Money, sex, modern life style

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Money sex life feeling -- Memorial Simmel "philosophy of money" published 100 years Liu Xiaofeng Marx reportedly wrote "Das Kapital" just had abscess disease, physical disturbance to heart angry, to the capitalism vent more scathing criticism. According to this kind of psychological analysis of biography of logic, Simmel wrote "monetary philosophy" of capitalism is very mild, whether because of his physical condition is very good? Psychoanalytic biography logic would make people feel funny, but another and psychological analysis of the logical properties in fact analysis almost seemed to be much more serious. Make a spurt of progress, Simmel living in late nineteenth Century a modern feel bad times, things As one falls, the country's independent social movements, colonial train and warships rushing about, numerous virgin reduced kiln caves. As a "social", Cao Meier did not like Marx to join the social equality, also did not like Webb, to the spirit of capitalism "cage" worry, but with modernity in personal life feeling there, got "aestheticism", "impressionism" sociologist class title, Simmel seems too small the bourgeois sentiment, and the thought method has a problem, no sense of history, no class consciousness...... Simmel's thought is so superficial, not important? It is not enough to put on a par with the same Marx, Webb? Simmel made such a "sociological assumption". There is a place in between people and people, "appalling inequalities". Although everyone has a piece of land, sufficient for their needs, but some are kind of rose. "Maybe they money more than others, perhaps they will spend more time in it, or just have a rose the necessary soil and sunshine, in short, they have roses, and others don't." Originally, this did not lead to disputes, seems to come very naturally things, like someone, someone beautiful appearance, there are smart people, people stupid, born, not what to complain about. Finally one day, someone found natural difference should not be born, fierce stood up and called for: everyone is born to have the right to only a few people rose, rose is a kind of "accidental" blind, must change. "Being without desire is past," according to man's natural rights, everyone can desire you should have something. Moreover, from a scientific point of view, rose in a rich accumulation of excessive, they will suffocate in the rose bush. "In the voice of the people, thought finally eager soul and deep the Hu people with too closely linked to human nature. Therefore, a revolutionary party formed." Rose followed on the establishment of the conservative party, in order to protect their possession of rose, "the temptation to protect realize now: have some others envy and desire". Revolution will inevitably, and egalitarian party will gain a complete victory, "because of the political morality eventually sneak into the enemy camp: social justice ideals beyond all the conflicts of interest". Simmel according to this "sociological assumption" ask, human has a permanent peace, equality and happiness? Land redistribution scheme so that everyone has the same planting roses conditions, however, the natural share still may not be as accurate and uniform distribution to each individual like mathematics, "there are always some people cultivated roses better luck, others have a plenty of sunshine, some grafted shoots more robust". The "natural state" does not seem to agree with the natural rights, equality ideal is always beyond all expectations to interfere with modern ideas. In Marx's equality of paramount importance, Simmel with sociological assumption rose sent out. In Simmel told rose story, he is not for the volatile real life and the historical great change without feeling. Obviously, he for all have their own views radically different from Marx and Webb -- otherwise, how could he think that Marx is a "bad philosopher"? Marx, Simmel, Webb is the three classical thinkers, theory of modern capitalism, allegedly, Simmel is culture scientist, and he for the capitalist society's understanding and Marx, Webb is quite different. But, Marx, Webb is not a cultural philosopher? Simmel and Marx and Webb for the theoretical differences of capitalism is the metaphysical difference, this difference is related with their personal temperament, but with the body pains irrelevant. Whatever the psychoanalysis or class analysis logic how fascinating, could not explain differences in personal temperament of the metaphysical thinker. What Simmel metaphysics personal temperament is what? Finally, to find out the problem.......

"Money, sex, modern life style" is an economic sociology. A collection of eleven excellent papers. "Money, sex, modern life style" with profound theoretical analysis of the theme of "money, sex, modern life style". Touch the essence of things the depth of social life, rose, competition, prostitution, women's culture, flirt, fashion psychology, currency, gender issues.
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1 money sex life feel Liu Xiaofeng
-- Commemorate the research
6 rose Simmel's "philosophy of money" published 100 years
2 in the modern culture of money
3 currency and modern life style
4 currency in gender relations in the role of
5 fashion Psychology Society: a social
7 competition hypothesis of sociology
8 now and in the future of
9 prostitution female culture
10 coquettish psychology
11 gender issues in the relative and absolute
on Simmel's "philosophy of money"
Chapter excerpt

Our activities means, their number and length is proportional to the intellectual development, reason is subjective reconstruction order objective world. Because each of these methods is completely neutral, so in real life, all the emotional value and action goals, action points together, the latter effect and no longer touch the action, only touches the ability to feel our hearts. Our practice of life contains the terminal number, relative to the emotional function of rational function of activity fierce. In the beginning of the people often exhibit impulsive and emotional commitment, it must and their objectives are short of relevant. Their life's work is not as high as in the civilization by the factors are combined into a whole, but at a higher civilization, can appear this kind of binding, throughout one's life "occupation" (Beruf) created. The early people work only by simple interest series, when these interests series to achieve their goals, only relatively few means; among them, try to get directly to food plays a large role, this effort in high culture, almost without exception, is a multi part series instead of target the. In the beginning of the people in these situations, people often have the opportunity to conceive and appreciate the ultimate goal, and the reason is, the association and the sense of reality is less play a role. On the contrary, the process actually occurred in direct vision the ultimate goal and the ultimate goal of emotion, with frequent, but play a greater role. Even in the middle ages, due to expansion of production can be used to meet the self demand, also because the characteristics and people hand workshop together form diversity and urgency, but the first is because the church, there was much more in place, can finally meet the target action request. Now, circuitous and for these eventually meet preparation infinitely long, each time the target is always beyond this time, is beyond the individual's field of vision. Series of such extension is money first by the following ways, namely the money that a common core interests above or on unrelated series, money makes these series of interrelated together: a series can be ready to stage a completely different in the series (such as money, obtained from the a series of the money, the entire series itself can be for other series of action service). But it is a general fact, this fact appears in front of us already discussed: money everywhere as a goal, and thus force the true target itself characteristics with the special things, relegated to purely means. But money itself no matter where only as means, so, there are (Dasein) contents were placed in the relevance of a huge objective. In this connection, not what the target ranks first, also does not have the goal with the lowest. Because money is the measure of all things with the brutal objectivity, value determined so determines the connection between things, have involved a by objective and personal life weaves together the net, continuously together with causality, strict, in these respects, it complies with the laws of nature the universe is very similar. The net is full of all monetary value together, like nature endowed with all the life energy sticking together, energy and monetary value as there are thousands of forms, but the consistency of its own nature and for any form of transformation, will everything else associated with the same so, anything could become something else conditions. Like all emotional behavior to disappear from the natural process of understanding, and a rational and objective things instead, and contact us the real world (which are increasingly connected together in series) will be emotional involvement excluded, only the latter as a teleological end into the only rational and objective object, and the object and its relation to reality is sensible object, we according to these objects to use the wisdom. All part of life more and more into the past means, with self-sufficiency goals, each series of unrelated, now combined into one composed of relative factor complex, practical counterpart, these not only natural idea change (people's causal knowledge of natural increase, nature also from absolute to relative conversion). The real world more and more reason for becoming a problem, because we are observed, the whole structure means is a start of observed causality; or rather: elements of action understanding, in objective and subjective, have formed a rational relationship foreseeable, and thus more and more with emotional position and decision excluded, such positions and decided to a decisive turn of the life process and final goal together. In Platon's mythology, let the soul exists in my past lives (Praexistenz) to see things pure essence, absolute meaning of things, the soul then knowledge only by sensory stimulation of truth memories in himself. If people like Platon did refused to recognize the experience cognition, motivation of this myth primary nature is, to our knowledge to this problem from where to be at a loss what to do, we show. However, beyond this temporary its causes, this kind of metaphysics still reveals a kind of epistemology attitude of our soul. Whether we will be a direct function of their knowledge as external things, or as a purely internal process, in this process, all the external object but mental factors, an internal form or relationship, as long as our thoughts can be regarded as true, we will always be his thoughts as a objective to meet the requirements, on the concept of template copying. But even if our concept is the reflection of things without missing, like the thing itself, we know the one thing to conquer and unify, gradually close to correct and perfect, still not from the object itself. In contrast, our understanding of the ideal, will have been just the things with the idea for the content of the form, because the most extreme realism to access is not a thing, but the understanding of things. If we are to our knowledge of all debris in any existing time, from the development (knowledge to pursue this development, it is the development of knowledge, each stage has its significance) angle to explain, we were able to do this, the premise is still just above the Platon doctrine according to: have an ideal kingdom consists of theoretical value, perfect rational meaning and relevance,It is different from the object, because the object is just its object; also different from that already obtained, practical knowledge of psychological. On the contrary, the latter is gradually close to contain all possible truth ideal kingdom, is not always consistent with this kingdom. This kind of knowledge is really, is it close to the ideal kingdom. Platon seemed to acknowledge the fact this feeling: we know at any moment, is a exists only in the mind, but in front of us, part of the requirements we realize it in understanding complex psychological. But, he will these opinions expressed as used to be the general, while the reality is lost the general, it is a kind of "no longer" (Nicht-Mehr), rather than as we do today, must be interpreted as "not yet" (Noch-Nicht). But the relationship between two kinds of interpretation are feeling itself, apparently, is exactly the same, like seven minus two and two plus three can get the number five. This ideal special existence way, for the real knowledge, is a kind of specification or totality, overall facing its actions and each individual's moral values and rules, as is the case. Here, in the field of ethics, we are more familiar with this awareness: we are the doings, but in a more perfect way, or more defective mode to realize a internal validity norms. This specification, in terms of its content, for different people and in different stages of the life it may be different; it cannot also cannot find in time and space, and these people's moral consciousness is not consistent, on the contrary, the moral consciousness feel restricted by it. Finally, it is our whole life formula, from a peak of the practice of everyday life of trivial until the realm of spirit: in all the activities we have a standard, a standard, a concept in pre formed higher than our overall. It is through these activities, will this overall into reality, here is not only refers to each kind of desire are subject to an ideal guide that is both simple and general, or a unique, somewhat out of the ordinary characteristic of our actions, we use this action (no matter, the value and idea of draw further apart) implementation of a predetermined somehow possibilities, as if a concept plan. Our practice survival, although not fully, and incomplete, but through the realization of sharing this general, obtained a certain meaning and inherent connection. Our actions, yes, even we all exist, whether pretty or ugly, right or wrong, great or small, as if from the possibility of treasure which is taken, the way is: the relationship between our action rules and in the concept of the content at any time, just as a single specific things with its concept, this concept reflects the individual inherent laws of things and the nature of logic, not by whether it realize, how to realize and achieve the frequency limitation in the content meaning. We can only conclude understanding situation: to recognize those ideas internally, these ideas just in the so-called problem of place, looking forward to the understanding of the activities of the implementation. We call our understanding is the inevitable understanding, that is to say, their content can only exist in a way, this is just another way to express such facts of consciousness, which we think is the fact that the realization of the idea, consciousness has to determine the content of psychological. In such a way that absolutely does not mean that the mind: on all the diversity, there is only one truth. On the contrary, if there is a certain structure reason, there is a certain objectivity, on the other hand, so, the soul is the "truth" of things, in fact already in an objective way of pre setting, like calculation factor calculation results are given. When the mind structure along with any changes, the content of truth also change, the truth will not be not so objective, influence or rely more on this in the mind of the consciousness of the. We from the certain knowledge of facts (of course must also accept other factual knowledge) all the conclusions will never waver is to clarify our understanding of this nature: even for each specific part of the understanding, are means to be aware of, they are effective in the early relationship between subjective content determination in the has been determined, and the. Finally, from the psychological point of view, this is a kind of theory, according to the theory, all that is real is a along with the concept of content feeling; we call the proof, but is a can cause this feeling of Psychological Association (Konstellation). Sensory perception or logical deduction and can not be directly confirmed a reality, they are just conditions, can produce positive and agree with the theory of super feeling from it, or the people do not know this how to call did not describe the sense of reality. This constitutes the Psychological Mediator between two kinds of Epistemology: one side is the content of the effective on the meaning of things, it is produced by the internal relations of things, to every elements indicated its position; the other side is the conception of things, it means that things in a body of reality. The following the fashion is fundamental. On the one hand, as the imitation, fashion meets the needs of society depends on the individual; it leads to a common rail. On the other hand, it also satisfies the different need, difference, change tendency and self obvious, even not only because change is the change in fashion today will make a fashion than yesterday and tomorrow of personalized fashion brand, but also because of these facts, fashion is always class fashion (Klassenmoden), higher level fashion and lower levels of fashion diametrically different, but also to develop higher levels of fashion in the latter, he abandoned the fashion. Through some way of life, people try to reach a compromise between social equality tendency and personality charm and fashion trend, is a special way of life which. Individual psychology characteristic we observed from the fashion that is contained in the essence of fashion........
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