• Thu ninety years

    This book is mainly about: Tsinghua was born in the early twentieth Century, after ninety years of vicissitudes, Tsinghua ushered her ninety years birthday. History be dogged by bad luck, but "disaster Brilliantness", the disaster inspired unremitting self-improvement spirit runs through the whole history of Tsinghua university. Tsinghua people with extraordinary courage and extraordinary,

  • Re encounter -- West of culture

    As Freud said, the history of human civilization is the human repressed history. While depression is the most direct expression of the sexual bondage. The book detailed depiction of human sexual history: from 鸿蒙初辟 when free process gradually abstinence, accompanied by the struggle in advance. The author try to do a,

  • Explain Chinese

    Explanation: Chinese "third eyes" China criticism, edited by Liu Zhifeng, economic daily press,

  • Super reading 100 method

    The book according to the relevant data, celebrities reading experience and reading practice, introduces hundreds of reading skills. Intensive reading, extensive reading, reading and divided into several parts, how to read. The book is comprehensive, has theoretical and practical science, strong, can enable you to improve reading speed and consolidate the reading effect as soon as possible. ,

  • America embargoed news

    The contents of this book are: 1998 twenty-four - made news; the ban of the past: the best of the news last year insider; establish the media democracy; lost news; banned reporters voice; short wave radio: the struggle for the America broadcasting journalists and scholars all over the world; the voice of news,

  • Fu Lei letter

    Updated Fifth Edition, series of printed in the album, not an ordinary letter. Fu Lei said in a letter to Fu Cong: "long-drawn and tedious documents to write you, not empty chatter, not be rather baffling gossip, but there are several effects. First, I really think of you as a discussion about art, music opponent; second,

  • Overnight

    Overnight - lottery concussion Chinese, Liu Ning, Tian Huiming, ed., culture and Art Publishing house,

  • After the automobile city

    This book is a book in the academic world owl. The book contains America scholar Moshe Safdie's papers, which includes a series of urban traffic, the relationship between public and private transportation, rethink treatment of vehicle attitude etc.. The book is comprehensive, rigorous structure, wind the unique solution, with a,

  • Sina observation focusing

    "The essence of sina observation" column in the partial volumes into a book, just the most real things on the network is presented to each like thinking and bold truth-seeking people. Network media, it has been recognized that, the media's duty is to give you an objective fact, the right and wrong or to the heart broken, I believe every,

  • Ancient working people

    Ancient working people, ISBN:9787810555678, author: Chen Lei wrote the Agui drawing,

  • Chitchat in Beans Canopy

    This book is a collection of short stories in the Qing Dynasty, who edited the Ai Na scholar. Other situations about the non examination. From the content of the novel can be seen, Aina Jushi witnessed qingbingruguan later, in order to consolidate its power, the indomitable Chinese people are cruel, massive repression. So he counter said, "the sweet,

  • The minority in the city

    The minority in the city, the Secretary Chinese urban human society office, national press,

  • Primitive Classification

    The so-called classification, is refers to the people to bring things, events and facts about the world divided into classes and types, the different ownership, and their relation of inclusion or exclusion to determine the relation. So, what makes people take classification way to arrange their ideas, it is found that classification of this unique distribution where,

  • Focus interview

    Focus interview, edited by Yuan Zhengming, China Encyclopedia press,

  • The worst human invention - the development of science and technology bring us exactly what

    The development of science and technology bring us exactly what? On a personal level, learning, always right. Occurs in the world of education and learning of the change is to guide and promote the whole social members to lifelong learning direction. The book is in order to adapt to this new situation and the preparation of the. This book has a lifelong learning system complete, but not all content,

  • Today's pioneer 7

    "Today's pioneer 7" is a book about Chinese art review essays, history, aesthetics and political content relates to cultural studies. History, mainly introduce foreign culture research results of the latest research and an important cultural theorist, and a discussion of Chinese contemporary issues, dissemination and use of theory in the western culture Chinese,

  • China impression (volumes)

    Book 62 world celebrity on Chinese culture, they discussed the various aspects China culture from their point of view, they are also in a different era, thus, readers can from their Chinese discussion, to change China image in the history of the world. Some of them have overloaded the national culture,

  • The disciplined passion

    On 1950, 1960 years after the red novels, Yu Dai graduated from University, would choose to go abroad, his English is good, but there are other relevant conditions; also can choose to be a novelist, a romantic literati, a compilation of stories, while she also got involved in some twists story. In his college age wrote novels, was at that time, enjoy a high authority,

  • If Venus does not.

    If Venus doesn't Brokeback: Shakespeare, drama king ISBN:9787537826396, author: Humanities reading editorial committee,

  • Jia Wei forest

    This book describes in a variety of literary genres Wei forest story, the main content of a Wong Kar Wai movie, right, disposition, Norway forest, Chongqing forest, Jia Wei forest; three file formats, Wong Kar Wai.Txt, Wong Kar Wai.Jpg, Wong Kar Wai.Mp3; four with small capital, Wong Kar Wai, net,

  • Cybernation state -- the Internet culture, politics and economy

    The computer information network has been the global integration of information, Internet marketing, shopping, tourism, relief, no longer mysterious chat. Book all on the Internet, especially for political, economic and cultural impact, discussed in detail are. ,

  • The East Asian values and pluralistic Modernity

    The "East Asian values and pluralistic modernity" is the modern Confucian school famous representative Mr. Du Weiming written, the book illustrates between Neo Confucianism and Confucianism old difference, the difference is analyzed in detail, for you to understand the development of Confucianism and the relevant contact some other disciplines is a the rare good,

  • China culture culture

    This book is "China life culture" series of "Chinese raise value culture" section, the book with lots of beautiful pictures and detailed text, comprehensively and systematically introduces the Chinese long and rich and colorful traditional culture culture. The book is rich in content, illustrated, easy to understand, is scientific, is certain,

  • Science and war

    Books, science and war -- science and life edited by Zhan Wei, Tianjin Science and Technology Translation Publishing company,

  • The magic of lies

    Subversion of "truth" shock the common customs, the big discovery debunking history and daily life of intrigue and lies on top of how to help Kolumb discovered the new continent? Popular American "slimming patch" effective really? Shopping coupon really saves customers money? Behind the magnificent achievements of Spielberg, what hidden,

  • The spirit of the times condition

    In this "book", the author reviews the origin of sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height Westerners "time consciousness" (time consciousness is not to have, in the Ya's topic range, it is the spirit of western culture in modern change of the product), analysis the spiritual principles of the bourgeois revolution, discusses the cultural premise of science and technology the progress of the,

  • Humor is power

    Humor is power, herb, Trudi (Herb True), Chinese light industry press,

  • Cultural Studies

    The Chinese translation of Russian academic series,

  • The fusion development of conflict

    The book is divided into three parts, content involves China accession to the World Trade Organization of Shanghai cultural development, cultural globalization background, ideological and cultural fields, westernized, the Internet for information dissemination in China and people's spiritual and cultural life influence. ,

  • Black hardship

    Black misery, ISBN:9787503920059, author: Liu Ning, Tian Huiming,

  • Chinese and foreign risk seeking knowledge on Xuan tablets

    Chinese and foreign risk seeking knowledge on Wang Zhengting, Xuan tablets, Oriental press,

  • New York notes (, 2)

    The book is divided into upper, two volumes, the main contents include: New York notes; Gallery; Art Gallery; art education; art criticism; portrait of the artist - Orr; portrait of the artist -- Tansey; my studio audience; painting; review the show; art and freedom of art and artists; Sang Lan; and Leonardo;,

  • For the free spirits

    Li Ao selected works, free evocation, ISBN:9787505717497, author: Li Ao,

  • Since the dispute and early spring scenery (three volumes)

    Cao Xueqin feel incredible, but this time he just thought, thought deeply, also do not feel what be surprised. Homecoming, It's only human, let alone a treasure "flat water" dragon gown? "So," asked Cao Xueqin: "to the Zhejiang Shaoxing house?" "It is not know. Anyway, Hangzhou is,

  • Chasing the power of symbolic

    Thinking about western rhetoric thought, this is a novel, unique Western Rhetoric de research monograph. Look at the multi discipline, on the western rhetoric thought multi angle, multi-level, combining synchronic and diachronic; in the rhetorical tradition and contemporary norms, rhetorical theory and practice, studies and philosophy, language, politics, culture, communication fields, repair,

  • Dictionary Chinese commercial culture (in Chinese)

    "Chinese commercial cultural dictionary" after all the efforts of staff written, finally went out. In book editing work, Chinese Development Press of Comrades do a lot of careful and meticulous work; the relevant departments and the relevant enterprises kernel, also provides some original data valuable for the writing of this book. By,

  • Eight strands

    "Eight shares" is divided into three parts, respectively by Qi Gong, Zhang Zhonghang, the Jin Kemu three old gentlemen. The authors in this paper gives a new interpretation of stereotyped writing, but also explain profound theories in simple language to introduce the basic knowledge sources, stereotyped writing flow, system format. The book is comprehensive, the viewpoint is novel, to know,

  • Rewriting the Modernity

    "Rewriting the modernity of contemporary western academic discourse:" a collection of representative works J-F. Lyotard, Michel Foucault, Gil Deleuze and other academic master in modern, aesthetics, literature, genealogy, cultural psychology, rational criticism, sociology and post-modernism research field, written by domestic scholars,

  • Lady

    Where is the woman more charming! The book is a strange book, first-class modern writers China have focused around the woman. Ideological differences, their cultural differences, personality differences, differences in the fate of all stand vividly revealed on the paper. Beauty and ugliness, good and evil, joy and sorrow, noble and humble, strong and,

  • "A dream of Red Mansions" author said to me

    "A dream of Red Mansions" is China people make known to every family, classics is also a world-renowned Chinese classical literature. This book is intended to read "a dream of Red Mansions" original young readers, have read "a dream of Red Mansions" the urgent need to further understand the "a dream of Red Mansions" creation background, understand the story content social significance, character,

  • In the eyes of foreign scholars Chinese

    In the eyes of foreign scholars China, Mou Weimin, China society press,

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