Offer an apology and the verdict

Date of publication:2001-1   Press: The people's Liberation Army press   Author:Peng Yulong   Pages:356   Words:274000  

People accepted the twentieth Century global biggest event is the outbreak of the second world war. In the mankind entered in twenty-first Century of twentieth Century, people found the most peculiar political phenomenon is: the German crime of aggression of Japanese aggression on apology, deny a fact. Why attitudes? A young scholars to study this phenomenon, and write this book.
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The crime of aggression irrefutable evidence, too numerous to record a, Germany, Japanese fascism is launched the Second World War Two, Germany, Japanese fascism arch-criminal Eurasian "new order": the Japanese invasion of China in three, these atrocities recorded in Germany do, the Japanese do? One, "personal responsibility" and "the one hundred million national general confession" two, try to ask for forgiveness and to avoid the apology three, taking history as a mirror and history four, generous compensation and refuse to acknowledge a debt of five, alarm bells ringing and reverse the verdict of turbid Japan disease diagnostic one, the Allies against Germany, Japan fascist crimes degree two, the two countries different regime set up on the basis of different three, Germany, Japan the geopolitical different four, Germany, Japan's historical and cultural traditions of different five, Japan should learn from Germany
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