Physical and sexual desire

Date of publication:2001-05   Press: Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Kang Zhengguo (USA)   Pages:200   Words:165000  

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Editorial erotic and body naked and bare charm and decadent and cruel beauty thin face breast beauty the burden of medical and gender in the context of understanding the body from health to absurdity of the world on the cool scenery literati woman obsessed about prostitution change of discourse in the wilderness and what happens to the ultimate absurdity of the original soil. Scene Xu Peilan metamorphosis in mainstream drama writing life moved according to taste the emotion education erotic suffering philosopher between non and don't ask me is love and marital status or mixed with admiration and hatred @##@ other postscript Science literacy author relies on its solid foundation and America classical literature Yale University East Asia is taught for many years and accumulated western, the comparative analysis of Chinese and Western culture, sociology, anthropology and other disciplines research concept of "gender" into the Chinese classical literature and contemporary aesthetic culture study, the widespread concern "", "body", "desire" as the focus demonstrated analysis, open field of vision, writing is smooth, is a high grade of cultural readings of the rare.
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Spring editorial last year, my friend gave me a Kangzheng fruit with a warning: "Temptress Moon and China classical literature" (Liaoning Education Press, 1998 edition), I read this book, the author objectively, study seriously and keen, Bo consistent academic thinking deeply impression, as the back cover of the book wrote: "'from lust is not prostitution' to 'beautiful', from the gifted scholars and beautiful ladies to such Confidante, 'sex' is an important subject China classical literature, the book takes seriously the reflection in classical literature, so-called 'pretty', 'erotic' relevant 'sex' literary tradition, all the meanings of the. The author makes extensive use of modern and post modern research results about the desire, thus open up a vast space for the relationship of dialogue and China classical literature." In fact, whether in our academic environment or the secular life, "" topic is not serious on the table. Kang Zhengguo own experience deeply, in his book preface said: "we Chinese have a lot of things you can do for you, but not to say. That seems more than a crime, practical action is always the analysis behind it discusses kick butt. Like such things, the evolution of the entertainment industry deformities expansion and society has now reached the point where, and to discuss the problems about sex in writing, it will encounter many obstacles." This is not to say that people on the "quality" problem is not interested, but there is a kind of psychology, management department to see such topics inevitably think of such works have unhealthy factors for the readers, the construction of spiritual civilization of the damage. In the face of "sex" to its readers, as the author says "Temptress Moon" discrimination "book review is from A to Z are talking about sex, but only limited to the scope of cultural criticism and text levels, more perhaps reading will be interested in digestion and perspective, but the curious to find the secret and sensational, is certainly very poor. Ten years ago, I had a woman in this study and the classical poetry book, book called "coquettish and love", I heard some fancy titles and bought the book of Yi Ke back after all disappointed. Because the book called 'coquettish coquettish woman' is not coquettish, a poetic tradition but from the "China Wind" and "Lisao". The following discussion 'romantic Kam' words are not the kind of a self appreciation in the mirror and meet the voyeurism hole, you can see, probably more for you or we don't want to be recognized and considered side." In 2000 May in the "International Conference on gender and literature in Ming and Qing Dynasties", I and Kangzheng fruit discussion groups within a few days, short contact, his argument is profound, decent, rigorous research people, not that I respect, but in those sincere, frank exchanges, I just know the study his business is very difficult, it is said that he was writing to the problem of degree thesis has touched a nail. One can imagine, in the 1990s, burden and pressure on him to bear too heavy. Einstein said: "in a lofty objective support, keep working, even if slow, also will be successful." Kang Zhengguo is to remind ourselves to research, the mill will he often suffer from academic research, and lay a solid foundation. Years of USA life, expanding his academic field of vision, but the past classical literature knowledge of his understanding China culture has a deep and diverse understanding of the role of the different cultural background. After sending his "body and sexuality" one book, I immediately set to edit, and follow the author's orders, wrote the preface. "The Analects of Confucius", "on the one hand Mencius" in "Shi Zhi Dao", "Shangzhi disabilities", "people can not not Hony, go15" so serious, transcendental attitude; on the other hand also pay attention to the lively spirit, such as "the Analects of Confucius" said "traveling in the arts" is the evidence, a combination of both, can help people to keep an open mind, to the "no, no need, no solid, not me" realm. From the "physical and sexual desire" a book can be seen, the author in the academic research and writing is not such a mind. "Some topics of physical and sexual desire" a book with "a pretty Kam" a book there are similarities, people see the article title, such as "naked", "face and naked breast," suffering "lust", may make some people feel be destructive to the morals, this issue, I would like to use Lu Xun comment on "a dream of Red Mansions" words as the aesthetic standard of judgment, as long as he is not a hypocrite, will not hurt the important essentials. "Information of physical and sexual desire" a book containing the maximum, readers can strongly influence the contemporary novel taste the interpretation, or to know the real cause of Ming Dynasty novel pornography flood, but also understand the Heidegger such university how to deal with personal feelings, in the end you know "is a society there are, whether you own or others, don't throw your body to make you the person's identity. It is our body to show us to the outside world. The body is our destiny, in many cases, we can muster the courage to bear it upon us all." ("skinny beauty burden") when we read "all the physical and sexual desire" a book, you will find the authorNarrative is a "romantic" view of more diversified, the future of postmodern culture he viewed human culture in a peaceful state of mind the past, now and future, hermeneutics, comparative method in western culture through the.......
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The lyric of western narrative tradition and China classical tradition in contrast, narrative purpose is to tell the truth about what happened to know from personal experience, peeking until on others body description, in western novels, stories often take men invaded the female private form, with a curtain the curtain lifted, stripped and penetration of the scene to the readers want to know the truth revealed, and readers how exposure on the truth of the pleasure of reading. In the classical poems, lyrical description, the female body is often replacement for the beauty of the object, or in a world, the female body and the clothing and a variety of women's activities together, through pleasing way, let the different parts of the body to show the first Yongwu subject. Or parallelism or to refer to the female body with venereal imagery, such as with narrow waist, rosy cheeks, cherry mouth, Begonia spring sleep, such as There was a red plum tree. colourful images, thus the woman with sensual parts are covered, he decorated with beautiful things.
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  •   For a long time before bought all don't know throw where haven't read it.
  •   Kang Zhengguo book, say what is worth reading. His "romantic" view of retrial written really great, all write and draw freely as one wishes, not clear. Reading when such as Kang Zhengguo, this really is reading.
  •   The front half part can also, unique view, data mining and deep. The latter is poor.
  •   Thought is an academic book, browse before realizing that the author is a liar, to write this book not only exposed his evil ugly soul, but also an insult to the readers. But the content is plagiarism. I have put this book into the garbage heap.

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