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This book is Mr. London a essay collection, which includes a Chinese people reading and worldly, questioning, on college debate competition must "Reunion" to the emperor side, personality and character, which is the first Nobel prize have world sense etc.. This book collected works are rich in content, style, writing style, original insights, has some scientific, systematic, theoretical and readability, worth reading.
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London, born in 1930, international issues and America expert. Graduated from Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of America former director. International activities since 50 time, extensive contact with people from other countries, to the Asia, Europe, Africa, dozens of countries. Academic research only after the reform and opening up, and American academic exchanges more, in addition to short-term lectures, meetings and, once successively in
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Preface "Ping Rong strategy" and "tree" -- Chinese people reading and worldly on College Students' debating contest question -- Thoughts on the Song Dynasty Wang Zao literary thought of "Xu Yong was" and friends with SMTH -- "essence" of order two century on Mr. Feng Youlan's "ruminant" Sanlian bookstore and contemporary academic and cultural personality and the one who first? Yuan Tongli -- pioneer of modern library is China after the Ching Ming Chi from the end, born in partial dissipation transport -- Rereading "Memoirs of Gu Weijun" has the feeling Huang Zunxian "new" poem, at parting letter, the pursuit of beauty -- "ah, pioneer! "Reprint order boom back words" bridge "and" female biography "the May 4th Movement Lenovo man centered society" context "food in ocean, benefit the students -- Comment on" USA culture and literature anthology "constant departure and reunion of friends into the forest of Steles --" century portrait album "Reunion" must "to the emperor? How have no "right"? The significance Nobel prize? The opera "the marriage of Figaro" and USA independent recollection of Helen Snow and Paul Robertson on the same stage reputation can rely on conscience to guarantee? -- in American University "credit rules" for American behavior civilization on the East West relations in the cultural factors......
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Digest Gu Weijun (1888 - 1987) is a diplomat Chinese with fame spreading far and wide in modern. And the time of many intellectuals, is the meeting point of Chinese and Western cultures. 16 years of studying in the United States, a law degree from Columbia University in 1912, is one of China's early very few formal education in international law occupation diplomat. From the Xin Hai revolution second years in the diplomatic service, until 1956 as the Chiang government "ambassador". (1956 1966 Gu Ren International Court judge in Hague, this section is not in the scope of this article), nearly half a century. Gu Weijun in before getting their degrees has received government recruitment, in American tutor support, quickly through the paper, after completing the formalities, in 1912 to return to the government of the Republic of China Ministry of foreign affairs, at the age of 24. Sun Zhongshan had just let the president in Yuan Shikai, Prime Minister Tang Shaoyi, Lu Zhengxiang, Vice Minister of foreign affairs chief Cao Rulin. In 1916, at the age of 28 he became minister in Mexico, Washington and Cuban Minister, was a wunderkind. He cut a striking figure in Paris in 1919 and may, as a representative of the most junior, showed extraordinary courage, wisdom and talent for China to recover the territory of Shandong, and laid him in diplomatic reputation. It should be said, he is the master of modern diplomatic Chinese rare, and some to the Chinese conditions different, "Dr. Yang" of the interior processing mellow, slightly not bookish, factions fierce struggle, the change of government in frequent and personnel relations complex China politicians can remain relatively high and position. The ruling party must use his international reputation and ability, from Yuan Shikai to Jiang Jieshi for his courtesy has add, entrusted with the task: therefore his service as a diplomat of the government, which is rare in the length of time. He witnessed the beginning of the Republic of China, the political turmoil and the Northern Warlords Government frequently changed hands, through the northern expedition, the Anti Japanese and civil war, and the two world war. He wrestles with the powers in the diplomatic career, protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese, but is able to propose a compromise on the objective conditions of our scheme, the most favorable sometimes tough, sometimes, in general situation, advance and retreat according to. Its characteristic is know yourself as well as the enemy, the actual weight and not on yourself, keep a clear mind in the domestic trouble and foreign invasion, is in its manifest at the dark. His statement "Memoirs of Gu Weijun" general memoir than objective, calm and informative. Of course, finishing who spent a lot of effort, not. But this way for decades as one day to keep in mind the diary, or memory so clear, of historical knowledge, also does not see more. This reflects from one aspect of his style of rigorous. China modern diplomatic history is a valuable reference It goes without saying that this "memoir". Gu Weijun according to the rich practice, summed up the following some diplomatic principles, at that time both the pertinence, also has a general significance to the later: -- must be very sharp, it can never be most probably it did not actually happen, not only see the surface. Must be very cautious, careful observation, careful, and always have, have into have retreat. (case in point is the Paris and will be finished before the due China representatives urged on Shandong reservations, that may not be signed, the delegation's first command should be meeting the requirements to surrender the seal, causing ready for signature impression). -- need to know yourself as well as the enemy. This is the "most soldiers Chinese, especially the warlords, just want to understand their rivals and enemies, but do not know their own weaknesses, the result unfounded hopes and ambitions". -- in diplomacy can not use the "all or nothing," principle, because the country is not be broken. In diplomacy cannot expect one hundred percent success, if you want to achieve one hundred percent success, and the other is such, there can be no successful diplomacy, because it was unable to reach agreement....... "People's diplomacy" is always in one hundred percent as a slogan, it is not always successful (referring to Paris and the domestic mass campaign slogan and claims later Washington meeting Huang Fu on Shandong railway immediately retracted). -- when handling important negotiations, only affect your consideration should be the national interests, not the party and political interests, it should not be considered personal politics.Gain and loss, otherwise, either sacrifice national interests to achieve political ambition, or make the talks collapse. If a diplomat with political considerations, his diplomacy is very dangerous. In the early Republic of China, political or military factions different attachment of a foreign power to support its political future, will become a foreign diplomatic tool, to the people. Five four years later, the mass movement of foreign delegation under pressure, often with disastrous consequences. These principles can explain profound theories in simple language, seemingly simple and profound connotation, and is aimed at Chinese conditions and problems, non nowadays some kick up a cloud of dust, empty and no when all sorts of "theory" can be compared. This talent should be lucky country. But he Zhu 塑墨 two dust ramie Wei An, be reduced to fragments of the plastic Chinese, the Minister of government mostly rot of "Memoirs of Gu Weijun" (omitted in the title), volume L, 395 - 400 pages of defeat and weak. As the subsequent readers, looking back to his own, in most cases, often get the opposite of what one wants, objectively and can not play a real role to safeguard the interests of the people Chinese. He encountered difficulties, in addition to large background strength weak, there are two kinds: one is in the rear of political unrest, internal contradictions, handicapped, can't let go outside; two is the fundamental interests of the government he service and its policy and Chinese people contrary, so such a paradox: he diplomacy more successful, the objective of China more unfavorable. Gu Weijun's patriotism, personality and be loyal to their duties are no doubt, if the personal fame and fortune, he was not the majority of the intellectuals China often "be frustrated for all one's talent" sigh, should be considered lucky; and for the state and the people to the real cause of success, but he Born Under A Bad Sign and scheming, to air out, even harmful, to finally, for the Chiang regime 10 years of service, but also against the final rule, is unfortunate, this is a tragedy. According to "Memoirs of Gu Weijun" the truth, from the "tragedy" point of view, can make three kinds of cases: (a) diplomacy of humiliation, (two) the internal constraints, (three) the progress of diplomatic efforts and Chinese goes against the trend of. (a) humiliating diplomacy Gu Weijun first contact in the Yuan Shikai government diplomacy in English about Tibet and Russia on Mongolia negotiations. Results in Chinese end to Britain and Russia. Followed by the notorious repute and Japan about twenty-one. Twenty-one this is Gu Weijun in the diplomatic minister involved in the whole process of the first major representations: 1914 August. Yuan Shikai in that Japan suddenly in Longkou, landing after the news, hastily convened meeting, Wu Gu and function as international law experts, two people think that according to international law must not default, should be resolutely resistance. Other attendees were asked to Yuan army chief Duan Qirui, the army can stand for long, 48 hours a day. Yuan said with a sigh, he understood the jurists opinions in accordance with international law, we should do, but no power. International law is formulated by people, China can also according to international law for ourselves and our own situation. So I decided to help with the Russo Japanese War, in their own territory to his country a "war zone". Gu was specified for this humiliating government statement of three one of the drafters, though he did not agree with its content. After he was forced to do I do not agree with his policies and drafting documents have repeatedly. After that, the Japanese quickly occupied German loan to be insatiable, control of the Qingdao Ji'nan railway. Then in 1915 January twenty-one. Yuan is made in Britain and the United States, support, the Gu comprises a delegation to the talks, and to adhere to the views of Japan, only by the two foreign ministers with a secretary, the Gu rejection in negotiations, but Gu attended all the behind the scenes consultations. The Gu opinion and the authorities agree, is to make the best use of beauty, the British interests in China, for the control of japan. He is responsible for maintaining contact with the British, American embassy, said to them, to break the secret of china. Results of this strategy is to reject fifth of Japan's in the UK, the support of. The Gu was hospitalized, drafting replies are not belong to him. His manuscript to fifth tone firmly, and finally converted into his disapproval "later secretion". The treaty signed after the employer Zhang immediately issued a statement that the negotiations after fifth and refused to reason, to leave a record for future generations of historians. Drafting the declaration and fell on him, he was in a high fever, accept dictation English releases to the Australian press end in the hospital, and then translated into towel paper. From these details can be seen at the time China talent shortage, Gu in business has become the indispensable man, and opinion is often not seen with.......
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Preface the book had been collected since 1996 and non academic articles published in various newspapers and periodicals on dozens of. And a "live" in the same article, are all amateur extemporization, between write "big head" in the grass. I have sometimes envy some history circles, their essays often contact with the professional phase, there is a by-product of academic research, some is somewhere between papers and essays, are made into chapter; I usually ride due to It's written out., and professional go far, in the attention and time on and professional writing this contradiction, therefore less average "output" poor. The text of the book is mostly done in retirement. Now retired, the original no so-called "amateur", and no one on my non complete not task. But the more with their disposable time, with relative freedom, the more acutely felt tomorrow without, not reward "ambition" really many. So his "plan" some "subject", in which we know the difficulty and scale far beyond the original estimate, get into, since the set of chains, but is 过河卒子, only desperately forward. This is why some Xing by articles are written in the crevice. In fact, always in my heart "inspiration", and write the things and people are far more than these, but not yet out of the chains, remains to be continue to squeeze from the slit. My major is known as the "International Studies", emphasis is American. But in recent years the question of "away from the current international situation", "Sino US relations", more and more far, interest more and more miscellaneous. Clutter is interest in nature, it is also a regression. This "complex"Is reflected in this collection of themes and genres, some close to the paper, and some purely on the longest, nearly 10 thousand words, hundreds of words the shortest. Such a book named a headache. I formerly known as "make all kinds of remarks", has two meanings: one is calling, hammer West a stick called the East; how much work and experience, knowledge, reading and thinking, or surf in between East and west. Also has a special liking for history and love, joy and the ancient god. From the mood, often have a "I think of heaven and earth, and I am all alone and my tears fall down" feeling. So I wanted to name
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