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Sun Yixue, born in 1968, the literature doctor of the Fudan University, in the Department of University of Edinburgh in 2004 English British postdoctoral fellow, associate professor, Chinese Department of Tongji University, master's tutor, mainly engaged in the research of the relationship between Chinese and foreign literatures. Published monographs: "the Western Modernist Literature" (co authored), "Studies on foreign literature" (co authored), "Chinese and foreign literature of romantic guidance",
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Digest in May 7, 1861, in a large family of India in the city of Calcutta, a baby be born in India, he is the greatest modern poet Rabindranath Tagore. The Tagore family originally belong to Brahmin, and later because of sin, exclusion, in seventeenth Century 90, one called Jonung Kuchali Peng people took the family to a small fishing village on Ganges RIver shore settled, this small fishing village was bustling Calcutta city. Tagore's grandfather Dahl Gardner's generation, the Tagore family reached the most flourishing age. Tagore's grandfather had three sons, Tagore is the son of his eldest son. My grandfather is the famous entrepreneur, philanthropist and social reformer, his spirit influenced generations of the Tagore family in. Tagore's father was an early lived expensively, but later switched to the pursuit of truth, open-minded people actively engaged in religious reform. He and his wife produced 15 children, because of his influence, no place in the modern history of India people in these children, such as the eldest son is the philosopher, but also a poetic reform experiment; the second is a Sanskrit scholar, can write in English and Bengali; three is an educator in poetry, five; drama, music, painting are as; five women is the first female writer in history. Tagore is his fourteenth children, eighth sons. Because my father is not care of the house, when Tagore was born, the family is not rich, what Ma ah, ah, in name only exist, and in the breakfast "bread and banana leaf wrapped butter", for Tagore is "up" to enjoy. ("my childhood") because many of their children at home, the mother is unable to take care of the son, so my childhood Tagore did not enjoy much love, but mainly and servants together. The servant versatile, some can read India epic "Ramayana", and some will make folk song, Tagore literary enlightenment, that is from the beginning. But there are also some servant lazy and slander. One of the servants to go drinking, with chalk on the ground to draw a circle, let Tagore standing inside, then scare he said, this is the magic circle, if go out, will bring disaster. Tagore stood there, never daring to go out, had looked at the distant tree. In fact, Tagore and the other children at home are not allowed to get out of the house, even around the house are not free, he sometimes had to peek over the fence outside the nature in the heart full of vigour, imagine contains this mysterious nature's secrets, he is like a desire for freedom was shut in the cage bird as the pain. About childhood time, he most often think of the full in the life and world of mystery: "dream not see things lurking, first come to mind: what is the question every time! Ah, what we can touch it? Just like the natural put something held in his fist, smile if we say: 'you guess what is it?'" ("memoirs") Tagore to go to school. Before this, once he saw older brother go to school, he cried and said: "I will go, I will go." Family teacher sternly warned him: "you are crying to go to school, the future I'm afraid you'll have to cry to leave the school day!" and so it came about. Tagore later said humorously, he never heard a more accurate than this prophecy! About school, his impression only boring, no matter is the Bengal school, British school, he feels the same machine, boring, coupled with the Spartan corporal punishment, let Tagore unbearable, finally dropped out of school. At the age of 14. The family was very disappointed, but also feel helpless. But childhood Tagore is not happy time. He is in 8 the first time in accordance with the rhythm of Poetry: "immediately a fourteen tone poem lotus opened, but also have bee flew up. Between the poet and the distance I began to fade, since then has gone down." ("my childhood") two is his father adult type for him personally presided at the age of 12; three is to swim together and the father of Himalaya Range, and wrote his first drama in the way. Tagore said, from 16 years old to 23 years old, his life is extremely romantic. Tagore grew up as an artist of the first is lucky, he in the Bengal Renaissance Center, and his family are the center of the center. The suitable artistic soil with his spirit, his heart Mousika finally burst into songThe. In 1876 February, in Calcutta India festival once a year. The 15 year old Tagore publicly recited a patriotic poem, popular, then this poem was published simultaneously published in a household Bengali and English weekly. The poet thus encouraged, then published a long story poem "flowers", a performance poet praise to love and love of life. But also in that year, his first time to experience what is the pain, in March 8th of this year, his mother died. He felt some good things in life is lost forever. For Tagore, 1877 was a memorable year. Tagore's writing was the first harvest in this year. He this year has created a short story "the beggar woman", an unfinished novel "mercy", a historical drama without rhyme "Trudell Chandler", a long poem "the story without rhyme poet's story", a group of ancient song "Sun songs", and some poetry, scattered in this paper, paper, etc.. These works are permeated with the poet of the ideal and longing for the love of a new life, but he hasn't found his own artistic form, imitate the traces of heavy. Tagore was a famous poet, but in India at that time, literary creation can not become a kind of occupation, in view of this, the poet's brother advised him to go to England to study abroad, so that the future may be a civilian, or lawyer, father agrees. In 1878 September, Tagore via Italy, Paris to London, into the University of London, widely read British and European literature, and wrote a lot of literature research papers. However, when he just get rid of the bad impression of London weather, his brother to return home, home because people don't trust him in London alone, let him come home. In 1880 February, he had to end 17 months of his life abroad, to return to India. In this life, he later concluded: "I only spent three months in the University, my foreign knowledge almost all rely on human contact to." ("my childhood") P1-3
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Preface: sorry a cultural exchange Tagore met the poet really looking forward to the eight smooth sailing to West Lake boating poetry in the flowers and applause in the waves on the way north arrived in Beijing tour in Beihai "to" Chinese last emperor of Beijing academic circles in a public speech to a grand ceremony "why we opposed Tagore" farewell to Beijing be distressed at parting in the last days of China welcoming attitude critic attitude do not understand and do not understand welcome from the second visit to China International University College Tagore and the war of resistance against Japan Chinese China Appendix A: China translation of Tagore works catalogue (1900-1949) appendix two: directory China about Tagore's introduction, research papers, books (1900-1949 @##@) "Tagore and Chinese" is a scholarly book. The book by the full and accurate materials, reviews Tagore's academic thoughts in the China propagation through, as well as the different response in his Chinese travel and Chinese ideological and cultural circles on him in china. The author of the history of the event handling and analyzing both accord with the historical fact, but also have their own unique insights; full of sound and fury of today, this is a rare work of Tagore research, has high academic value and historical value.
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