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Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Shanghai Education Publishing House   Author:Hou Yibing   Pages:113  

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in our impression, always with science, such as the authority of words together, learning their, I believe it can cause many people interested in. "More than fifty academicians of how to read" the book's message, sincere words and earnest wishes, literarily, the word must be required. Carefully read between the lines, a afford much food for thought the story and set people thinking rhythm, gives much, precious.
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Hou Yibing, 1955 was born in Kunming in January, Henan origin. Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts graduation. The deputy editor of Beijing Institute of mathematics calculation of applied physics. Membership China Photographers Association, Chinese News Photographers Association, member of Chinese biographical literature society. Participated in several National Film Festival, won the International News Film Festival award. Respectively held personal film festival in Beijing, tianjin.
10 years to finish the natural
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Ding Shunnian library built in the balcony Yu Min learned from abundance back to limitation of Ma Dayou book to use square hate less Wang Zhijun not know then who bully Wang Shoujue house read books only Wang Zikun function not for the appearance effect of Wang Hongzhen books all his life long Yu Qiu teacher to bypass Ye Duzheng in no place for access to Ye Minghan memorable college Feng Duan poetry Xu Guozhi Jiang Lijin and his wife of Twilight book chat Liu Dongsheng gallop million in pitch to new Liu Guangzhi den big article Du Xiangwan can convey Yang Shuzi only book to intellectual life Yang Zunyi book clipping with lifelong Xiao Jimei Xuehai cockle Wu Wenjun collection as "history" Wu Chuanjun ecological study in the book Wu Liangyong He Binglin Chen Ruyu He Zuoxiu Home Furnishing build million children and grandchildren get official rank no do not read the book of Gu Chaohao mentors inspire rare rich Shen Yun Fen fine aggregates such as meet the friend see old Song Jiashu book a simple enough for the "general" Lu Qikeng like Paul played life movement of Chen Jiansheng reading ask Chen Shupeng to study Lin Lanying in the novel "historical" Zhou Yulin put "read comic" sell "professional book" Zheng Zhe Min The money the old series by Fu Qian calling the strength of character and his son Zhao Yijun Hao Yichun read the history book edge bard to Hongzhi Hou Renzhi farewell "步芳 Zhai" Hou Xianglin reading efficiency Hu Side young people should read several of the classic Hu Haichang put the books in the case of Yu Daguang reading tips Book regular wage of 56 yuan to buy the original new kings of Qin Boyi rich in the collection of books is not lonely Gu Songfen father and son reading legend Gu Xiasheng books is peace of mind Xi Zezong knew a good teacher Guo Musun half a century of "library" Cui Kun lifelong mentor Huang Zuqia a book to read six times Liang Yingchen warm personality study Liang Xiaotian copied sell books to study the book of Peng Huanwu with wide knowledge daily more Han Dexin study. There is a bed to study Xie Jialin in his pocket Pei Rongfu read two books
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