Overview of both past and present

Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Yunnan Nationalities Publishing House   Author:Liu Zhi   Pages:191   Words:95000  

Liu Zhi, female, in 1982 graduated from the History Department of Yunnan University, the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and social science of Yunnan Province, deputy director, Professor, adjunct fellow at the centre of Southeast Asian Studies at Xiamen University. Southeast Asian ethnic, cultural and regional cooperation has long been engaged in research, in the Mekong region countries access, inspection and bear the international cooperative research project. So far, he has published 7 books, published at home and abroad
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This total ordering the civilization in the deep jungle, Angkor two thoughts, inquiry, jungle three leave days of Angkor, Angkor four save five, up and down the river ridge of the peninsula, two, sun Lao by Charles plains flying stone three, the Millennium ancient Luang Prabang four, good morning, Vientiane explore ancient source, the ancient capital of Thailand study tour two, is still continuing at the Orient Express dawn a hundred years old, Phoenix two, along the Yunnan Vietnam Railway in Vietnam three, where the road is also a piece of pure land, is the one who opened a Pandora's box two, poppy for who open three, Golden Triangle four, in the hope of understanding field @##@. Water is life, he is the source of civilization, the Mekong River is the cradle of civilization of the Indo China peninsula. However, after the change, many events have been lost in the mists of time. Yesterday is the source, tomorrow is flow, capture scattered fragments of civilization together, can be found in the civilization of password, let history tell the future. When the wheels of history into the twenty-first Century, it has long history of civilization and splendid culture of the breadth of the earth, finally ushered in a new period of development cooperation, common development, the Mekong has been into the surging economic globalization and regionalization of the tide of the times. This book as a visiting scholar from the perspective of personal feelings, documentary with scanning and rational thinking through the hot on the Mekong River the ruins of ancient civilizations and the process of regional cooperation, to show readers the regional development history, unique and colorful natural landscape and broad development prospects.
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