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Date of publication:2000-4   Press: Changjiang literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Wei Hong   Pages:283   Words:184000  

Any national spirit is the product of the specific historical conditions, such as Singapore spirit. Singapore spirit formation due to the following factors: first, the unique living space. Singapore land area of only 647.5 square kilometers, the population of 3040000 (1996 figures), high population density of 4700 people per square kilometer, is one of the countries with the highest population density in the world. Second, immigrant society. Singapore is a typical immigration society. Third, Chinese traditional culture. Chinese is one of the earliest came to Singapore national, population has accounted for the most since nineteenth Century. Fourth, the western culture. Singapore society in western culture mainly from the British culture. The above four factors formed Singapore unique national spirit, the national spirit of the Singapore Economic and political modernization plays a huge role in promoting, the Singapore shine in the international arena. It is worth pointing out, the national spirit has the huge potential, not spontaneously play a role in the light of its general trend, often need to state leaders. Singapore national spirit has produced fruitful results, largely subjective results of the guide. Everyone in the book will clearly see this point.
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The first chapter introduction publication that can enterprising spirit, people-oriented, into a two "dragon" wisdom three, "be prepared" -- the small success four, Garden State -- artificial nature masterpiece of nature the second chapter efficiency supreme pragmatic spirit, economic priority principle two, the special economic and political development mode, three the social security system, not overdo sth. four survival and Chinese rise five, pragmatic foreign survival strategy, "six persons perseverance" the third chapter broadlyreceives seeks the spirit of tolerance, one of Western political system and the inheritance and improvement in his country for two, three, "all men are brothers" four five, religious tolerance, colorful ethnic culture, the fourth chapter to adhere to the traditional "conservative" spirit of the west, say "no" two, Oriental political democracy three, the revival of Confucianism, reconstruction of four Oriental value five, the modern Chinese enterprises in the "Confucian culture" six, in the literature "tradition" chapter fifth respect authority obedience spirit, authoritarian culture atmosphere and the realistic premise two, paternalism, three, Jing Yingzheng four, Pro government sentiment sixth chapter completely fair spirit of rule of law, two, a severe law "come out of the dirty mud unsoiled" magic three, "law, reason, emotion" and "emotion, reason and law," the seventh chapter make progress while maintaining stability change spirit, political leadership self update two, positive and political reform three, education reform the postscript appendix: the main reference and reference
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