The boundary line survey of Internet

Date of publication:2004-1   Press: (intellectual property) patent literature press   Author:Li Dongtao   Pages:327   Words:260000  

Li Dongtao, in 1991 July graduated from the law department of China University of Political Science and Law. Beijing Haidian District court judge, China international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Online Dispute Resolution Center) a member of the expert group. The published works: "case record an intellectual property judges -- Dong Tao on the law".
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Book reviews in the network environment, should be allowed to "surfer" (Wang Min) put forward their own ideas, give them a chance to try "not temperature" (the judgment of the court), and the judge's responsibility, is to determine an appropriate, let a person to accept the "water temperature".
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Information technology economic information center Ireland concentrated processing company and Yang Zhaowei general web site dispute Xinhua Finance Information Consulting Co., Ltd. v. Luqiao District of Taizhou City, copyright infringement, unfair competition disputes Beijing Chaolang Technology Co. Ltd. v. Beijing too months Jinyuan Graphic Design Co. Ltd technical contract case art dragon net, Sohu ITC electronic (Beijing) v. Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing) Co., Ltd. copyright infringement case of Ye Yanbin v. Beijing Four Party Information Technology Co. Ltd. copyright infringement case of red (Group) District v. Yibin City, Oriental Information Service Co. Ltd. copyright infringement case of Xi'an Salala Information Network Co. v. Beijing billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd in the world copyright dispute case Beijing Putian new energy Technology Development Company v. Beijing North Gaoke electromechanical company unfair competition disputes Shijiazhuang Fulande Industrial Development Co. v. Beijing 弥天嘉业 trade limited company of exclusive right to use a registered trademark infringement, unfair competition case Chen Weihua v. Chengdu computer business newspaper copyright infringement case of Beijing golden human Pc Limited v. Beijing whist in development of science and technology The heart of unfair competition disputes Beijing BUPT Modern Communication Technology Co. v. on the other sciences, computer network information in the Democratic contract disputes limited liability company China digital library case v. Chen Xingliang copyright infringement case 建诉 Yang Beijing television, Beijing this land information technology Co. Ltd. copyright infringement case of Beijing Heming, new market expanding service Co. Ltd. v. Beijing hearing false advertising disputes case @##@ technology limited liability company "Governments of the industrial society, on behalf of the future, I asked the old you away from us; because you don't have any basis for moral and there is no effective means to manage us, make us feel fear...... The network space is not within your control." In 1996 February, a network of liberal preacher -- John Parry Barlow, published the famous "Declaration of independence" on the internet. The idea soon got the response of many people, it is hoped that the new information technology will form a kind of strength, break through the restriction of government control and the law. This is a glorious dream, or a real threat? To answer this question, need specific case. Since 1999 January, as the presiding judge, author Li Dongtao judge has developed a series of related with the first Internet intellectual property cases. From a technical point of view, these cases involve the upload, download, link, image, BBS, encryption, decryption, professional problem domain general web site and digital library and so almost all; from a legal point of view, these cases involve the network copyright, trademark, website design, well-known commodities, commercial secret, false advertising and commercial reputation the protection of a number of legal issues. In these cases the decision, the parties have take sentence, also part of the judgment has been China's Supreme Court bulletin the precedent, has the significance. This book selects 15 typical cases, the author use easy interesting language, a review of the basic facts on the one hand, at the same time the legal problem from history, philosophy and jurisprudence angle on the cases involved analysis. The author tries to explain here: Although the network technology changed our and distance information and remote people to contact, although between law and information technology links between law and politics, and not so direct, comprehensive economic ties, but when we gradually adapt to the impact of the new information technology, it is not difficult to find, the existing laws on the surfer (netizens) behavior or binding.
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