• 2004 quotations

    The year 1000 shocking language records, the most brand appeal of the annual market, "new weekly" launched, 40 know molecules together compilation, review. Every year is as loud, every year and have a different tone. "2004 words", an annual soundtrack. Go to the,

  • The traditional role of Chinese

    China social life talk about plexus, role is to use the notion from sociology, anthropology, psychology etc., saying that the individual in the society and groups in the specific on the basis of the corresponding social status or identity and execution behavior. Identity or status and role, are involved in the social structure and individual orientation interpersonal relationship, but the former,

  • Fashion is the hair, time is the skin

    Shen Hongfei said: fashion like hair, often lost in order to be truly feel. Chinese characters of "fashionable", referring to the early hair, and later evolved into the outstanding figures of the generation, namely "Shi Jun selected both's name Yan" and "Shi Zhong Chun, such as fashionable in Mao" -- of course, they are all men. ,

  • Doran whisper

    Doran whisper, Doron authoring, Chinese commercial press,

  • Jewish Wisdom

    The Jews are the most intelligent people in the world, their wisdom is magic, and unsurpassed. In the years of wandering, in the great migration has never been, is suffering and hardship, starvation and torture, killings and bullying...... All the unfortunate forced the Jewish nation had to use wisdom to survive, to obtain a fruit,

  • The name of Yang Xing

    Yang Xing, Yang Xing (Illustrated Edition), ISBN:9787506014281, author: Yang Busheng et al,

  • Tomorrow we are safe here

    This book includes: the first chapter: the cold war thinking continues, the second chapter: the new interventionism flooding, chapter third: the rise of new military revolution, the fourth chapter: non war operation, the fifth chapter: increased military imbalance force content. ,

  • Yu Dan why so red

    A simple story, a simple truth, how to cause such a strong social repercussions? In the market is becoming more and more prosperous and consumerism is prevalent today, people can have such a strong interest in the original ancient traditional culture, this behind what secret and mystery? The book is closed,

  • The spirit of autonomy

    Mental slavery first comes from their personal freedom, they must rely on the autonomous psychic and spiritual security. The king 开岭 lead is a kind of religious life, because of his life's truth and beauty full of respect and love. His concern for life "," echo listen to soul in the holy grave, to gaze at the sky,

  • The rumor.

    No analogy is more suitable than the goddess what rumor rumor. It is a strange paradox: it made problems but also is a kind of interpretation, and the dream is, the subconscious slogan; it to bring chaos to society, but also for social development criterion, and supervise the people abide by rules; it comes from the barehanded,,

  • Naive about

    "E Criticism Series" is a set of Chinese literary review on dozens of. The ten most was born in twelfth Century sixty or seventy's critics, they have achieved fruitful results in the ninety's criticism, their status, fame and influence may not with eighty's the number of critics, but they have,

  • Future interview

    The book disclosed the famous host Larry Kim never broadcast or published interviews, took us on a about politics, religion, media, war and peace, money and art and so on the road to the future. These data to cause our reflection and surprised at the same time, will also provide us with about another hole tomorrow,

  • Punishment

    The financial crisis of twentieth Century 90's at the end of this happened suddenly. In a variety of factors known to the unknown function, the financial crisis is spreading in the global scope, speed, it is a bit for governments to be taken by surprise, and cause panic is hitherto unknown. The crisis on the countries and the whole,

  • The origin of the new culture five four

    Here comes to say, historical role and significance of the new culture movement of the five four important, should not be too focused on measuring the effectiveness of intellectuals at that time the proposed reform program, but should face them without taboo, boldly expose to China out of bad, all must face to modernization. Only at this point,

  • Theory and practice of summary

    The thinking of the theory and practice of summary - leader, Liu Jingquan, China Economic Publishing house,

  • Chinese action logic

    The book was published in 2001 March, 2001 October second printing, is well received by readers, is important in the field of books. This book is the main subject of sociology, social psychology and cultural anthropology as the foundation, from the perspective of localization, the Chinese psychology and the China social and cultural vein,

  • Harvard EQ EQ design

    "Introduction" Harvard EQ EQ design content: on top of the world famous university Harvard University -- A all 360 years histories, than USA as the establishment of an independent state and the morning of the 1.5 century. For hundreds of years, a Harvard diploma, is almost guaranteed money and position. Harvard University is highest when,

  • Ulcer


  • Information -- be able to perform wonders 101 strokes

    The book is out of no information class promotion to guide information class. The information class, when you feel around the information too much and feel embarrassed when it is necessary to pay attention to. The book contains a lot of information will be automatically sent to your eyes. Is a very good classic, is a book that it does not fall into no information order,

  • Career turf book

    From ancient Greece to today, the history of human joy and sorrow almost all included in our text book. However to note is, these are kept in the teaching books in the historical facts, all because of the indifference, solemn and grand narrative for each reader have a dull and suffering, so that people want to read the mood is far better than,

  • The evidence about reality and self spiritual dialogue

    The book is divided into ten parts: an alert hero; two cross,

  • Dialogue

    This book discusses the cultural evolution and China fate in a dialogue form. Including the problem for a century of traditional culture between East and West, translation, language bridge, after the Sino foreign cultural exchanges the gate opens etc.. ,

  • Emerson's speeches

    This book deals with Emerson about the philosophy, literature, culture, history and other speech, including the evaluation of historical figures, there are critical to America and Europe during the development of the social evils of humanity; both sharp perspective, but also on the sharp satire mean compromise. The authors made no secret of his own to,

  • Ninety's Diary

    This journal from 1990, until 1999, before and after a total of ten years. Which in 1991 did not write memoirs, to replace the. The book named "ninety's diary", the author in ten years a number of new ideas and new ideas. ,

  • 10 broken cheating 2003

    10 broken cheating 2003, ISBN:9787805544403, author: Shao Pingdong, A Liang, editor in chief of planning,

  • Time of complacency

    The construction of the National Grand Theater project because of many a person with breadth of vision of luxury opposition was temporarily stranded. When most people just to fill the stomach, a few circles are filled with an immensely proud, be lapped in luxury complacency. Is the new era of China's social complacent coming quietly, kind-hearted people early awakening. ,

  • Criticism of criticism

    The educational novel, criticism: education novel, ISBN:9787108016348, author: [Paul] 茨维坦 Todorov; Wang Dongliang, Wang Chenyang,

  • Chinese view of happiness

    "Chinese happiness" in accordance with the historical clues, the different different ideal party happiness are discussed in five chapters, Dong Zhongshu of the Han Dynasty Tao cycle of happiness and the Wei and Jin Dynasties, Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism and nineteenth Century the various schools of thought exploration of happiness. ,

  • Tang and Tang Poetry

    The book through some related historical materials, the process of forming the "spring and autumn school, a private school that" how to imperial examination as the representative of the public school system, specific claims the middle Tang poet and this school of thought and style, and on this basis, analyzes the main schools of poetry and poetry wind,

  • Enjoy the moral

    According to evolutionary ethics point of view, morality has biological roots, people are born with moral quality, some important structure of human social behavior moral, already stored in the human genome. How can these innate moral quality has positive culture? How to make the moral not only with abandon, overcome, ascetic,

  • City corner

    Hagel said: "密纳 sent owls off only in the evening." City Chinese contemporary movement have spent twenty years, should is it the historical records of the time. As a native scholars, we accept more stimulus from the social life, to their homes to assume more obligations,

  • The pursuit of Modernity

    Comment Li Oufan culture collection, important works of Mr. Li Oufan, mostly to English published, have the chance to see the reader is too small. "The pursuit of Modernity: An Anthology of the Li Oufan culture collection" featured him over the years the re translation, editing, to cause more attention and discussion. These papers are written in different periods of his,

  • China temperament

    "Chinese temperament" a book through the interpretation of love, generosity, loyalty, strength of character, Zhi Jie, bear, Lutheran, 20 Chinese temperament keyword, repeat 20 Chinese temperament historical example, summarized 200 Chinese temperament character story, interpret as a tolerance, responsible, cultured China villain abstract,

  • Human art

    Van Loon full name Hendrik William Orron, is of Dutch descent America writer, was born in January 14, 1982 in Holland, Rotterdam, in 1903 went to American, completed undergraduate course at Cornell University, in 1911 by the German doctor degree of University of Munich. Van Loon study before and after, not our behoove,

  • Saying, they never said

    If you wish to like "saying, they never said," such a book, introduction to the debate over people up to practice, is not realistic. However, this book is for those of us who hate being forged famous people who cheat, have practical value. O Rawkins once sigh those fake introduction,

  • The modern reading teaching theory

    Body language teaching is the teaching of reading, to improve the efficiency of teaching, the teaching of reading plays a decisive role in. This book from the view of modern teaching, training the modern Chinese quality based on the initiative, with a new perspective on China's modern reading teaching research. In the Chinese language become an independent subject centenary year, book melt ancient,

  • King of the Internet

    Content abstract interconnection network (Internet) is the embryonic form of the information highway, sixty time in order to prevent nuclear war established by USA defense, then for the military institutions and a few scientists use. It has in recent years shine, from the defense weapon into civilian tools, and transcends geographic boundaries,

  • Shaw: recorded after

    Shaw: recorded after, "Shaw smell recorded after" rich in content, the book of thirty volumes, or province called smell recorded after the song, Shao Bo. Preface is written the book department said, continued his father Shao Bowen note, so the book after book. The book was called "berwyn" to be registered before the. The book has become in twenty-seven years in Shaoxing (one one five seven). ,

  • Empire of the mirage

    A new description of the Silk Road, gods and myths, since Rome's aristocratic ladies wearing transparent gauze, Europe began to yearn for the Chinese. With the distant ethnic, exotic and strange wonders of AC, back from the inaccessible area travelers story, all this provoked legends to thrive and prosper. The silk road was known as the myth and legend,

  • Art seven hours

    The editor recommends: this book includes three parts: "seven hours" literature is the author of the Americans, then the two part -- "seven hours" and "music culture art accomplishment seven hours" authors from the Central Conservatory of Music and the Minzu University of China, two people are young teachers have a scholarship. The three part has not,

  • Alone time

    The book is divided into two parts, the content includes the birth place of birth (one), the land (two), was born in (three), was born in (four), was born in (five), was born in (six), (the birth place seven); part two includes years no longer, sent to where, instead of instant, moment,

  • The necessary conditions of grace (text)

    I'm not talking about painting and sculpture I talk about painting and sculpture of her figure, her attitude she footing love, pain, or through the imagination and the virtual portal I walked her story to her to be your story of our common story,

  • Highlights - Hongkong journalist in Chinese

    Hongkong journalist in China, you know, ISBN:9787800949623, author: 歌川 with money,

  • American cultural notes - Overseas Students Literature

    The book is divided into five parts, namely, Shi Hai, but an angle, newspapers and fun, folk, Latin American tour. Each part was introduced in detail. America is not the old continental Europeans "discovered" because it itself has the ancient civilization -- the ruins in Peru Pyramid and the Maya can testify. As far as,

  • China ancient sports

    As the birthplace of ancient civilization of the world's Chinese, like ancient Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, India, has a splendid ancient sports. Unlike several other ancient civilizations, Chinese culture never stopped. In this ancient land of the light of civilization for thousands of years of groundless talk, twists and compromise,

  • The Yellow River Yangtze River

    The Yellow River Yangtze River, Li Xiangping, Shanghai ancient books publishing house,

  • Carnival

    At the turn of the century China cultural phenomenon, the turn of the century, the liberation of the market economy in the "gods" ushered in the era of the carnival. Carnival gods, the boundaries of center and edge, the elite and the public is broken, a multiple, open, modern, new culture is being generated, display and dissemination. The consumption of popular culture, popular culture, pleasure is god,

  • China culture

    "China culture" Chinese glossary note only in this lesson significance. The book materials taken from the "today" magazine, China Peru scholar Guillermo book "Desde China" in Spanish, and Beijing Foreign Studies University professor Zhao Shiyu "China culture" notes etc.. This teaching,

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