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Date of publication:2003-5   Press: China University of Political Science and Law press   Author:Belel   Pages:295  

This book is a collection of writings by early Reformation radicals which illustrates both the diversity and the areas of agreement in their political thinking.The texts are drawn from the period 1521-27and centre on the major upheaval of those years for German society, the Peasants' s War of 1524-26.The thinkers represented -Muntzer, Karlstadt, Grebel, Hut, Denck, and others-differed on important theological issues.Yet the radicals all rejected the Reformation of the magisterial reformers as serving the interests of society 's elite.They advocated a strategy of Reformation through direct action from below, a sweeping transformation of society to the benefit of the lay commoner and the local community.With the start of the Peasants' War.raidcals divided over the issue of the legitimacy of force.This devistion shaped the ways in which they confronted the failure of the Peasants' War as Wess as the new strategies for survival which they developed in its afermath.Appended to the texts are a number of political of the Peasants' War.These documents illustrate ways in which the radicals contributed to the revolution.and how the uprising itself led to greater clarity in the political theory of the radical Reformation.
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Preface List of abbreviationsIntroductionChronology 1521-1528Bibliographical note 1.Thomas Muntzer, The Prague Protest2.Thomas Muntzer, Sermon to Princes3.Andreas Karlstadt, Whether One Should Proceed Slowly4.Conrad Grdbel, Letter to Thomas Muntzer5.Andreas Karlstadt, Whether One Should Proceed Slowly6.Thomas Muntzer, A Highly Provoded Defense7.Felix Manz, Protest and Defense8.Anonymous, To the Assembly of the Common Peasantry9.Hans Denck, On the Law of God 10.Hans Hut, On the Mystery of Baptism11.Michael Sattler, The Schleiheim Articles12.Balthasar Hubmaier, On the Sword 13.Hans Hergot, On the New Transformation of the Christian LifeAppendices:Programs of the Peasants' War a The Eleven Muhlhausen Articles B The Twelve Articles of the Upper Swabian Peasants C The Memmingen Federal Constitution D The Document of Articles of the Black Forest Peasants e The Forty-six Frankfurt Articles f Michael Gaismair 's Territorial Constitution for TyrolBiographical notesIndex of subjectsIndex of proper namesIndex of Biblical R Eferences
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