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Date of publication:2006-4   Press: Democracy and legal system.   Author:Zhang Jingyong   Pages:188   Words:220000  

Through the earth "height" measurement, the first Hoh Xil crossing! 8844.43 meters! In 2005, the Mount Qomolangma "height" is Chinese successful rewriting. In the alpine hypoxia, dyspnea, gusty, large number of players and the reporter was sent down to the treatment, the author still adhere to the more than 60 day and night, every move to knock the keyboard, a message. The top of the earth, has a kind of magic? Extreme environments, what happens? Measurement and mountaineering, engrave what kind of life? Open the book, you know...... The Qinghai Tibet Plateau is "walking"? The Hoh Xil no oil deposits? The "live" how...... The vast, snow in the cold Speechless, hypoxia, eternally desolate plateau, a group of people without hesitation, from south to north through the Hoh Xil heartland. More than 50 people, more than 50 days, nearly 7000 kilometers, the expedition "representative" human first pass through the Hoh Xil core zone, deduce scenes mysterious moving story, a section of my unforgettable time, looking for the secret key to open the earth science.
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Zhang Jingyong, reporter of Xinhua news agency, the highest award news works by Chinese news works a China News Award National Award, was named organs directly under the CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party, won the "Special Contribution Award 2005 Mount Qomolangma elevation measurement". Participates in many kinds of major reports, write "" decisive battle "at the top of the earth a experience the 2005 Mount Everest elevation measurement", "how to" break the vaccine
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The parameter optimization of pen fugue "order one day far high mountains and deep water sequence two and sequence three dimensional quadrupole interpretation of the" height "of the living earth measurement introduction chapter on departure, toward the Everest altitude reaction come true feelings" tossing and turning "8848.13 meters of earth" height "will rewrite the commanding general of different edge only? Surveying and mapping to close contact with Mount Everest total results but its hard who" measurement "from Lhasa to look at the Mount Everest?" third goddess "how to spell? On the road to the Mount Everest road side and sleep become" enjoy "massage" car "price second chapter look mysterious with cordial first arrived in Mount Everest base camp impression Mount Everest stronghold the day watch the clouds weather -- the Mount Everest" Qiyun "sooner or later the temperature: 60 degrees Celsius conversion wind -- experience" steamer "and" icehouse "I sail flying tent often suffer in a world of ice and snow feel" drop your such as oil "the third chapter accumulation of technical and physical mapping personnel must have two off Mount Everest base camp" labor "day camp only" high efficiency ": power speed kitchen club you" home "active in the Mount Everest A special team of yak transport team "everything is ready, only the top fourth chapter" climb high altitude adaptability training to complete the top opportunity "Epiphany" Stinky tofu instead of a birthday cake with the axe down wax gourd cure "treatment" "God face" be subject to changing moods top date delayed again suffered the bitter plateau Road 300 kilometers "washboard road" off two tire peak snow depth radar measured critical moment instrument "strike" three thirty in the morning: fifth chapter on impact peak laughter, crying, cheers...... At that moment, camp a jubilant success story: a harmonious contact "months of man and nature, almost every day I pray" Xinhua news on measuring a faithful record of Mount Everest history of measuring feat measurement data sent to the headquarters of a starry night hardships peak measurement ended sixth chapter warrior "was not closed, that'll never open" -- Test beyond imagination tears not hero "even the driver is international master athletes" give up three big questions unknown hero seventh chapter focuses on the Mount Everest high range measuring brave Sherpa climbing Mount Everest of Mount Everest China successful rewriting "height": 8844.43 m mute testimony to the first Everest last good-bye the Hoh Xil crossing......
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