Love is also popular

Date of publication:2001-1   Press: Chinese Youth Press   Author:Yin Zhixian   Pages:187   Words:150000  

Yin Zhixian, pen name Yin Yiping, "fashion" Home Furnishing assistant publisher and editor.
1990 graduated from the Zhongshan University Department of sociology.
1993 years to enter the "fashion" magazine journalist, editor.
1995 years as project director. 1997 - 2000, Ren "fashion gentleman" (ESQUIRE).
1999 year 4 - August, as the "fashion" Home Furnishing editor.
1999 year in May, by Yin Yiping
Catalogue of books

The first chapter
love and monotone divorced in 1979 - 1985
table, love is
Turpan grapes are ripe, the season of love to
the moon represents my heart, small woman beat iron girl
the sun wine full of life, people believe in love
the trials of a long journey always feeling -- exotic wind blow
fifteen moon rises to new period -- "weak" start?
sounded "conch", children growing up.
green orange red green blue wood -- values increasingly diverse
second chapter
from indulge to rush 1986 - 1994
is in front of you, I will be nothing at all?
I live in the Loess Plateau, and now want to live "villa"?
a fire in the winter -- legends of the fall
follow it -- go don't know love --
1990 women from traditional man.
if you still love me tomorrow -- men feel uneasy.
I want to have a home -- 90 years for the first time the family nostalgia tide
handsome go back -- not enduring as the universe?
so love you right -- the woman confused: to love or to be loved?
can not bear the light of life -- simply miss
third chapter
sad late
is not a pain in the 90's don't love has become the past -- the American dream in the lounge bridges, Chinese dream to leave in where?
fall in love with a person to go home -- a woman to face what kind of reality?
the heart -- who let the man hard up
Yuandufushu -- independence is the popular attitude
forward -- "new-new generation" love bold, Frank
tag / postscript / about Lenovo @##@ book No, there is no love fashion trend, every age has the unique love -- even rebellion or offbeat, is also the only some offbeat or rebel. No one love fashion trend is not influenced by other social trend, at the same time, every era of love and affect or change the words and deeds of the era of people. 20 years, our love is also in line with international standards, with the speed of convergence and the fantastic entrance, so that 20 years later, when we looked at love, find it has lose one's beyond recognition.
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