophisticated. Rock first won the game beyond all expectations, sitting outside the stadium stairs crying, Qi Luo with him, be not a little bewildered. Rock wept, explained: "I heart product a lot of hate, but where can not vent, to try to fight -- this ugly! This ugly!" I heard, with a follow to cry. My heart is covered with a lot of things, because you want to keep some standards, can only try to bear, try to tolerance; to put it bluntly, maybe just because of this world is too ugly, and I don't want to fall into the ugly, so can only be turned away, trying to do a thing like that of Rock. Like Rock. So, I desperately reading, desperately writing. But, if one day, I finally like Rock win, then only can do, like just sitting on the sidelines of the stairs crying: this ugly! This ugly! To this ugly world to escape, I can only find a so-called business to "Zheng Daguang" close eyes. Rock eventually when on the champion, Simon killed he abandoned woman, also ruined his own -- this is "be open and aboveboard" victory back! It could not get rid of the fate that is reflected, the boxer tears! When I was young I, is almost never cry baby, used by people "eat a pain" is described, it is the image, the pain of hard life devour, certainly not what good cry. "Eat a pain", may in this life will not change. However, when actually not what pain can eat; but now, slowly eat a pain, eat a lot of pain, tears will not be an easy thing. When the burden, suffering and patience finally became the nature, the only unbearable unexpectedly shed tears for yourself in front of people. So, like Rock. So, I found the book in the book, I to the pain of others cry, perhaps this is the sympathy, maybe is self pity, perhaps, is the essence of self pity and sympathy. However, Aristotle talks about the tragedy that, when we experience with others suffering, sympathy can take us out of one's private ends -- this is the comment and Boxer. The boxer had to knock down others, while critics, for those who have fallen to cry. However, who can say that this cry, not another meaning of "down", if the so-called "cry", but is a knowledge and intelligence arena, but is an attempt to evade the ugly ugly? P4
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  •   Do the shallowness of the academic and false academic, not less. Ni Zhange knows this.
  •   The content is too rich. Gosh, I can't stand it...
  •   The quality of the book, but the content is still more readable. If can the static under heart to read the words, or income.

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