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Date of publication:2012-11   Press: People's Publishing House   Author:The Central Propaganda Department "party" magazine editing   Pages:269   Words:290000  

"Force of China: cultural workers talk about culture" by the Chinese people's publishing house.
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The value of exaggerated Confucian value, any era, culture truly blossomed, manifested as diversification, diversification is a rigid target. The culture of the Han Dynasty is not healthy, because it is controlled by administrative means, confucianism. The development and prosperity of culture is about its size, while the cultural consciousness, self confidence is about its quality. To the first quantity, and quality assurance. With the prosperity and development of a diversified scale, we have to reflect on the core moral Chinese culture, is actually a cultural awareness promotion. In this sense, what is the ideal state of social morality? Ban Ki-moon is very good at his election speech, he quoted the "I" in chapter eighty-first, the last two words: "the Tao of heaven and harmless; sages, to not fight". This is the social moral ideal, generally called order with today's words. It is about two order and the natural order and social order. The order of nature is the way of heaven, Li and harmless, that is the fundamental reason, should be the use of all things without a scourge, favorable weather, geological disasters are mostly man-made destruction of geological structure of the consequences; the sage is to not fight, everyone is at their posts as, struggle, and others intrigue.
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