• Cultural power end, the dialogue with Foucault

    Dialogue, and Deputy Ke Wu Meng, born in 1975, Henan Pingyu people, is now a PhD in Philosophy Department of Fudan University, research direction: the history of western philosophy, and published many papers. And fresh air, 1974 health, Henan Pingdingshan people, Department of philosophy, graduated from Fudan University, master of philosophy, the "Oriental Morning Post" reporter. Introduction: this,

  • Modernity and aesthetic culture

    The concept of modernity and aesthetic or artistic practice is always closely related, although the concept was far beyond the the scope of aesthetics, extend to the social, political, economic and cultural elements, however, its aesthetic significance is One principle runs through it all.. Research methods of this book is quite similar to Raymond Williams,

  • Double vision

    Electronic media as we design a hitherto unknown historical environment. A series of technological miracle together, are profoundly changing around us the cultural, political and economic. Electronic media is not only the formation of the new democracy and liberation, but also produces a power and control model. We have to double,

  • Black fist

    This book includes: "blood Olympic", "black lightning", "his anger", "black fist", "the shadow" etc.. ,

  • The judgment of Wenzhou

    The judgment of Wenzhou, ISBN:9788067679599, author: Hu Fangsong,

  • Human insight

    Human insight, Gong Fangbin, Knowledge Publishing house,

  • "Journey to the west" and the wisdom

    The four masterpieces of Ming Dynasty, Professor Liu Gang for many years engaged in the study of classical literature, extensive knowledge, rich experience, the experienced, layout rigorous, abnormal. Application of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism as well as psychology, sociology, historical perspective analyzes the character of Mr. Liu Gang in this story very insightful, comment. In the writing technique used to write down,

  • A beautiful mind

    This is a have a style of one's own picture books, in the comic as the main body, each picture with lines like text. The author talked about the picture book said: "when the time let me aware of all this, when I use the heart bright finally wipe away those secular lust and greed, I return to the original nature, carefully build,

  • Modernization and critique of everyday life

    The modernization of people from the cultural perspective, the daily life critique is the field of cultural philosophy started in twentieth Century. With the technical rational criticism, mass culture criticism, ideological criticism and tied for the different types of cultural criticism theory. Husserl, Wittgenstein, Xu Ci, Heidegger, Lefebvre, Lukacs, Heller, et al. From different angle of the cosic,

  • Zong Baihua: culture with you and aesthetic symbol

    "Zong Baihua: culture with you and aesthetic symbol" from the construction of China classical aesthetics to modern transformation and the "spirit" of Zong Baihua to 40 years of academic activities in the Chinese in twentieth Century 30, with particular emphasis on his aesthetic contemplation and China cultural renaissance is unified and. Think of his aesthetic exploration,

  • The 50 part reading foreign literature classic

    Byron, a famous English poet once said: "a drop of ink can provoke thinking of tens of millions of people, a good book can change the fate of countless people." However, when you walk into the vast sea of books, how to choose? Life is short, in the short time we are in, how do we go to read masterpieces? Book report,

  • The learning society

    Brief introduction of "learning society": "the theory of learning organization" is originally a concept proposed by American scholars, and deepened in the United Nations initiative. In recent years, the theory of learning organization quickly popularized in China and widely accepted. But take it as a kind of social development theory, and with the social development of contemporary China,

  • Radical reform

    This book is a collection of writings by early Reformation radicals which illustrates both the diver,

  • ยท degree of home.

    Is to seek, can grasp. Degree in a certain way there. Degree can be divided into perception, visible not degree of perception, not visible; and the static and dynamic degree; the pure and pure spirit; and the tangible and intangible degree. Grasp the different degree, need to master the four rule: one is the unity, namely the wan,

  • The book of changes and traditional Chinese Medicine

    "The book of changes and traditional Chinese medicine (Third Edition)" the main content: ancient and splendid Chinese culture, have made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese and world culture, the most splendid part than the "book of changes as one". "Book of changes" is a treasure of Chinese culture, culture is China most flash masterpiece, the world,

  • The poor are rich, the rich poor

    Zhou Hong, editor of people's Literature Publishing House, the contemporary magazine editor. Text a self style, sharp sharp, witty humor. He was concerned about the social problems, in Chinese first talking style, promote civilian self-help spirit. The main works: "I mediocrity, I am happy" "warning Chinese" "" "Zhou Hong speaks" life advice. The main,

  • Chen Beixin

    "China contemporary oil painting landscape painting paintings home: Chen Beixin" include: home, morning, little white boat, country, high grass. ,

  • The wisdom of the sky

    This is the author of "Wenxin visit Earth supplement" column write the cultural celebrity interview collection, interview Zhong Jingwen, Zhang Dainian, Ji Xianlin, Zhang Kaiji, Hua Junwu, Wu Guanzhong, Deng Youmei, Feng Jicai and other famous scholars, artists, writers, architects, designed to showcase its thought essence, from which the reader,

  • And the man of the world heart volumes

    Revision, wonderful dinner van Loon this create new styles humanities master held, brought a special cultural feast to the readers. He invited all play a decisive role in the history of human civilization, these long dead celebrity with them not with flesh lost spirit and thought, and accept the van Loon's hospitality, and punchline,

  • Pioneer pain

    Analysis on the spirit of Lu Xun, the book made a deep analysis of Lu Xun. The text includes: the style, the Avengers, fighting the joys and sorrows, vanity and love, concept and symbol, Xuanyuan love etc.. Begonia series,

  • Ding

    Ding: big city group, hold Chinese ISBN:9787501222438, author: Zhou Muzhi,

  • Have a America style dishes

    This book is in my America homework, from the most ordinary things to write about my real life, every little bit in overseas to the ocean shore folks. In fact, when, from my heart to this land love I found, his hometown is put together back here, this is not only because the americans,

  • Eight of the world

    In the bad habit of consciousness,,

  • Cultural criticism in twentieth Century (deep interpretation of Western Marx doctrine)

    The book breaks the framework for understanding traditional philosophy, theory framework of understanding with the traditional textbook philosophy system material does not view, dialectics, epistemology and historical materialism to cut and choose the western doctrine of Marx, but in twentieth Century the human experience and profound cultural anxiety and cultural crisis as the background, the basic physical,

  • The thought behind the interests of

    Cultural and political essays, the book Mr. Lu Jiande about Ideological and cultural political essays. The author not only analyses the eighteenth Century three famous Anglo French philosopher universal thought, and the China modern intellectual radicalism thoughts of traceability, in addition, focusing on the western "freedom" concept as well as the representative of the western thinkers in berlin,,

  • Kuangshi Fenghua

    The Grande Canale, is the author of the book for nearly two years as the real history of the Chinese nation mother river -- the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale wrote epic. The author carefully, widely collecting from the Grande Canale related diverse materials and various details, standing in the history of the development of the history of Chinese civilization and the world civilization to look at, integration, and,

  • Chinese 2003 Annual Report

    China 2003 annual report, ISBN:9787801902146, author: Bai Ye,

  • Who hurt Art

    "Who hurt art" relates to the content, the seemingly broad is not concentrated, in fact each article come down in one continuous line, it is the perception of things true colours. Although some social injustice is institutionalized, but just beginning in the world, as long as we can have on their own, know yourself, you can avoid injury,

  • The invasion and succession

    Changes in the social structure of the city, "the invasion and succession: city of changes in the social structure of" conducted a comprehensive study on the basic theory of city since twenty-first Century, changes of social structure in the world view and the law of development, and on the basis of summarizing the relevant research results at home and abroad, the city social structure changes from theory and practice significance,

  • The green symbol

    Culture of flora, "green symbol -- flora" culture is the "borderland culture series" in one, obviously the author accounted for the favorable conditions, starting from the Yunnan rich plant, linked to the Yunnan Han and many ethnic minorities in the life and work, giving many from the man himself thinking and cultural connotation of plants,

  • The elegance of rain

    The life culture, "beauty Fenghua rain: the life culture": a new American way of thinking and life of the snack books. You know today how do Americans thinking? You know the Americans is how to live? Please read the "beauty Fenghua rain: the life culture"! ,

  • China folk magic recipe

    The book is divided into the Department of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics, ent of 5 parts, a total of 183 diseases, 2877 first. This book has the following characteristics: one is to choose earnestly. Screening out these recipes, some collected from the folk, and some advice to doctors, some from the ancestral, some from division,

  • Chinese spirit

    "Spring and Autumn Annals". "Hua Yuan", "spring and Autumn Annals", this book is all the works of Gu style, the most influential, can reflect his thinking style works. The book aims to reveal the Chinese spiritual life, promoting Chinese traditional cultural values, advocating the Confucian civilization save West theory. It is one of the representative cultural thoughts of Oriental the first World War and popular in the world. This book from the culture,

  • The Einstein Era

    Einstein is a great. He studied physics at the achievement, is incomparable to human sense, his "theory of relativity", essentially changed the course of human history. However, he is the "theory of relativity", the highly respected at the same time, also attacked. The great physicist's life, but also,

  • Easy and Tao

    The big easy exquisiteness, MI Lun is universal, its purpose to reveal between three avenue. In righteousness, that is the way of heaven is the Yin and Yang, the way of the site is rigid and soft, made people way, benevolence and righteousness. In the natural environment, the sun and the moon and the stars in the heaven, that is, change. The so-called authentic, the mountains and rivers, the weather changes. The,

  • China new development concept

    We this generation of scholars have to catch up with the largest human reform and development of the times, can make a contribution to the knowledge innovation, dissemination and exchange of social. China academic stage too attractive, I won't stop, can't stop learning, thinking, study and work. Hu Angang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, tsinghua,

  • Between light and heavy

    "Between light and heavy (modern vision problems in the new romantic literature)" Research on Chinese modern "new romanticism" genre of literature, analysis the two writers on the Xu Xu, Wu two as the representative of romantic, stay away from the age of realism literature of creation the works,

  • Thoughts on TV

    This book is creative, fascinating. The American television viewing habits as a distinctive cultural form of investigation. The empirical research on the daily use of television, and on this basis, the development of integration of cultural sociology, postmodernism and unique methods of media research, exploration,

  • One hundred years of fashion

    "One hundred years of fashion" include: big fashion, century landscape, climate, sea flowers open several storms in the revolution, sun, rolling red tide, Meng Xing time, carnival season, wind blowing which page read page, which impact the bright future. ,

  • Contemporary human society problem

    "Contemporary human society problem": national primary and secondary school teachers continuing education courses. ,

  • The information society

    Digital earth village, the book includes: information, the information revolution and the information society; information sociology of information society theory; enlightenment; the formation of information society theory; development of information society, information society theory; social organization; social structure of information society; information society; information service,

  • First East Ring

    "Oriental first ring" main content: in this collection before the readers, he is selected from the works of the six film and television literature collection and script. Named "Oriental first ring" as a gift to the new century. The six works have the history, reality theme, subject of industry, rural theme, also has the public security problem,

  • Names of Chinese culture for

    "Names of Chinese culture for" for the systematic and comprehensive introduction to develop the Chinese culture and the exchange of names of basic skills, but also to seek inspiration from the name of the rich in reference books, can be said to take good staff. The book consists of academic papers, ideas, techniques, this article of four parts, a total of twelve chapters, the,

  • The travellers to Confucian

    Draft on Tang style and the style of writing, the book focuses on the relationship between scholars from the Han to the Tang Dynasty and style of writing, reveals the reasons of each stage and changes of literary fashion literary ideas from the historical background of the evolution of style. The five part, through the analysis of the debate in the academic history, reflect on the study of literary history of ancient and modern fusion of ancient literature and modern,

  • Between justice

    Modern economic ethics eleven, the content of the book includes preface -- what is the economic ethics, applied ethics as subject of the modern economic ethic of market economy, moral and non moral, the efficiency of the moral argument, distributive justice, distributive justice (on) (the), business ethics (on) -- trading motivation and moral analysis, transaction Ethics (in),

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