Modernity and aesthetic culture

Date of publication:2005-12   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:Zhou Xian   Pages:357   Words:365000  

A different approach to study the problem of modernity, book by Habermas about the modern classic definition, cultural modernity as an important opportunity to understand the problem of modernity, and gradually focus on aesthetic modernity problems related with the aesthetic and art. The book breaks through the limitations of the traditional study of "scholastic aesthetics", at a higher level to the problems of aesthetics and art, not only on the aesthetic concept analytic logic level. Aesthetic issues in the broader social and cultural fields, this book introduces the important contribution and the concept of cultural modernity and aesthetic modernity related depth for us, effectively obvious aesthetic picture of contemporary social culture complex and modern people with heart conditions. Therefore, this book is not only a breakthrough in the field of aesthetics, but also on the modernity problem currently a beneficial.
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Zhou Xian, male, was born in 1954 in Jiangsu, Nanjing. Graduated from the Nanjing Normal University Department of Chinese (BA), aesthetics (Philosophy Department of Peking University professional master of Philosophy), Nanjing University Chinese drama professional (Doctor of literature). The current director of the Nanjing University Professor, Department of Chinese, doctoral tutor. Went to South Korea, Singapore and other countries to give lectures, to Italy for cooperative research. Chinese and foreign literary theory to learn science
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The preface of nostalgia in daily life and art circles of avant garde art end copy / as reasonable distance
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