On the theory of melon fruit

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Xue Liyong, whose ancestral home is in Fuqing city of Fujian province. Born in Shanghai in 1947. A long serving History Museum in Shanghai City, engaged in the research of Shanghai history, Chinese culture, history, customs and history. The main social functions are: Shanghai City Planning Board Committee of experts, Shanghai Food Culture Research Association vice president, executive director of the Institute of geographical names in Shanghai, the Shanghai Taoist Association executive director, and served as guest host SMG documentary channel. Published works include: "Wen Xing tour to Yu Garden couplet inscriptions appreciation", "Shanghai road name names", "Shanghai people do the stories", "Shanghai hundred years", "Shanghai", "Shanghai prostitute saying incision history", "the Bund des Nations Building Expo", "Shanghai history of old Chengxiang" Shanghai, "old school", "Shanghai gossip", "Shanghai", "Shanghai gossip Suiyu concession history", "the Bund history and architecture", "the dying Shanghai scenery", "the second" custom, editor of "Shanghai cultural origin dictionary", "Shanghai anecdotes dictionary".
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"Tong Jun" is a famous doctor in the legend of the Yellow Emperor era, have herbs in Zhejiang Tonglu Dongshan, Jie Lu Tung, who asked his name, refers to Tung sketch, was called "Tong Jun; Tao Hongjing" Mingyi bielu "preface to the book, the Tong Jun's" herbs recorded ", so the book was called" Tong Jun Lu ". "There are more exaggeration Xiang Mountain recorded": pear homophonic, "pear" and "death" are synonyms, so eat pear is like swallowing a the "five internal organs and axe", not afraid to die. Until today, if you go to visit the sick, do not send pears, otherwise it will be of patients out of the door, don't send apples, for reasons of Wu dialect "apple" sounds and "died" very close. Even so, the pear is still seen as China's "mince were", this is found in the "Song Shu Zhang deposited biography": apply the name check, father Shao name pear. Wen said: "to play a pear?" Enough said: "pear as mince were comparable, check what!" The Southern Song Zhang deposited nicknamed "check" (Shan Zha), and his father Zhang Shao, small named "pear", so Song Wendi jokingly asked: "Shan Zha and pear which good?" This means you compared with fathers who learning better? Zhang Fu is a clever man, replied: health and pear are mince were, hawthorn and how can the pear ratio! Physicians are judged according to the medicinal value of plants, the patrons is a fruit eating quality as the basis, and so on pear value differences. Such as the Song Dynasty pottery hub is a university asked the home, the idiom "imitate" comes from his stories and Poems (see my article "vegetarian."), the "clear differences were recorded, fruit" Jianye savage pear, boast of its taste, dense father. Pear contains high moisture, in the fruit of sweet taste, so called "secret" father (then how to eat watermelon has not yet into Central Plains), at the same time, Bai Yi a loss of jujube, Yi Bai loss pear. Doctor's orders jujube as "Bai Yi Hong" pear "100 loss of yellow". Jujube only unfavorable to the teeth, and the other is beneficial, and pear is delicious, but eat to there is harm to the body - this is the ancients, do not take it seriously.......
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melon melon have prosperous descendants that splits the red flesh thirsty when the tea
throw me with papaya, react with fine jade
hanging melon, peach Diaogua every day

in May, triggering the red bayberry,
green plum timely pick, yellow plum no to
mince were - pear
avoid suspicion
an affair to
like orange yellow loquat in May.
a red Feizixiao litchi
spared -- concubine pollution -- longan
prickly fruit of jujube
yellow white heart words how to eat banana
how to eat persimmon pick soft pinch
Xiaoshi Cranberry Shan Zha
grapefruit and "pomelo"
for orange orange health Huainan, Huaibei was born in orange
through old edible "give guest orange" - kumquat
Carthage Multi Stone - Pomegranate
not flowering and results in FIGS.
"apple" comes from the Sanskrit transliteration
strawberry, raspberry and mulberry
> from grapes into wine is not how to eat kiwi fruit peach and
from the west the best fruit - how to eat mango
can drink - coconut fruit
cherry and cherry
durian, guava, how to eat pineapple honey, how to eat pineapple
people try chewing betel nut.
Chinese olive and olive
in the eyes of smell does not eat lemon citron and
non melon non fruit on sugarcane
from South America.
Shannon ginkgo
hazelnut and Hu Zhenzi (pistachio)
cold wok in burst hot chestnut
non 瓜非 sunflower seeds, melon seeds (sunflower)
walnuts and walnut
give you to eat a "ring @##@ Zi" Xue Liyong's "on the theory of" some melon melon fruit can be eaten, some melon not or can not eat.
edible melon can be divided into fruits and vegetables to eat melon according to the snake melon, melon in the fruit shop supplies, Caigua, mostly in the supply market.
"on melon fruit" of "fruit" mostly refers to woody plant fruits, generally by the exocarp, mesocarp and kernel, kernel. Some exocarp thin, mesocarp thick, sufficient moisture, high sweetness, edible part in peel, called "fruit"; some of the skin was pasty, can be called "berry"; some fruit exocarp was hard with hairy, while the skin is thin, nuclear hard. The edible part is the seed, namely the nuclear inside the kernel, nut is called "".
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