The blue sky Fengyun hundred years combat 2004 notebook week calendar

Date of publication:2003-11   Press: Aviation Industry Press   Author:Xu Dekang   Words:100000  
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The restless sky 1 manned balloon on military stage 2 Blue 3 combat gunfire began in mid air collision 4 opened the prelude to the airship and 5 combat aircraft competition 6 fighter born 7 ace to ace fighting 8 initial formation air combat 9 Du black and his mastery of the air 10 aircraft began to fight 11 and the monoplane if the wing to wing fighter 12 Spanish air battle 13 "8 · 14" Jian bridge over the other 14 blood spilled over Wuhan 15 Haller Xin River over the air blast bomb killing 16 machine 17 famous "Flying Tigers" 18 airborne first use 19 gave Goering a slap in the face of battle of Britain's 20 21 sink the Bismarck 22 over the Soviet Union battle of life and death 23 blood fire Pearl Harbor 24 to practise deception bombed Tokyo 25 days reduced rage 26 midway air war 27 Yamamoto Igarashiroku ambush 28 silver foil under Article 29 Hamburg fire bombing of Berlin 30 jet fighter air combat stage debut 31 fighter interceptor missile with V-1 32 break blocked Berlin air 33 Soviet air force in Korea 34 highly confidential MIG alley 35 bloody and island 36 积慧 outwit Davies 37 liberating Yijiangshan Island 38 shocked American fighter 639 "rolling thunder" fried Don't pour China made Qinghua bridge 40 failure before the "carpet bombing" 41 spear and shield for 42 Bekaa Valley electronic warfare 43 Babylon 44 Gold Canyon raid 45 impossible to guard against BVR missile 46 vertical take off and landing fighter begin to display one's talent 47 Su -27 war MIG -2948. dropping air ground battle 49 "Desert Storm" open selected front 50 Christmas Eve "Desert Fox" over Iraq 51 high-tech frustrated Kosovo 52.F-117A Kosovo with broken halberds defeat puzzle 53 goals against Sadam's beheading action of 54 new ideas @##@ future war The plane soon after the invention is not for the benefit of mankind before it as a new weapon on the war stage, from the human war from the ground to the sky, whistling sound of aircraft, air combat, pitch-dark from heaven, heaven and earth in addition to bomb cross fire, the vast blue sky no longer calm.
"blue sky Fengyun hundred years combat" using the traditional painting and modern computer aviation aviation painting art, as a text graph form, tells the story of a hundred years the history of air warfare a be struck with fright stories to you, including many little-known events and figures, let you in understanding how from small to large, from air the plane to three-dimensional, deductive process of aviation weapon from the simple to the high-tech at the same time, more to stir up a war condemned and yearning for peace.
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