• Talk into the monument

    Talk into the monument: look at the popular words, through Zhou Wenjun, Guangdong Nanfang Daily press,

  • The truth and decryption

    The truth and decryption, "see the world" magazine, Huacheng publishing house,

  • The third state

    The third state: unique prediction, in twenty-first Century the survival status of ISBN:9787801303516, author: Liu Qianglun,

  • Do not think that we don't know what's

    Published by the world knowledge press, reflect the life state and way of adolescent behavior of contemporary books "do not think that we don't know what's" realistic style, detailed description from the broken young family problems, to whom the young celebrity, Confessions of excellent teachers from Sun Weigang to Beijing young students, all sorts of,

  • The human factor

    He is a double agent, he does not believe in communism, but in order to Communist friends, he leaked information, "human factor" is not a conventional spy novels, he lays emphasis on the description of each of the characters inner world is more important. The British agents were sent to the white South africa. Where he and the black woman Sara,

  • China

    Chinese challenge: underworld, Kong Simeng, evergreen, Guangxi people's publishing house,

  • Alexander anecdotes

    Alexander anecdotes, ISBN:9787806491478, author: Sun Changjun,

  • Popular Culture Perspective

    Popular culture is an important aspect of today's culture research. As everyone knows, in today's society, because of the rapid development of media, popular culture has penetrated into all aspects of life. Research on popular culture driven by a tension, on the one hand is to restore or strengthen the desire of popular culture, popular literature,

  • Cool the Tokyo lover article

    Tokyo is a mature society, with its peculiar rhythm. Living in the young people here, there is a variety of dream and pursuit, they are no longer in the tradition of the Japanese too observant of conventional standards., on the surface they are very open, inner thoughts and feelings are a thousand hundred samples. The trend of changes in Tokyo fashions, continuous,,

  • Antinomy and personality cultural criticism

    The main content of the book is the study of personality characteristics in the specific historical conditions and the way of contemporary intellectuals "left" culture operation. The basic ideas can be summarized as: Chinese contemporary intellectuals of that era is "special group left" cultural model train, they often in culture and human nature,

  • Cross cultural dialogue (6)

    To intensify the dialogue between cultures, is the consensus of a person with breadth of vision. This book is "Intercultural Dialogue" of the sixth series, the new axis positioning era Chinese culture, natural scientists and scholars on the separation of science culture and humanistic culture and combination of dialogue; and the discussion about "universal ethics",

  • The phase portrait drawing (upper and lower)

    The phase portrait, Chen Siyi Wen, Ding Cong painting, Liaohai press,

  • Point of view

    2003 literature,

  • Destiny and benevolence

    The original spirit of Confucian ethics and the problem of modernity, the author compares the study of the problem of modernity, Mencius Confucius about ethics deals with the social changes of the original, the spirit of Confucian ethics and modern phase "and" road. This book mainly include: cultural nostalgia in rationality and emotion, and life and Humanity: the ethical spirit of original Confucianism and modern interpretation,

  • An


  • Why.

    Why dedication - Yang Lan studio, Yang Lan, modern press,

  • Exposure of pseudo science

    The first system expose pseudo science around us in fifty years,,

  • Fashion discourse

    The author of the book on the popular discourse community, will cover the clothing, cars, Home Furnishing, network, catering, tourism, entertainment and living fields of fashion; a positive attitude and its unique cultural perspective of phenomenon and the popular things to help readers master about fashion, the discourse right. ,

  • Time to transport does not turn - Urban humorous prose

    Time to transport does not turn, Xia Yuanyu, Zhejiang literature and Art Publishing house,

  • The medieval aristocratic families Qinghe Cui research

    "Medieval aristocratic families Qinghe Cui research" is divided into eight chapters: Cui origin, Qinghe Cui Han's formation, Qinghe Cui and sixteen in the southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties political Qinghe Cui status changes, Qinghe Cui real branch and the Sui and Tang Dynasties political, Qinghe Cui marriage etc.. ,

  • Reading life 1 (Paperback)

    "Reading life" was Shanghai city 30 School Union Journal, led by the Fudan Fuzhong Huang Yufeng teacher, from 30 secondary school students work takes outstanding works published, and published in 30 in the school. After consultation with the published by our press. The content, "reading life" to "reading" and "personhood" arrogance, from school,

  • Words of wisdom.

    "Wisdom language Jane said: the famous natural scientists study on" Introduction: the wisdom of proverbs, the scientific method, is the golden key to open the treasure, is straight up building scaffolding, is to guide the life and career of AIDS to navigation. "Wisdom language Jane said: the famous natural scientists study on" the sea is boiling salt, from the literature on extraction fire division,

  • Celebrity death dictionary

    "Celebrity death dictionary" records of nearly a thousand celebrity world of death data: time of death, place of death, cause of death, burial sites, as well as the scene they were when they died. Their end of life forms were diverse: die in one's bed, dying, seek death or glory on the battlefield, and the lady,,

  • Cool language 2000

    "Cool 2000" by the Shanghai Education Publishing house. ,

  • Fu Baoshi

    The sparse write the world, this is the focus on characters Book prominent historical photos and pictures. All say now belongs to the era of image. This is the truth. And do not say to TV, movies, CDs and other leading cultural consumption and reading to A new force suddenly rises. alone, old photos, old comics, illustration and old history, is sufficient to show that people are no longer full,

  • May all your wishes come true

    Abstract: Napoleon Hill America guru, with Carnegie to create a "PMA" (the self-confident success) program, popular in the world, has encouraged many people. He died in 1970. He wrote the "rich" and other books in a year. "True" is also one of the incentives that miss Hill, --,

  • Chicago school

    What do I know?: Chicago school, (Law) the COORONG, translated by Zheng Wenbin, the commercial press,

  • Style Coffee

    Coffee memory Coffee has long captured the world's heart, but what is it time to begin to enter the human social life? Unfortunately, like most food and beverage, so far no one can reach it, we can only according to ancient legends handed down, imagine the most,

  • The rough idea

    Cultural criticism essays,,

  • The position of intellectuals (three volumes)

    Liberalism controversy and China ideological circle differentiation radical upheaval nationalism and transition between China fate and conservative, nationalism is a less systematic ideology and social movement, it emphasizes the cultural tradition of a particular nation, emphasizing national interests above, inherent cultural traditions and heritage protection and its national boundaries the complete. Nationalism is the most complicated theory does not depend on all contemporary ideology ideology, so it,

  • The emergence of

    From chaos to order, the author compares different system and model of emergence, shows the common rule or rules between them. The author explained to the readers: emerging theory can predict many complex behaviors, but also give us a lot of inspiration about life, wisdom and organization. ,

  • Disgrace notes

    A civilian thinker's life experience, he comes from folk, but also from the bottom. But he is genuine is a "noble spirit". He is Chinese mining literati character, his "China scholars do not know shame" rational light, become a observation China intellectuals personality magic mirror, and a new generation of China literati lit the darkness of the micro,

  • Life must be wonderful

    Life must be wonderful, Cao Youfang, new world press,

  • Chinese culture treasure house of knowledge

    The Chinese cultural treasure house of knowledge, Takeoka Ko, Hubei people's publishing house,

  • Expert interview

    Expert interviews: most concerned about the problems of ordinary people Chinese, book Editorial Committee, enterprise management publishing house,

  • Development of Chinese culture (Paperback)

    "Development" China culture published by Shanghai people press. Culture is pluralistic place. Chinese culture is one of several of the world's native culture. However, other ancient native culture in the world because of various reasons, most have died, only China culture such as torrential rivers flow "ages, stretching so far". The famous cultural,

  • The spirit of the garden

    Dong Fang Zhi Zi Fang Tan Lu, more than 2000 edition book has been broadcast from the "Oriental Son", featured 54 cultural circles, academic circles who compiled the interview. The selected economist Chen Daisun, Li Yining, Zhang Weiying, historian Li Xueqin, literature and literary historian Yang Yi, Chen Pingyuan, Zhao Xinshan, Zhou Guoping, study of philosophy, as well as the,

  • Fashion dictionary

    Fashion dictionary, ISBN:9787806460696, author: Ming's package,

  • The consumption stage

    The service consumer, service people, to serve the public life, "consumption" to investigate the post tests, the data the fact as the basis, from the subtle to start, people concerned about the question as the breakthrough point, objectively to provide consumers with consumer services, consumer guide, close attention to various consumer behavior, consumer reports,

  • Dong Xuan book interesting series

    The critical death, ISBN:9787507505665, author: should all the,

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