Shock waves of modern culture

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At Mr. Zhou Youguang, nine five years is a famous linguist. The book received twenty-five article is controlled on cultural issues he nearly ten years simply on. Author or from the cultural innovation, attenuation, flow angle to talk about the cultural The new supersedes the old. rules, or from the analysis of Chinese, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, cultural and historical evolution of Chinese characters cultural circle of cultural evolution, or discussion of westernization and the East, the traditional and the modern, science and art, or gossip of the "scholar's four jewels" China with foreigners in the eyes of the three treasures (the Great Wall, Terracotta Army, Chinese characters)...... Although the scope wide and content is miscellaneous, probably still the root of language research based on, provides a new space for our understanding of modern history and cultural tradition.
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Zhou Youguang, (1906 -), formerly known as Zhou Yaoping, Jiangsu Changzhou people. Economics professor, distinguished linguist. The life of Zhou Youguang is full of legend, early to specialize in economics, was studied in Japan and in the USA work, he can be counted on one's fingers and Einstein interviewed Chinese. After the liberation of Shanghai professor of economics in 1955, was diverted to text reform areas, involved in the design of "scheme for the Chinese phonetic alphabet", known as one of the founders of the Chinese phonetic alphabet.
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The traditional culture and modern culture in modern society, the historical background and the basic characteristics of four kinds of traditional culture historical comparison from the social development of modern western culture on the meaning of two times the dual language era English is how to become a common international language? Cultural innovation rules -- Cultural The new supersedes the old. rules of culture -- culture The new supersedes the old. attenuation rule two cultural flow -- Cultural The new supersedes the old. rules of three scientific monism -- Commemorating the seventy anniversary of the May 4th Movement Chinese culture history of the development of Chinese culture and the cultural dissemination and halo shadow terminology translation Chinese and Chinese characters cultural circle Chinese characters -- the cultural circle of the cultural evolution of the historical evolution of Korean culture Chinese characters -- cultural circle of the cultural evolution of the two Japanese culture history Chinese characters -- cultural circle of the cultural evolution of three Vietnamese culture history Chinese characters -- the cultural circle of the cultural evolution of the four material civilization and spiritual civilization Pinyin and the cultural exchanges -- "Pinyin entered twenty-first Century" one of the phonetic alphabet and Chinese characters teaching method reform -- "Pinyin entered twenty-first Century" two Pinyin Orthography and Internet -- "Pinyin entered twenty-first Century" three China Sambo the "scholar's four jewels" on ancient and modern language after the blessings of the new century
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"Modern culture shock wave", by reading life, New York publishing.
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