• Vulgar

    In the "vulgar" this latest book, "style" author Fussell with its unique wit and incisive style, fully to show people hopeless Americans perception and taste. The whole society is flashy emptiness and beautiful garbage filled up. ESU omnipresent, from advertising, bank, restaurant,,

  • Shaping the civilization and spiritual giants and thought

    In human long civilization history, there have been many prominent figures, there have been countless thoughts of be in fashion in one's time. Both long-term fumble in the dark after become enlightened at once, also have a firm belief that was suddenly overturned at a loss; a chi in the previous basis for uranium extraction into, also have "though thousands of people I toward",

  • Change, from reading

    "Change, from reading: reshaping the culture of heart" from the nineteen wise men of speech (minority is the article excerpt). This is a group of active in the big Chinese cultural stage of the last century, they learn through things, Buddhism and Taoism, bear the historical responsibility in China culture and wisdom life. The speech is to China culture,

  • In historical records

    "Historical records" in the historical records from teaching staff, and involves many aspects of historiography, which involves many issues of historical evaluation. In the study of history here, with the study of history is inextricably bound together. Mastery of historical records, historiography, history, the author of the ancient and modern, can contact, freely gallop,

  • Morrison and the Chinese and Western cultural exchange

    Morrison is a Christian Protestant in the China's founder, he founded the Bible translation, dictionary, publications, school, medical center, printing and publishing is called the silent and efficient way to preach, not only has the common leading meaning to the dissemination of Christianity in China, but also in the history of Chinese Western cultural exchanges and apply a strong one. ,

  • China tea blog

    "Chinese tea blog" in the preservation of cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, carrying forward the new performance at the same time, it is an extremely valuable cultural accumulation. China is the origin of tea, is also one of the earliest discovery and use of the tea country. "China tea blog" 21 volumes, the tea producing province, the vertical shear, were collected from 100 tea,

  • Psychopathic personality of our time

    "Morbid personality" of our era author Horney, psychoanalysis is the Austria psychiatrist, psychologist Freud in twentieth Century founded. Freud initially as a neurologist and psychiatrist to engaged in the study of. The main object of study is hysteria patients. He found the hysteria,

  • Anthology of Li Yiyuan

    This book includes many aspects of anthropology theory, Taiwan family study, folk religion and mythology research, has important academic value. This book is authoritative academic, but also has a wide field of vision, not only can provide an important reference for the majority of Humanities and Social Sciences, but also for the general interest in history,

  • Modern China academic comments

    The new category of modern China academic such as religion, philosophy, science, psychology, history, archeology, education, political science, sociology, literature, art, music and made summary briefly, both from the Chinese and Western perspective, points out the "China weight and will be, Western respectively" the independence of Chinese and Western art,

  • Thought flash - in the north to the lecture (fifth series)

    The sound of first-class universities thought, a famous scholar of wisdom! "In the lecture series" was founded in 1998 the 100 years, "people's Daily" "Southern Weekend" "reader" "China reading newspaper" "Chinese Youth Daily" "sina.com.cn" hundreds of other media reports or reproduced, was named the most popular,

  • The Red Queen

    Sex and the evolution of human nature, when I was engaged in animal studies, friends often ask me, how to put in three years, only studying a bird? Ordinary grouse is there so much worth studying? I often feel conceited and harsh: a study of humanity has two thousand years of history, but knowledge is still very limited,

  • Listen to a lecture at Peking University (Sixth Series): Thoughts

    "Listen to a lecture at Peking University (Sixth Series): Thoughts" is "in Beijing University Lecture Series" sixth series, the articles are experts, professors, scholars, celebrities in the wonderful speech at Peking university. The article explain profound theories in simple language, concise and simple, both rich, thought-provoking, and inspiring wisdom of life,

  • Fan said the twelve Chinese Zodiac

    "Fan Ceng said the twelve zodiac" for the first time with Mr. Fan Ceng carefully study on Chinese Zodiac culture in recent years, the poems and songs, the calligraphy and painting, to enrich the artistic form vividly as art and Chinese scientist Mr. Fan Ceng return to natural kindness. Mr. Fan Ceng or exegesis methods explore the heavenly stems and earthly branches,

  • In the paper the hometown

    "Home on the paper" a documentary for the way we describe Zhang Cun Li door about a hundred people, and happened to them dirty, poor and unreasonable. The authors said, is "the dirty, poor and unreasonable that I found humanity marginal". "Home on the paper" more than 40 papers, almost article,

  • A single woman and Prince Charming

    The establishment of historical background: why the number of single people so much, but increased regularly? All aspects of the theory and daily life, drawing a picture. The explanation, the self-supporting road. Women will go down this road, in order to better life has to go on this way,

  • Snack notes

    "Dim sum" notes on the involved mostly "corn" processed snacks stories, anecdotes, legends, included "Laba porridge and Huiri send poor", "Oyster cake and oil hillock", "deep fried cypress, fried fruit", "from Tianjin" Goubuli steamed bun "to Shanghai" Shengjian Mantou "", "steamed cake, steamed cake, steamed bun, steamed stuffed bun,

  • Live a mood

    "Live mood: introduction Dr. Chen Guohua happy prescription" content: behind the gorgeous bright civilized life, the people are quite fragile: the life helpless, despair of life, the heart so empty...... These negative feelings and emotions once saturated, may topple the mountains and overturn the seas like such as pouring,

  • South City Culture

    "City culture" is one of the memorial Tianjin Jian Wei 600 anniversary series, following the "another achievement in modern China Tianjin celebrities" after the publication of the. South City, carrying too many old Tianjin history, carrying too many old Tianjin, Tianjin to want to know, do not understand do not enter South City, South City. The book includes,

  • Great books

    The contemporary reading western classical, David Danby is American "New York" magazine film critic. One day in 1991, he suddenly realized that he became a read-only news, current affairs and all kinds of books and essays, then at the American University, Western classical by minorities and feminists and attack some radical intellectuals. This,

  • To overcome loneliness

    "Overcoming loneliness" specially discussed the essence and features alone, and that in reality the lonely people very much, according to the author, the loneliness and being left alone without inevitable connection, which affirmed a man alone life value. The author through a large number of examples, using ABC theory to explain the emotional loneliness and,

  • System view and the universe and life

    Book knowledge integrated curriculum "the universe, life and academic education" teaching the reader through the Chinese University Hong Kong, internationally renowned scholars Chen Tianji, CO written about equality, strong in Hongkong academic and education circles repercussions. Book through the arts, the nature, growth of knowledge, ability, complement the traditional books,

  • Quasi guanzhuibian

    This is mixed book a pretty fun, but the books, but not hearsay can write, but under the great time Expo the book carefully combed harvest. Or, this is an interesting material stories book, focus on modern, but can shrink to extend, can be traced back to ancient times, can also beside the related western. According to the list,

  • Once upon a time in the West

    Brief introduction of "the past": at the end of fifty's, in the country's western border, a new city quietly rising, the author as founder of children, from the Jiangnan region of rivers and lakes here. In the deep and vast west, accompanied by the author with the growth of not only the snow and glacier, rippling streams,

  • Introduction to China culture

    The book an introduction to China culture, in the series of chapters before, it is necessary to the core concept, the scope, the basic purpose is to illustrate the problem, for the introduction of. This book as a textbook of public courses in humanities quality education in higher school, intended for students with an understanding of the motherland long, rich in cultural heritage,

  • Lead a voluptuous life much sorrow

    The ancient literati painting or, landscape and pastoral poetry or, after all is the first artist's eyes, and then there is the poetry, then wonderful description, and profound philosophy, often less than a pair of painter's eyes with plain language is more reliable, because the face of God's great, human only appreciate and praise, the so-called "thought,

  • Japan VS China

    "Japan VS Chinese: an unfinished chess" the main content description: soup discovered how to do the flies? Japanese women requests high? The emperor ancestor is Chinese or Korean? Toyota assembly plant workers Dutch act behind what the note? The dog and the toilet can I pay attention to what? Beijing's "donkey turd,

  • Look up in the sky

    "Old age, a word of mouth goes, say many also useless. We also derive from Elephantopus topic about fish. Gao Huan said Lake area fishermen often to pour excrement lake fish, I say. Don't fish are eating up? Think of a few days ago, the newspaper said guangdong,

  • Then the

    The words "Yong Ling, saying the" as one of the Liaoshen travel books, from 1993 to 1995 the author has written "Shengjing Zhaoling", "Shenyang", "Fu Xing Jing Yong Ling" and "the Imperial Palace" four miscellaneous interest pamphlet. Aims to offer history lovers to introduce the basic historical palace and three Imperial Mausoleums and some popular knowledge. My book,

  • See the world heart

    Ji Xianlin classic prose in the new book, Mr. Ji Xianlin is a famous scholar, Ancient Chinese Literature Search master, also it is the famous prose. His broad mind, in both Chinese and Western learning, reading his prose is a kind of enjoyment, a release volumes, elegant character stroke, simple but not dull, thick and not affected, solemn and not natural, elegant and unpolished. Whether to remember,

  • "Life philosophy and strategy of the sixty-four hexagrams"

    The I Ching Ching dialogue, dialogue: life philosophy and strategy, the sixty-four hexagrams in the ISBN:9787801909602, the author: Sun Yingkui, Yang Yiming,

  • On the earth

    On the earth "(2)" is Yu Qiuyu's prose collection, selected part of him in the original the rewriting and revision, and added some new content to the present life. In the book, Yu Qiuyu is still in his poetic style and personal feelings infected people, recounting his love for the Chinese culture, and,

  • The highest wisdom action

    This book does not focus on the marketing theory, nor set on sales experience accumulation. It is based on the theory as the foundation, takes the case, story and dialogue as a method, so as to guide, inspire the reader his way out of the dilemma, solution onto the sales problem. ,

  • The storm of Saline Lake City

    The Olympic Games, is not only the spirit of sports, and it is the torch of human civilization. Hundred year Olympic Games, how many vicissitudes of life wind and rain, brilliant and shadow to accompany, glory and dream forever. In the history of this page, you will see that shocked the world, the Olympic heart palpitation bid scandal. The scandals large exposure,,

  • This essay (Revised Edition)

    In this book Zhang Yonghe returned home after more than ten years for the thirty-three essays, covering a wide range of content, including the architecture and culture, literature and art, is more unique thinking about space problems. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the style has a unique "literary", this is the lack of other contemporary Chinese architects,

  • The film pollen

    A humanist movie world, dozens of European and American movie master and hundreds of movie criticism essays as well as Jia Bao, Monroe and other screen goddess statue romance. An obsession with the film pollen Hu Feng, keen to capture pictures and sound those flowing, secretly close to the passing years old Confidante, just also brewed a sweet words fruit,

  • China culture broadly speaking

    This book brings together the Taiwan famous scholar Mr. Nan Huaijin over the years for his works, the works of others, published books written by the preface and postscript, and other articles. A total of seventy-two, divided into Confucianism, Taoism, Confucianism, the book of changes, Zen Buddhism, Tantra, fitness, history, the other nine categories, the China cultural square,

  • Seventy age

    Listen to the enemy, "the book" A Cheng Zhu Zhenglin, "Tibet memory" painting Chen Danqing, founded "today" Kitajima, "the team" Zhang Langlang, underground reading salon Xu Haoyuan, Cai Xiang, Gao Mobo and Yan Lianke of farmer workers...... The book tells the story of thirty Historical Crevice of youth in the story, the story,

  • Offbeat fairy toys

    The book includes more than 150 toys, including both precious artifacts, there are ancient historical relics, and modern folk toys, many varieties, different materials, showing a colorful childlike world. ,

  • The old and new generation

    It is the speech in Taiwan famous scholar Mr. Nan Huaijin made. In his speech, according to the experience and feeling of their own, to this century changes China society on people's psychological state and its influence, the thorough elaboration, proposed many worthy of thinking problems. The content of Syria: at the end of the Qing Dynasty and social thought,

  • Outside the threshold comment

    This volume of cultural essays, income author twenty years reading literature, on the cultural phenomenon of the essay, essay article more than 140 article. Author of "transcendental perspective to replace secular perspective" to read you, appreciating reading works, conception is to find the "heart and soul rescue": Gerd's "death to all that passion burst out,

  • On the earth

    On the earth "(1)" is a cultural prose works, the upper half part of Mr. Yu Qiuyu's original "on earth", including the famous "Taoist priest tower" "Mogao Grottoes", "Dujiangyan", these works have been rewritten and revised. In his works, Yu Qiuyu used the poetic style and personal feelings,,

  • Chinese Bushido

    Liang Qichao China "Bushido" a book written in 1904 October. While writing the book, Liang Qichao is 32 years old, because Wu Xu reform failed by the Qing government editing, exile in japan. The state of decay, the political corruption, the national spirit of cowardice, caused to foreigners,

  • The border town of soul

    In those days Shen Congwen guardian, "border town soul: in those days" guardian of Shen Congwen the guardian Shen Congwen cemetery and "travel" reporter station reporter's unique geography and identity, interviewed a lot to Phoenix tourism celebrity culture and Xiangxi local people, collected many fresh on Shen Congwen and his relatives such as the nine sister, Huang Yongyu. The story known,

  • Meng Cheng Shun set

    Meng Cheng Shun is the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty opera theorist. The well-known legend "he created Jiao Hong Ji", occupies an important position in Chinese drama history and the history of ideas; his drama "A Maiden's Peach-Pink Face" "hero" success with its sharp stroke and the beautiful artistic conception is commendable. He compiled "ancient and modern drama" selected is an important selection of yuan and Ming dynasty,

  • Study of modern Japanese literature discourse transformation and its relationship

    "Modern Japanese literary discourse transformation and the study of the relationship between traditional and modern" from a cultural context of Japan as the input of western literary theory, aesthetics "man in the middle" on China modern literature and art, aesthetics effect. From the influence of the main factors to influence, main characteristics, subject,

  • The clash of civilizations.

    The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, the author of this book Samuel Huntington, the study of international politics scholars, as the research USA Harvard International and regional director, has visited China many times. The summer of 1993, he American "foreign" magazine published an article entitled "the clash of civilizations? "Article, caused the international attention and controversy. As,

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