The Almighty.

Date of publication:2004-4   Press: Chinese film press   Author:Li Bing   Pages:151   Words:140000  

Along the navel of the earth, to decipher the flashing light of wisdom fragments of civilization! The book consists of more than one hundred pieces of beautiful pictures, for readers to appreciate in the reading process, the readers reading fatigue elimination. Exquisite picture, color printing exquisite make you stick out a mile, with data collection and ornamental. The text is accurate, easy to understand, understanding, let your reading pleasure. Detailed drawings, accurately summarized the picture shown story.
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Li Bing, graduated from Jilin University in 1994 Chinese system. A former newspaper supplement editing, magazine editor. Since 1994, in the national, provincial and municipal newspapers and magazines published more than 100, once many times in newspapers and good works won awards.
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The first chapter of Easter Island found sailing adventure craze "Easter Island" was found on the island of huge statue south latitude 30 ° mystery of Easter Island Mystery second chapter flying ancestors "Easter Island" name for "bird" worship the universe visitor location third chapter no sunken lucky are the residents of the island where we come from Easter Island formation puzzle about the land sank mythology the fourth chapter for the earliest residents recall Huo, a mysterious nationality Maduo times early Islanders. The islanders from Egypt South Pacific continent drifting experiment study the fifth chapter explore ancient ruins the statue is the person "the tomb island", a terrible curse ancient road traffic lead in all directions of the plateau stone city: the sixth chapter decipher the secret text Kohau Longoran Ge lath lath suffered and life with murals of ancient America Pyramid woodcut universe of Machu Picchu in Siti Wanner C's "Solar gate" Nazca Lines of the painting "seven city" is not the ancestors the astronauts in the home Africa An unprecedented disaster for plate hard road experts decipher the mystery word
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The copyright page: illustration: Spanish colonists invaded the Maya area burned many Maya writing manuscripts, now preserved only 4 of this. According to the collection sites and found that the name of the person named "Dresden manuscripts", "Madrid Codex", "G Marie" and "Paris manuscripts manuscripts". Although the scholars have studied for many years, but still cannot decipher. The Mayans cultivated corn, potato, tomato, sunflower, tobacco and other crops have now spread to the whole world, become the daily food of people all over the world. As for the "cocoa" and "chocolate" the Mayan ordinary beverage also even the name spread around the five continents. The Maya in astronomy achievement even more amazing, and we'll talk about. The Maya achievements attract people's attention, which makes scholars put forward such a problem: the Maya, where did it come from? They really and stripping the scalp and bloodthirsty militant barbaric people the same? Some people start to hold a negative attitude. They think the Indians on their own is not possible to the development of civilization to such a height, so we speculated that the Maya is actually the carthaginians. The Mediterranean Sea Islanders had by sturdy canoes across the ocean to come here, but this conjecture is untenable. Later someone turn head a very intelligent, claimed that the Maya may be missing the tribes of Israel's descendants, they escape hunted down by fate, sailed across the ocean to the new world, and to create a highly developed culture in the new world. Some scholars think that the Maya and other Indians from the same source, are arriving from Siberia in the north through the Bering Strait, the Aleutian Islands, North Alaska, and then spread south to form the indians. Agree to the said person is, if they have the same source, from a, from across the Bering Strait before 20000 10000 or to view to America that they should have the same skills -- Take fire, stone and so on, but the Mayans and why go in before others, is what gives them provides the favorable conditions? After research, the scholars has finally identified a certain fact: that Indians do not the same batch to America, but partial migration, the time long. The first arrival will only some of the original technology, and later moved to immigration will have to update skills, such as grinding stone tool making, basket weaving, using bows and domesticated animal etc.. The earliest history of Maya is unknown, but there is little doubt that the Maya were farmers.
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"The Almighty's Secret": along the navel of the earth, to decipher the flashing light of wisdom fragments of civilization.
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