The character and the official

Date of publication:2008-6   Press: The people's daily press   Author:Du Yingzi   Pages:251   Words:2220000  

"To copper as a mirror, you can now dressed; take person as mirror, can the gain and loss; taking history as a mirror, one can know the". Lessons in history taking and continuous self-examination, to settle down to find the root cause. His book is a collection of essays well-known writers and critics, give people inspiration heavy and click into place. One side of the story, a section of cautionary remarks, interpretation and the true meaning of life.
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The spirit of Li Guowen was in 1948 in the liberation of Jinzhou, I had an orchard road, in the late autumn, tree covered with red apples on the ground, also have the natural fruits of fall, but not a warrior, bent down and picked up a hand to pick out, or, one to eat. Later, Chairman Mao made a express volumes saying: "man, was a bit of spirit." This spirit has shown strength, also is the ancients said: "heaven revolves, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement," to "self-reliance" cornerstone. Trees do not live without a house, without foundation is not a passive, water does not flow, people without mental decline. The Chinese nation, could stand of five thousand years, is the "unremitting self-improvement" four words. Since ancient times, many Chinese, can have the ambition, ambition, can have as, have ideal, can recognize and honor, know shame, to shoulder the burden, shoulder heavy responsibilities, is also the time to this "unremitting self-improvement" four words, to be on guard, encouragement, restriction, to encourage their own. Apple, a thing, do not pick up, do not pick, do not take, do not eat, the "no", not only reflect our military discipline, pardon, also reflects our national morality, self-cultivation. "Yuefu Poetry" cloud: "the gentleman does not prevent the bud, suspicion, to avoid suspicions, Li is not just the crown." Liu Kezhuang of the Song Dynasty "official" send Hoon's cloud: "Li and melon, suspicion on the bud, the sages prison bamboo, do not eat bamboo shoots for many years." It is the most cherished, our nation has good cultural tradition. I admire the Shi Xuan Ming Dynasty, in the Ming Dynasty, the Ren Xuan occasion, folk customs in the material shop, luxury, asatsuna runnings, political corruption in the society, can stick to Chinese intellectuals "Dan Shiyu, shame belongs." "introduce special sex", it is praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct.
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The story reflected reality, in the realistic model through history, a famous prose top class masters.
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