People before profit

Date of publication:2004-01   Press: CITIC Publishing House   Author:Zhong He   Pages:259   Words:220000  

This book is the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks and the Enron event the first comprehensive review of global political and economic development work, related to the safety and economic security and stability of world events have given the deeper sleep. Visual angle, the critical USA financial diplomacy, exposing the world trade organization, implementation of the International Monetary Fund's financial the policy biased and unfair at the same time, Tess does not advocate the abolition of these international organizations, but that overrides the global political and economic rules, the development of local democracy, preserve local culture, make the enterprise more responsibilities to the people and communities, so as to establish the service to the people, also serves on the profits of global democracy. The book covers all the major issues related to the safety of the world development, has the extremely vital significance regarding China and other developing countries, the globalization of scholar or student of international politics will be attracted to the new point of view, and for its rigorous argument by.
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Charles Deb, a sociology professor at Boston College in American and well-known social critic. His famous works include "empire", "Crazy", "USA on attention pursuit".
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Acknowledgements introduction 9 · 11 world first chapter ghost second chapter globalization American fifth chapter of World Trade Organization and the sixth chapter UN camp, a commercial three myth third chapter, fourth chapter serves as the world the barber shop camp and democratic world chapter seventh new global policy eighth chapter people power ninth chapter sleepless in Seattle the tenth chapter is the night against terrorism in the global democratic order what do we do now? Note
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Book review "people" is higher than the profit that a book, globalization is only the big company, big country of globalization, most third world countries and people, globalization brings only poverty, exploitation and inequality, which in turn gives power to terror and violence, as a safe, economic security in the future we must expose, existing by the company led globalization vanity, and step on the road to democracy.
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  •   This book before 1 / 3 on the line, this part is the essence of the book, embodies the author wants to express: globalization, human rights and democracy should be larger than the economy.

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