Pen disaster history talk about plexus

Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Beijing Publishing House   Author:Huang Shang   Pages:132   Words:80000  

Huang Chang, Shandong Yidu people, was born in 1919 in Hebei, Jingxing. Traffic university study. "Wen Wei Po" reporter, as editor, editorial board. The essayist, honorary members China writers association. Author of "Jin Fan Set", "Jin Fan out," "the footprints of the past", "Yu", "Huang Chang under his theory of drama essay", "Ji", "Pearl also honor books", "Huang Chang to Yan Xie Book postscript", "reading notes" to Yan Xie @##@ etc. Troides most adept at reading old new, old play on, old history of; this is because he is the most able to grasp the relationship between the old and the new, it is the relationship between history and reality, also has the opportunity of learning through the ages.
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Yong Zheng and Lv Liuliang "who teaches sinners" strict between the diaphragm and other "tragedy for nearly nothing" taboo various taboo stories in Qing Dynasty banned banned notes "note" Nanshan set pairs "Jiao Ya" the key "notes" Hall presentation with history "in" autumn "since the note slightly set" Cha Lu. Fan "singles" poetry clearing Qi poems postscript "Tang poetry" -- Reading of books @##@ script postscript Definition of democracy and freedom, when there are hundreds of view, not only is the two. Is it a colloquial word said: let the people speak the truth, to realize the democracy and freedom, also it can really calm. At this point, no elegance, a commonplace talk of an old scholar ear; but I believe that there will be many hundreds of thousands of old Xiaodan theory on truth. At this point, I am optimistic, but not necessarily, extremely sad even, and the concept of. Stop writing away, but think of his wife, she is always each of my readers, this time to give her first?...... And to her, silent not language, but it is not and I want to draw a line like, I am not afraid, reproduced.
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  •   Marvellous. "The author is you," says is "book". The so-called "book" is short, but the content is really the essence, be concise and to the point, concise and comprehensive. 'curse' pen history talk about plexus is worth watching, see how ancient is because "pen" and "break the curse".
  •   " is a closed door read books; " but one pleasure reading. This is a good book, if every evil can do the small text, to read a book everyone " ", more clearly the geography of a clue.
  •   W
  •   We book!! The book is very small, but very exciting!! But some of the content only lists sources and lack of judgement!
  •   In China for disaster, in an unbroken line. Still so. Why go to turn over the papers. The news is enough to have a look.

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