Knowledge capitalists

Date of publication:1998-09   Press: China business press   Author:Edited by Zhao Yunxi  
Catalogue of books

The first part: in the face of the knowledge economy mind revolution
A, heaven? Or the hell? Knowledge economy -- and that
Second: Intellectuals and capitalist
A, intellectuals "which part?"
Third: knowledge capitalists road
A, knowledge of the world capitalist
economic environment China knowledge, along the Yangtze River can find the sea - Chinese economic environment analysis of longitudinal
knowledge type enterprises, the characteristics of knowledge enterprise
sixth: open the window talking - the world knowledge economic trend.
A, to listen to the new civilization @##@ prophecy This book is to present and future Chinese economy, current situation and future of the world economy, as well as the current situation Chinese economic life and personal life and in the future, to design a advocating science and technology, is committed to economic, services to enterprises, social pattern.
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