• The water culture.

    Research Chinese water culture of ten years has made considerable progress, we not only task and meaning of water culture concept, connotation, extension and research object, water culture construction with a deeper understanding, but also in the study and practice of combining, and vigorously promote the water culture construction has achieved remarkable results. Collection of articles,

  • Spicy hot.

    Spicy spicy language (English), Meyers, Lu Qiaoling, Lijiang publishing house,

  • The photo 1976

    The --1949 portrait, ISBN:9787806470367, author: Chen Xianyi, Chen Ruiyue,

  • Groundless talk

    Groundless talk: "Chen Cun comment article" is the author of the literary website "below banyan" opens the comment column, termed "groundless talk" (so far, 22), "groundless talk: Chen Cun comment article" is the collection of essays on network. ,

  • Chinese traditional culture classics show

    A person in the process of accepting the education, there are two kinds of spirit is essential, is a national spirit, a spirit of the times. As a Chinese, if he received systematic education, he should have a deep understanding and grasp of the national spirit. The essence of our national spirit of the part, even if not,

  • Study on the social trend of thought

    Author: Guo Hanmin pages: 314 press: China Social Science Publishing Date: 2003 key words: Political Thought (subject: study sites in late Qing Dynasty: Chinese:),

  • Modern celebrity couplet in offering to

    Modern China suffered three thousand years with no great changes, Wanfang more difficult period, legions of men, or ho male heroes, or poet beauty, must be the romantic. Spray on his eyes, flowers, not lament to moving, couplet to necromancy. This book couplet in the form of a story recorded by Zheng Guofan, Zuo Zongtang, Li Hong,

  • Cultural facilities construction

    Construction although originated in the cold remove department, hidden safety practical requirements of life, but now the building has become an important aesthetic object, first, because it is a huge pool of labor of human material production, is the direct result of human transforming the objective world consciously. The building is a space art, in the west, people,

  • The Japanese Society

    Japan society, Zhou Weihong, edited by Song Jinwen, current affairs press,

  • Also the true colors

    "The romance of the Three Kingdoms" is the history of Chinese novels most outstanding long chapter of historical novels. Liu Bei, Zhu Geliang, Sima Yi, Cao Cao, these three times the influential man, hot characters and later politician, militarist, writers and artists are concerned. They which is right and which is wrong, who is good or bad? The book with a lot of,

  • The anecdotes

    The episode, ISBN:9787806491430, author: Li Hong,

  • Out of control and obscure cultural reality

    This book includes: about the modernity question, China people's modernization, ninety's with the "new ideology", "about relativism dialogue", "mass culture invisible politics" etc.. ,

  • Human geography: nature of man land relationship? Culture?

    The book is edited by the Chinese American scholars, income and their domestic scholars, this Ancient Chinese Literature Search masters, including Ji Xianlin. In the first part of the review, comprehensively and systematically expounds the evolution and trend of development of human geography; incisive exposition of the "harmony" and the origin and philosophy. ,

  • Observation of Ding Ling

    "Ding Ling: an introduction to the content of cultural phenomenon of" contemporary Chinese: twentieth Century 80 at the end of the 1960s, some young critics China pick China new literary history of some important writers, what were called "He Qifang phenomenon", "Zhao Shuli phenomenon", "Liu Qing phenomenon", and particularly attract sb.'s attention ",

  • Zheng He and dialogue between civilizations

    The significance of Xu Zhenghe navigation -- why should we commemorate Zheng He sailing? Zheng He -- Chinese peaceful diplomacy pioneer Zheng He achievements and historical position of seven voyages to the western seas voyages of Zheng He and the new era of human navigation Pan Ke Dong and Zheng He's voyages to the Western Ocean Hui collation of ancient books and Zheng He two or three,

  • Media and language and society

    This book is about the constitutive relationship is discussed. The book is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter: the daring vanguard media language transformation, the second chapter media: language change, the third chapter: front vane media language specification, the three chapter is the role of the media language. The fourth chapter is the connecting link between the contemporary media language overview,

  • The soul of Levitan

    The soul of Levitan, Ji Guoqing, Heilongjiang people's publishing house,

  • WTO and China culture

    WTO and Chinese culture, Liu Xiaomin Li Zhenlian, Guangdong Economic Publishing house,

  • Cross cultural dialogue

    "Intercultural Dialogue (19 series)": what is the essence of the twenty-first Century university education? The development of higher schools during the period of globalization trend is what? The comprehensive quality of college students of Harvard University is how to develop? How to solve the University Institutional syndrome crisis? Academic freedom, university autonomy and faculty governance has a kind of,

  • Yan Fu's discourse system and modern Chinese cultural transformation

    "Yan Fu's discourse system and cultural transformation in modern history" China language mirror Yan Fu's discourse system in the contrast, the research on Yan Fu's translation from the discourse perspective, focusing on the causes of Yan Fu's discourse system transformation has a great influence on modern Chinese culture, which in the Yan Fufan translation research field for the first time. "Discourse of Yan Fu,

  • The daily life critique to the Chinese

    Critique of everyday life is the field of cultural philosophy started in twentieth Century. With the technical rational criticism, mass culture criticism, ideological criticism and tied for the different types of cultural criticism theory. Husserl, Wittgenstein, Xu Ci, Heidegger, Lefebvre, Lukacs, Heller, et al. From different angle of the cosic,

  • Out of touch: X for human

    The so-called "new-new generation" in the Chinese, besides the residence booklet, identity cards and yellow skin can not cosmetic, the external image of their only one word: cool. ""! If you want to attract people "eyeball"; if you think you are not "cool", so after reading this book you'll find out your "point,

  • In twentieth Century China motif family culture and Family Literature

    The book thinking points to "internal logic relations between culture and literature", investigation and evaluation of dynamic process in the interactive development path, West comparative pattern, "family culture and family literature of the twentieth Century Chinese". The author attempts to view from the Literature Motif in the narrative level, analysis in twentieth Century,

  • And Americans to be concerned with love and romance

    Be concerned with love and romance with the Americans, Ding Zijiang, Stanford University press,

  • China ancient tea

    "China ancient tea" invite Shanghai museum professional writing, selection of ancient materials of different tea treasures, with a diagram of a paper form, to show readers the unique charm and tea ware development of Chinese tea culture. And in the subtle efforts, in a decorated with hundreds of Song poetry between, and attached to the ancient tea letters,

  • Confucian culture dilemma

    The modern scholar and the collision between Chinese and Western cultures, this book from the orthodox literati modern China cultural psychology, cognitive psychology and social psychology three aspects analysis, investigation of anguish and depression, their attitude of exclusion for heterogeneous culture conservatism and a handful of Illuminati mind. The author thinks, the lack of a modern Confucian culture in the western challenge,

  • The campus cultural activities

    At present, with the rapid development of China's education reform, teaching system of middle and primary schools in the country and mode is "exam oriented education" to "quality" transition. The majority of primary and middle school students in the industry knowledge and learning in classroom teaching, actively into the campus rich and colorful extracurricular cultural activities, to promote "virtue, wisdom, body, beauty,,

  • New weekly 2001 stock

    2001 new weekly inventory (Fu Guangpan), "new weekly" magazine editor, Liaoning people's publishing house,

  • Jiangnan culture and literature of the Tang Dynasty

    Jiangnan culture and literature of the Tang Dynasty, the author: ISBN:9787020048182, King 遐东,

  • The power of thought

    On the power of thought, Sun Changsong, Zhang Guosheng

  • In the people's Daily commentary Report

    In the people's Daily commentary report, "people's Daily" editorial committee reviews the new, the people's daily press,

  • Study on the culture across the Taiwan Strait

    This is a deeply research achievements on both sides of the Taiwan Straits scholars on the culture, content involves the history and archaeology, philosophy, literature, art, economy, religion, folk custom, language and other fields, mainly includes three aspects: one is the research about the origin of two banks of Yue culture, to the people of Taiwan,

  • Beautiful campus

    Editors: the book knowledge and fun for the whole. Campus: students pistachios daily school life in the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes: joke; around the world gathered anecdotes; mental gymnastics: exercise your brain. The book is rich in content, with interest, is the vast number of friends of students good friends. ,

  • The new reading manuals

    The new reading manual (2), Du Rongjin, Xu Naizheng, ed., Zhejiang Education Publishing house,

  • Meanie foreigners

    This book preface this is after the national bestseller "meanie Chinese" also launched a masterpiece. More than a dozen writers, scholars, a senior reporter with some popular topic in a relaxed tone works in foreign culture. From the analysis of sumo, Momotaro "Japanese" small learning; from clothing, behavior mode to see the British is,

  • The transmission and distribution of East of Wu Yue culture

    Chinese East Sea of Wu Yue area, is China map in a more developed economy and culture, modernization started earlier, with Japan, South Korea and other East Asian countries linked more closely region. For a long time, this area with its unique geographical, social and cultural advantages, conveying a lot of culture to Japan, South Korea and other East Asian countries,

  • The true spirit of old ways

    The humanistic thought of Qian Zhongshu,,

  • Way of life

    "Way of life (Professor Liu Bing's narrative and other") is introduced for humanity science people -- Liu Bing. Describes him from childhood to adulthood to science gradually understand process, scientific thought, scientific method formed through rich plot. ,

  • Riddle garden walk

    "Fan yuan walk: foreign riddle (English Chinese): select" in teaching, odd translation 400 English riddles, part of 1997 has been in "English" magazine ran. The preliminary result sorted out, hope to get expert advice. The beauty of form is the riddle of life. ,

  • The world's ten great evils group

    The world's ten great evils group, Zhu Jianjin, edited by Tang Yanneng, Jiangsu people's publishing house,

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