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Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Shanghai Culture Press   Author:Petty   Pages´╝Ü219  
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A sketch or graffiti Chill shadow who in the window is not necessarily followed a kitchen knife first apple Skin refrigerator slow flying division pink Buddha Luo Yide coma September noodles Museum everything except the girl air love on your kitchen of intellectual years morning or night cat Ling in the three formula one Summer tine meteor peanuts mother gun sofa mahjong morphine artificial intelligence at another end of the city life elsewhere clavicular forget it is she so we grew up cleaner washing machine like France monster one thousand happy underground Jersey girl is best as a fatalist master magic stone dear Bluetooth six story @##@ Montage The day before, this is an increase on record text, gradually, they with record relationships become if suffering from, to the later, they parted, they are wandering in the streets, often can get some room, saw some people, sometimes, also climbed up on the bed, this is some individual words, is fleeting, and some will be stopped for a while, finally they are printed on paper, and some also be neither friendly nor aloof picture together. They are isolated from each other, mutual entanglement, in common only is had with the music -- all kinds of music (in addition to the classical) had a relationship of sorts, that is.
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