Outstanding charm strategy

Date of publication:1998-12   Press: Knowledge Publishing House   Author:Song Qiu   Pages:184   Words:115000  

Some problems of this book discusses not only women, men will encounter the same problem. But they have differences, because in traditional society, men are encouraged to have achievements, in the competition, the man of action is difficult case much less than the woman.
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The first to grasp the love and love love must be equal era today men how to see a woman take the initiative to pursue is not bad to go to the opposite sex need not mean wall friendship men also have a fear of single woman heart for "the other half" do a happy marriage and harmonious way to recognize the real mutual loyalty and disloyalty the man walk hand in hand to distribute your love to break up reason against violence on their own in a variety of men like virgin marry second intelligent and attractive temperament choose your future occupation occupation strain every nerve necessary training good to know the good solution benefits is private and clear state of knowledge through "thirty" mark of success "office love" tragedy don't waste "fig" emotional grasp their own third charming fourth charming fifth Xiao SA life
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