Naked rights

Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Publishing House of law   Author:Zhang Zherui united law firm series   Pages:258   Words:200000  

The book is written in the basic American court precedents on. But it is not a simple case of integrated, but write true to life, be full of sound and colour. The book includes: freedom, industry, discrimination, crime, and family, as well as the children and other aspects. Each story is a case, namely the separate articles, but also connected. The persons involved, the book is also delivered, both America president, Federal Minister of the interior, porn industry tycoon, Hollywood stars, and no small figure also famous classics. For different reasons, the characters of every hue is involved in law and whirlpool, staged scenes or make people sigh or make people laugh tragicomedy. Many of the legal issues, seemingly simple, actually have no bottom, extre mely subtle. For example, in accordance with the America law, people can freely dispose of his own body, but not be naked liberty. America law has a regulation is very complex on the bare body. Dew what what occasions, how exposed to did not break the law, have knowledge greatly among them. So, people in what occasions, on what people, can show which parts of the body? Of course, in the bedroom, what what people love dew dew. The government day pipe, tube is not to ordinary people's bedroom. The law on the basis of what? Questions like these seemingly simple, often involving USA the clause in the constitution. Such cases are often appeal to the Supreme Court of American. Wonderful stories in the book meet the eye everywhere, be too numerous to enumerate. Many readers know American First Amendment protection of freedom of expression. However, many readers do not know, a first amendment lawsuit a considerable part relates to the porn industry. To a certain extent, America pornography industry in the protection of the right of free speech today. A story in the book, describing USA pornography industry tycoon Flynn the ups and downs of the legal career, and how he start empty-handed, set up their own erotic kingdom in the protection under the first amendment. Flynn's lawsuit, early often do the defendant, then active against the government, often become the accuser. Let the reader imagine not to is, interior minister America had worked for a brothel landlord, the process of non spot of words can tell. Only by the reader to read.
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The first chapter of freedom: dancing with shackles the White House into a love affair field exposed: where to wash? Bare: who can open? Bare: Uncover parts? Devotion or prostitution? The second chapter of industry cost marriage crisis Shuanglongxizhu privacy rights Comrades structure and marriage women abortion rights of fame: Wandering between color and defend what porn tycoon interior minister constitution into brothels landlord? Wine does not break up? How far away is the color? Keep children away from a writer third chapter, gender and sexual discrimination strippers, how to teach? Rabbits eat grass Waterloo sexual and non discriminatory dirty toilet and discrimination of the innocent sexy fox special 媤 story Out of the mouth comes evil. cure or harassment? Family men and women for alimony chapter fourth crimes: crimes and FBI sun about child pornography: have guilty costly teachers and students love to perpetrate a fraud or opportunity? Megan: change the American legal girl...... The fifth chapter: Chapter sixth families cut ties continually: not just on the seventh chapter of wives and concubines: men always temptation?
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  •   This is a window, can know American law is how to people-oriented, can know the judge is how to uphold the spirit of the law, I think there's a very good inspiration.
  •   Good in general, but also always feel boundless, breadth and depth is not enough.

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