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Date of publication:1999-01   Press: Knowledge Publishing House   Author:Nakatani Shiakihiro (Japan)   Pages:212   Words:151000  

The book is out of no information class promotion to guide information class. The information class, when you feel around the information too much and feel embarrassed when it is necessary to pay attention to. The book contains a lot of information will be automatically sent to your eyes. Is a very good classic, is a book that it does not fall into no information class textbook.
"I'm made a profit of 50000000 yen, placed in the hands of how to make money?" Our writers pear without Mr Sheng always pay attention to the driver side seat on the EastThe west, if found to have news of the horse, and the horse racing driver. If the taxi never cheap not only as transportation costs, but also as an information collecting fees would value. Counter
to never went to the bookstore to see, there is a familiar bookstore is very important to you, frequent use of in the vicinity of the company or in front of the station a large bookstore will be very convenient, should regularly go to a bookstore around.
you can know the bookstore book arrangement of painting on white paper? It is very difficult to. If you can draw it, then you can use the book as his study, remember that what kind of books on which shelf, when necessary, can immediately find out.
the necessary information, often think of easy to find difficult, but if the author or title searching bibliographies, then in any bookstore to find what you need to book. If I had to find something strange, the size of the ability to collect information would be beyond all doubt to appear.
I just work, old colleagues often let me go to the bookstore to find information, such as "find a photo, the content is the little girl walked, dandelion do cap like flying the same," I think this photo is common, it is easy to find, in fact is not the case, to the book store hard to find, and finally by colleagues a lesson, "a photo, spent so much time".
if the master familiar Bookstore picture usually, if you can remember where seen, judge can, to find information.
Author brief introduction

Nakatani Shiakihiro (NAKATANIAKIHIRO): writer, actor. 1959 born in osaka. Graduated from the Waseda University Department of the first professional drama literature. Newspaper advertising company after the inauguration Bo as commercial advertisement. When the master "interview" a book, very popular. Exit Hakuhodo, in some enterprises and the media support, in order to students and young women as objects.
Catalogue of books

In the interview, think 001 taxi chatted with the driver 002 to never go to the bookstore counter see 003 experience of information than knowledge information valuable experience more strongly than 004 information is information not easily be moved 005 bagman sent away 006 strain is the ability of information processing capacity of 007 to 008 of disposable cameras placed in the bag when traveling like the country people do a lot of photography 009 according to their professional information medium level 010 for private use of company data service 011 data access method and the appropriate person 012 set the time required to read 013 on the way to work, read the book to read 014 books, sitting than lying fast read 015 copies of themselves with the information processing table 016 to the receipt that phone 017 in the store to buy both suits to buy 018 to have a dress code example 019 let girlfriend do 020 consultants to collect market information to buy stocks 021 fee package tourism and local escort relationship 022 flexible use of efficient overseas fee package tour 023 buy don't be afraid of various machine product update 024 copies of their balance sheet and loss calculation sheet transfer. Receiving 025 information exchanges between the two sides to have 026 good advisor will learn from customers, lower 027 female staff to grasp the information up to 028 to create a high standard of information edge 029 not call will not get the information of 030 a special information is more important than many similar information 031 a book with a row of interesting places on the line 032 broadcasting is the important media of information can be used 033 huge economic essence of the book is the beginning and the end of 034 to see the letters column and investigation of card 035 read the newspaper to see the secondary message 036 TV programs in ordinary days more interesting 037 read newspaper industry and the local newspaper 038 high-tech can not replace the low tech media 039 don't put the film when the story of 040 in the newspaper clip publicity is the daily information source 041 can not be ignored commodity list of top ten after ranking 042 in the waiting room to see don't read newspaper 043 fans want to see the winter sports newspaper 445% ratings of the show would have meant 045 useful information on known as garbage 046 teach children can help you understand the information arrangement, abandon 047 will not abandon data will be buried precious information 048 Take the essence out of shelf 049 kept the books does not get bad 050 books are summarized in a low A 4 paper 051 to force the use of A ↓ 4 paper finishing all files 052 magazine is divided into three parts of 053 magazines, newspapers to cut or copy later to see 054 in someone else's business card has written into the new content of the 055 information to be saved not immediately collected 056 finishing materials originally not meticulous classification efficiency of the 057 manuals and records to be separated using 058 data collection in order to use, natural 059 data into data and save the data of 060 don't let system manual thickness up to 061 interviews don't record book and recording 062 video recorder at two 063 files to the date and serial number 064 diary old notebook can persist long 065 not to rush to the information classification to believe that 066 do not take information and data - 067 to calmly said "don't know", "would you please tell me the" 068 no alternative media information 069 waste materials the information value of 070 selected book would not hesitate to buy 071 books bought but not read 072 photos is also useful in the background Information is more important to the survival of 073 computer when the pet 074 from different angles to see the same information 075 information "defense" and "offensive" 076 to grasp customer trends 077 to form the file button on the table by the habits of 078 "just the two of us knows" not trusted 079 love rumor, unreliable information 080 "the friend of the friend of the words" all lies 081 don't be deceived. 082 do not offer by fax 083 tables, 084 charts don't be deceived subjective information than objective information is more important to have 085 information of higher sensitivity of females think tank 086 "information transfer" and "communication" is not the same 087 understand information by shallow to deep memory, forget 088 will forget to better memory 089 can be shared information that others keep 090 symbol contains deep meaning 091 prepared to interview 092 prior to the missing manual backup to prepare for the 093 and two TV 094 understand "tendencies" and "boom" of the difference between the 095 money use are recorded in the book of 096 don't read the instructions directly using a word processor 097 working guide for is to take a shortcut 098 The instructions copy common place down 099 "modern language basic knowledge" in the car to see off 100 copies for their own resume 101 write an autobiography to check their information
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